The Tag of Suck: Ragerank

David Galbraith, founder of Wists, crony of known Hungarians, and guy who can never complete a phone call, hates T-Mobile. That’s not the story. Out of any random sample of American cell phone users, at least half would hate T-Mobile. Mostly out of an irrational fear that subscribing to a service hawked by Catherine Zeta Jones could somehow cause pictures of Michael Douglas’s bare ass to be beamed through space into their phone, but still.

Rather than just complain that T-Mo sucks, David’s taken action as only a blog post can do. He’s proposing that folks use the tag ‘ragerank’ to pollute the brand when it bubbles up in Google searches.

Will it work? Maybe. Probably not. We need a little more pep in our tags, ourselves, and there’s just not enough venom in ‘ragerank’ when dealing with a company powered by the blood of innocents.

But tags are cheap and we are dumb, so anything is possible.

T-Mobile suck – badrank [David Galbraith]

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