Apple Bans Selfie Sticks Ahead Of Its Next Big Event

One might think that any product that’s designed to enhance the utility of a smartphone, say perhaps an iPhone, would be totally cool with Apple. Not so, as instead it appears that selfie sticks are as annoying to the company as they are to anyone who dislikes getting whacked in the head by an eager, selfie-ing stranger in public. As such Apple has issued a ban on the poles ahead of its upcoming developers convention in June. [More]

Would You Take A Bad Amazon Marketplace Review Down For A Refund?

Would You Take A Bad Amazon Marketplace Review Down For A Refund?

T. ordered a replacement power adapter for his MacBook from an Amazon Marketplace seller. He was under the impression that it was a genuine Apple product, but the $35 price tag probably should have been an indication that it wasn’t. The item arrived, worked okay, and then T. accidentally broke it. Two months after he left a tepidly negative review, he heard from the seller, offering a refund to encourage him to remove his negative feedback. Coincidentally, the seller had received a huge increase in negative feedback in the period since T’s purchase. What would you do? [More]