Zara’s Parent Company Drops Angora Wool, Citing Animal Cruelty In China

(Dmitry Valberg)

Have you noticed a dearth of angora wool on the shelves at Zara stores recently? That’s because the brand’s parent company Inditex pulled the garments in response to footage of animal cruelty in China, where much of the industry’s angora comes from. [More]

No longer sold by Zara.

Zara Pulls Striped Shirt After Complaints That It Looks Like A Concentration Camp Uniform

Zara has been busy apologizing today after shoppers noticed a blue-and-white horizontally striped children’s pajama top with a yellow sheriff’s star reminded them of something else, something a bit more controversial than an officer of the law — the uniform Nazis forced Jewish concentration camp prisoners to wear during the Holocaust. [More]


How Retailers Can Turn Your Complaints Into Clothing You’ll Actually Buy

Usually when I’m caught commenting to a friend that “that shirt looks like my baby nephew threw up on it and then tossed glitter on it” by a store associate, I cringe. Because they work for that company and I just said something awful. But at some retailers, like Zara, sales associates actually take that kind of feedback to the powers that be so they can make clothing customers will want to buy. Fancy that. [More]

H&M And Zara To Launch Online Shopping — But Only In Europe

Been waiting for H&M and Zara to launch real e-commerce ventures? Well, unless you move to Europe you’ll be waiting a little bit longer. [More]