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FIFA Officials Arrested On Racketeering, Bribery, Money Laundering Charges

The world’s most prominent soccer organization has been rocked this morning with the arrest in Switzerland of multiple officials of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and several allied businesses on charges that include racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and money laundering. The Justice Dept. claims the defendants have been enriching themselves through corruption for more than two decades. [More]

(Rendering of World Cup venue in Qatar; via FIFA)

Visa, Coca-Cola Respond To Human Rights Concerns About Qatar World Cup; Not Pulling Out As Sponsors

Since the mysterious cabal that is FIFA announced that the 2022 soccer World Cup would be played in Qatar, there have been rumors of graft, concerns about the exceedingly high temperatures, and most importantly multiple reports of human rights abuses at worksites for the new stadiums and other facilities being erected around the country. As more people call on the event’s largest sponsors to pull their support, some are responding, though none are giving any indication that they won’t slap their name on the wildly popular tournament. [More]

A rendering of the under-construction stadium in Lusail, Qatar, that is intended to play host to the opening and closing games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA Exec Says Qatar Is Just Too Hot To Host 2022 World Cup

There are numerous reasons why Qatar was a questionable choice to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, from the conditions for the workers building the venues to allegations of corruption in the bidding process to basic issues of human rights. But for one exec at the international soccer association, it’s just too darn hot in Qatar. [More]

Waffle House Urges Team USA Fans To Boycott Belgian Waffles Ahead Of World Cup Match


At any other time, it would be perfectly acceptable — nay! completely encouraged to enjoy a tasty Belgian waffle. But this is not that any other time, Waffle House is reminding Americans, not when Team USA is about to face Team Belgium in the World Cup tomorrow. [More]

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World Cup Fan Spends $7K To Get Curry Takeout From His Favorite UK Indian Restaurant, Bring It To Brazil

We want what we want, when we want it, right? So of course a guy with $7,000 to spare would call up his favorite Indian restaurant before he heads to the World Cup, and ask if he can pick up some curry takeout for 12 of his buddies and fly it to Brazil. Of course. [More]

"Wonderfully Mistaken Chris Smalling England Cups"

Souvenir Company Features U.S. President As Soccer Player On World Cup Mugs For English Team

Soccer fans eager to display their loyalty and love — often a newfound affection, right, America? — are going nuts for World Cup merchandise right about now, a fact any good souvenir company knows. But one British business apparently rushed past certain details on its mugs featuring members of the English national team: Funny how fullback Chris Smalling loooks exactly like U.S. President Barack Obama, isn’t it? [More]

The Tweet from Delta has since been deleted and replaced with an apology from the airline.

Delta Apologizes For Ghana Giraffe Gaffe On Twitter

Last night, the U.S. men’s soccer team edged out the team from Ghana for its first victory in 2014 World Cup play. People everywhere went online to congratulate the team, including Delta Air Lines, which didn’t do quite enough research about the wildlife in Ghana before it Tweeted. [More]

StubHub Users Seeking World Cup Tickets In Brazil Stymied By Cyber Attack

StubHub Users Seeking World Cup Tickets In Brazil Stymied By Cyber Attack

Soccer fans (yes, other countries, we know you call it football) in Brazil trying to score resold tickets on StubHub in that country have been blocked from doing so after the site suffered a large denial-of-service attack and shut down. This, amidst the insistence of soccer’s governing body FIFA and the Brazilian government that all tickets to the upcoming World Coup tournament should come directly from FIFA. [More]

Adidas Drops World Cup T-Shirts After Host Country Brazil Deems Them Too Sexy

Adidas Drops World Cup T-Shirts After Host Country Brazil Deems Them Too Sexy

The country that put thong bikinis on the map would rather not put out the wrong message about its citizens during the 2014 World Cup. Brazil has nixed two graphic T-shirts from Adidas for being too suggestive, saying the country doesn’t want to promote sexual exploitation. [More]

UEFA Issues Red Card To Vuvuzelas

UEFA Issues Red Card To Vuvuzelas

Nothing makes a monotonous soccer game more difficult to watch than several hours of the monotone bleating of vuvuzelas, the plastic horns that drove many World Cup viewers to hit the mute button. Thankfully, the Union of European Football (don’t call it soccer) Associations has decided to ban the noisemakers. [More]

KFC Hates Vuvuzelas Too; Will Give You A Free Doublicious For Yours

KFC Hates Vuvuzelas Too; Will Give You A Free Doublicious For Yours

Were you one of the few people on this continent to get caught up in the World Cup hullaballoo? Did you get drunk enough to think that buying a vuvuzela — the obnoxiously loud plastic horn that has been the bane of many Cup watchers — would be a good idea? If so, the fried chicken-loving folks at KFC might be willing to exchange your noisemakers for one of their bellyachers. [More]

Free Anti-Vuvuzela Software To Stop Your Ears From Bleeding

Free Anti-Vuvuzela Software To Stop Your Ears From Bleeding

If you’ve tried watching any of the World Cup soccer games (aka Tournament of Ties) in the last week, you’ve no doubt noticed the Satanic bleating of the vuvuzela, a horn-like torture device that soccer fans in South Africa use to keep themselves awake during all the scorching, non-scoring action on the field. And while software companies take years to debug simple glitches, there’s been no shortage of electronic attempts to silence the deafening din. [More]

Nothing Will Silence Those Damn Vuvuzelas

Nothing Will Silence Those Damn Vuvuzelas

If the sound of vuvuzelas — those ubiquitous plastic horns used by thousands of soccer fans — has made your World Cup viewing experience seem more like a visit by a horde of 17-year cicadas, Consumer Reports has a message for you: tough luck. Nothing short of muting your TV’s sound will silence the noisemakers, though there are a few ways to make them less annoying. [More]

FIFA Backs Down on World Ticket Prices (A Bit)

For you in this time of joy, a happyish ending to Grant Williams’s FIFA World Cup Ticket Saga:

Edit: I get results, baby! According to the Babelfish translation of this page, the TST-Series non-refundable fees have been negotiated down to only 10, 20, and 30 euros per ticket instead of the 20, 30, and 50 euros they were originally. Not perfectly to my satisfaction, but better than nothing, I suppose.