Inevitable Frenzied Post-Launch Xbox 360 Ebay Sales

If we figure that the lowest average price for an Xbox 360 Premium kit is around $450ish after tax, the going rate on Ebay this morning would seem to be around $945—nearly double the retail price. That’s not a bad bit of profit for anyone who could get their hands on a system, let alone three or four.

Before you thaw the credit card, though, bear in mind that Microsoft has said to expect new shipments of consoles almost daily through Christmas. Conversely, also read speculative reports claiming all Xbox 360s are sold out through February of next year.

If you must indeed get Junior a new gaming console this year (or, as we would advise, giving Junior 360 milligrams of Phenobarbital and keeping the console for yourself), take this bit of hollow advice: no matter where you get the 360 in the end, start buying the games and peripherals you want now, while they are in thick supply.

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