Citibank Makes Nerd Unhappy

David at 37 Signals proves that even nerdy nouveau Web 2.0 folks aren’t exempt from good ol’ Banking 1.0. He’s opened an account at Citibank—or tried to. Can basic, everyday banking be so hard to get right?

told that our new account process would start
in a few minutes
, then being forced to wait for 30

promised a money market savings account with a 3.5% yield, then having the account retracted three days later because the
promotion had ended

forced to come in a second time to present a permanent address proof, despite bringing it for account creation

setup with an account type totally unsuitable for the permanent amount of money that
ll be present in the account

hassled by another branch for account creation details again because the first branch hadn
t finished the job correctly

Citibank Horrors: How hard is everyday banking? [37Signals]

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