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Water, Water, Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink (Unless You Like Swallowing Worms)

Residents of a northeast Oklahoma town are turning off the tap and reaching for bottled water after some unwelcome visitors decided to take a dip in the city’s filtering system: Little red worms have been found in the filtering system. As such, city officials are asking citizens not to drink the water or use it for cooking while the problem gets sorted out. [More]


Infesting Yourself With Tapeworms Is Not A Safe Or Sensible Weight Loss Method

A desperate desire to lose weight leads people to do some wacky things. Like intentionally infesting their own guts with parasitic worms that they hope will suck up all of their nutrition, leaving them hungry and slender. Only that’s not really how tapeworms work. [More]

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Man Wins Bug-Eating Contest To Get Free Snake, Then Collapses And Dies

How far would you go to get something for free? A Florida reptile store held a contest where entrants had to eat roaches and worms. The champion bug-gobbler would receive a free–totally free–pet python. Remarkably, more than one person entered this contest. Tragically, the winner, a 32-year old man, vomited and collapsed after the contest, later dying in an area hospital. [More]

Should Restaurant Refund Me For Edamame Appetizer With Free
Giant Worm?

Should Restaurant Refund Me For Edamame Appetizer With Free Giant Worm?

Some time ago, on an unknown farm, a worm crawled inside a soybean pod to eat the delicious bean within. The pod was harvested with the worm inside, cooked, and served to reader Sarah as an edamame appetizer at a local Japanese restaurant. Sarah was disgusted and wants a refund of the $3 or so she paid for the appetizer. The restaurant’s manager claims that business is slow and they can’t afford to give her a refund. [More]

Guy Finds Worms In Hershey's Bar

Guy Finds Worms In Hershey's Bar

Des Moines, Iowa TV station KCCI did a story on a man who opened up his Hershey’s Bar to find living worms writhing around inside.

Trader Joe's Salmon Comes With Delectable Organic Free-Range Worm

Trader Joe's Salmon Comes With Delectable Organic Free-Range Worm

Reader David was eating his dinner of Trader Joe’s Chimichurri salmon when he found an unexpected garnish: a rather dead and fully cooked worm. It was brown and roughly an inch long. He e-mailed the company, then brought the fish (and worm) back to the store for a refund. While the store supervisor’s handling of the situation was stellar, the reaction from Trader Joe’s corporate has been…nonexistent.

"There Are Worms In My Goobers!"

"There Are Worms In My Goobers!"

Out of an abundance of caution, Dollar General has ordered its stores to remove Goobers candy from its shelves and is programming its point-of-sale systems to block transactions of this product pending further investigation.”