H&M’s Stella McCartney Collection: Cheap Clothes You Can’t Have

H&M is the latest of the bargain clothing retailers to play the ‘limited edition’ game. A recent collection by Stella McCartney sold out at H&M hours after its debut—with no plans for restocking. It’s not the first time H&M has played the game: A collection last year by Karl Lagerfeld was also snapped up in hours.

We can’t decide how we feel about this at all. We like low-end fashion clothiers. And we’d rather pay $70 to get a limited-edition bit of clothing than, you know, more. But fuck a bunch of frenzy. Shopping at discount retailers is already unpleasant enough, what with the lines, the piles of unsorted clothing, and the wretched humanity that shops there, but the last thing we want to do is get up at the crack of dawn to get that Old Navy Isaac Mizrahi polar fleece we just had to have. It ruins the whole ‘design for the plebes’ thing we like about these stores in the first place. (Well, okay, not Old Navy.)

Of course, if you must, plenty of people on eBay are willing to sell you a Stella McCartney Tank Top for $70.

Selling Out – Why you can’t buy H&M’s Stella McCartney collection. [Slate]

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