Because of the Portuguese subtitles on the leaked trailer, it's believed the video was shot at a theater in Brazil.

“Batman v Superman” Trailer Leaks Online

While the trailer for next year’s superhero showdown Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is supposed to be kept under wraps in the U.S. until after its IMAX premiere on Monday, a handheld video of the trailer has already made its way online. [More]

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YouTube Will Let Viewers Watch Videos Ad-Free For A Monthly Fee

If your dream is watch hours upon hours of animals from different species being best friends without the insistent interruption of ads, you are within reach of that reality — if you’re willing to cough up a payment every month to YouTube. [More]

YouTube Kids App Accused Of Deceptive, Excessive Advertising

YouTube Kids App Accused Of Deceptive, Excessive Advertising

It’s only been a few weeks since Google launched its YouTube Kids app targeted at the youngest Internet users, and it’s already taking heat from consumer advocates who are asking federal regulators to investigate whether the service’s advertising practices run afoul of the law. [More]

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Would You Pay To Watch Video From YouTube Stars Before Everyone Else Gets It For Free?

We want what we want, when we want it — but that doesn’t always mean we’re willing to pay for it if we can get it for free later on down the line. One company is betting that some fans of certain popular YouTube stars won’t be so patient, and will be willing to shell out the cash to gain access to some content before everyone else. [More]

Musician Says Universal Music Has Hijacked His YouTube Videos With Bogus Copyright Claims

Musician Says Universal Music Has Hijacked His YouTube Videos With Bogus Copyright Claims

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this story, Mr. Lynne updated his original Facebook note to say that he was eventually able to get UMG to release its claim to his clip via an “Appeal,” which is a step above the “Dispute” process that had failed him earlier. [More]

YouTube Launching New Kid-Friendly App With Original Episodes Of Popular Children’s Shows

YouTube Launching New Kid-Friendly App With Original Episodes Of Popular Children’s Shows

YouTube, long geared toward people ages 13 and over, plans to cater to an even younger crowd with an upcoming kid’s app that will provide original episodes of popular children’s show like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. [More]

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Google & NFL Strike Deal To Bring NFL Content To YouTube

Just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend, the National Football League has decided to play nice and share with others, announcing a partnership with Google this week that will bring game highlights to a YouTube channel and search results. [More]

Will People Pay Vessel $3/Month For More Professional YouTube Videos?

Will People Pay Vessel $3/Month For More Professional YouTube Videos?

YouTube’s playlists are full of amateur and mostly amateurish video clips, which is fine because almost everything on YouTube is free. But there are also plenty of high-quality content producers posting videos on YouTube, some of whom are being paid handsomely for it. While such clips may add an air of professionalism to YouTube, will consumers be willing to pay $2.99/month for a service that curates the best of the web? [More]

One of the Tweets that ultimately led to JetBlue refusing to allow the passenger to board.

JetBlue Refuses Boarding To YouTube Semi-Celebrity After He Unleashes Twitter Followers

For better or worse, we live in an age where a new breed of Internet sorta-celebrity can threaten to unleash the power of their social media following on any person or business they don’t like. That’s what happened last week when a YouTube personality with several hundred thousand fans got upset about a fee for changing his JetBlue ticket. But after using his Twitter followers to hassle the airline, he found himself blocked from boarding his flight home. [More]

The initial warning message sent out by Machinima to users alerting them to increased vigilance on Activision's part. (Photo: @BroTeamPill)

Activision Going After YouTubers Who Post Call Of Duty Glitch, Exploit Videos

Video Game clips make up a sizable chunk of the most popular content on YouTube, and its becoming easier and easier for gamers to share short videos online, and game publishers rarely try to flex their copyright muscle to get clips taken down because they know it’s good publicity. Someone failed to tell this to Activision, which has been flagging Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare videos, but only those that highlight that the game has flaws. [More]

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YouTube Launches Subscription Service Called Music Key At Promo Price Of $7.99 Per Month

Google said it was building it, and now it’s come: YouTube launched a new video subscription service called Music Key today, at an initial price of $7.99 per month for the beta offering. That fee keeps the ads away for users who are sick of sitting through commercials before watching content. [More]

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YouTube Planning To Let You Pay To Avoid Ads

Sick of sitting through ads on YouTube just to watch a few seconds of a video clip? The Google-owned service is reportedly readying a version that lets users avoid all the advertising if they’re willing to pay for the convenience. [More]

Lucky you, Dorothy.

Type “Happy Birthday” And Your Name Into YouTube And You Might Get A Special Surprise

You don’t know how badly I wanted to write a headline telling anyone and everyone to type their names into YouTube and end up with a (sort of) personalized birthday video and song, but the reality of the situation is that there are some names that are not as common as others (hangs head, sighs over lack of special birthday song). But for everyone else, you get a Happy Birthday video. [More]

Google’s Plan To Let Kids Have Accounts: Bad Idea Or Acknowledgement Of Reality?


A few years back, Facebook’s sweatshirt-in-chief Mark Zuckerberg caught a lot of heat when he said he’d be willing to fight for the right to peddle his social network to kids under the age of 13. He eventually backed off on this idea, but now Google appears to be taking up the cause. [More]

25 All-American Movies & TV Shows You Can Stream This 4th Of July


While we usually think of fireworks, backyard barbecues and the hot sun beaming down on red, white and blue parades around the country, this year’s 4th of July celebrations might be somewhat dampened as many parts of the country face some wet weather. Or heck, maybe it’s too hot to leave the AC. Either way, we’ve got 25 movies and TV shows you can stream to stay in the American spirit. [More]

YouTube To Block Videos Of Artists Whose Record Labels Won’t Sign Licensing Agreement

YouTube To Block Videos Of Artists Whose Record Labels Won’t Sign Licensing Agreement

Watching a 15-second ad might seem like a small price to pay in order to see your favorite music video right when you want to. But a number of artists who haven’t agreed to the licensing terms of YouTube’s upcoming ad-free subscription service won’t be showcasing their talents on the platform much longer. [More]

YouTube In Talks To Buy Video Game Streaming Company Twitch For $1B

YouTube In Talks To Buy Video Game Streaming Company Twitch For $1B

You can only fill the day with so many videos of cute kittens. For the other hours you might be tempted to watch or play a few video games. The transition from cute baby animal videos to action-packed gaming could be smoother now that Google’s YouTube is reportedly close to purchasing streaming video game service Twitch. [More]

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Posting A Video Called “Me Driving Like An Idiot” Was Teen’s Second Mistake

Look, kid. You’ve made at least two mistakes recently (allegedly!), the least of which isn’t posting a video called “Me driving like an idiot” on YouTube for all to see. Because of course the most important mistake you made is (allegedly!) choosing to drive like an idiot. [More]