Online Camera Retailer Leaves Death Threats for Customer

Online camera shopping is rough, should one stray from Amazon or other major retailer to explore the wilds of Froogle or Pricegrabber. Dozens of camera shops online are in fact fronts for scam artists. They are actual stores and will sell you a deeply-discounted camera, but only if you tack on loads of overpriced accessories. These crooks live, inevitably, in The Consumerist’s home of Brooklyn, NY.

Blogger Lee Holmes’ co-worker recently had a run in with one retailer called ‘WaWaDigital’:

“Don’t be cheap? Listen. That is ridiculous customer service. Cancel my order and goodbye.”
“Cancel your order? You really want to pay the 30% restocking fee for canceling your order?”
“What restocking fee? There is no order, and you’re not going to charge me one.”
“Oh yes I will.”
“Go ahead, and I’ll dispute the charges on my card and it’ll cost you even more.”

Sometimes people ask The Consumerist what this site is about. Well, here’s one good example: we’re going to help you guys shut these pricks down. A store’s modus operandi probably shouldn’t be to call and leave death threats for cancelled orders.

Lee also notes that WaWaDigital is also know as,, and Starlight Cameras. Stick with trusted camera retailers when you can (a few of which actually work out of Brooklyn, sadly).