Group Of Travel Sites Claim Delta Air Lines Has Cut Them Off From Using Its Data

Travelers often turn to travel websites to search for the cheapest fares and quickest flights out there, but a group of more than a dozen sites now says Delta Air Lines has shut them out, and is keeping its data to itself. [More]

(Dan Domme)

Petco Says It’s Pulled All China-Made Jerky Treats As Fear Of Pet Sickness Looms

It’s been seven months since Petco and PetSmart announced they’d both be removing cat and dog treats made in China over pet sickness fears, and this week the former says it’s ready to pull all the products from its stores and online. [More]

No longer sold by Zara.

Zara Pulls Striped Shirt After Complaints That It Looks Like A Concentration Camp Uniform

Zara has been busy apologizing today after shoppers noticed a blue-and-white horizontally striped children’s pajama top with a yellow sheriff’s star reminded them of something else, something a bit more controversial than an officer of the law — the uniform Nazis forced Jewish concentration camp prisoners to wear during the Holocaust. [More]

(Eylon Aslan-Levy on Twitter)

H&M Realizes Menacing Skull Emblazoned On A Star Of David Maybe Isn’t Appropriate, Pulls Shirt

When it comes to choosing designs for clothing sold globally by a major retailer, there should be one simple rule asked before said item hits shelves: Is this possibly offensive? Whoever is responsible at H&M for asking that question must’ve been on vacation, as the retailer is now apologizing for a tank top featuring a menacing skull emblazoned over a Star of David. [More]

Yankees Cut Me Great Deal: 5 Tickets For The Price Of 6

Yankees Cut Me Great Deal: 5 Tickets For The Price Of 6

A Yankees fan who is so hardcore that he buys actual tickets to physically go to games, Scott not only has to deal with the failure to land Cliff Lee but also a missing ticket from his six-pack order. The screw-up is thanks to a mailing snafu he can’t seem to get the club to address. [More]