Movable Type Creates “Perpetual Mugging Victim”

Considering the nature of our work, The Consumerist could almost feel bad about pointing out problems with Movable Type, the blogging content management system that has allowed us to type millions of nearly pointless words while nearly naked. But though Gawker Media must cop to a friendly relationship with some of Movable Type’s staff, we’ve never shirked from skewering a friend for the sake of a good kvetch.

Lifehacker’s editor Gina Trapini uses Movable Type every day. Every day she dies a little inside—or at least, that’s sure how it sounds.

The Consumerist will attest to the cheery and affable disposition of Six Apart’s employees. We just wish they’d find a way to curtail all the spam in MT and their hosted blog platform, When it causes otherwise mild-mannered blog editors to bring out the ‘raped’ metaphor, it makes the used-up soul we have inside tremble at the memory of what dying a little inside was like.