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Wonder Bread Returns To Shelves After Rising From The Ashes Of Hostess Bankruptcy

Like some kind of squishy, white phoenix flying on wings made totally of carbohydrates, Wonder Bread is the latest brand to rise from the ashes of the old Hostess’ bankruptcy. It’s even got a new look, which is of course based on the vintage look of Wonder Bread, which makes it new-but-old. And now we’re confused, but hey, bread! [More]

The chapter you try to forget but can never shake from your memory. (blue_j)

Twinkies & Wonder Bread To Likely End Up With Different Parents Following Hostess Collapse

As potential buyers line up to pick the sweet, slightly artificial-tasting bones of Hostess, it appears more and more likely that the company’s snacks will end up under new ownership that doesn’t include Hostess’ bread brands. [More]

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Hostess To Liquidate Assets Into Sugary, Cream-Centered Cash

Unable to reach a deal with a labor union representing around one-third of its employees, management of Hostess Brands — the Twinkie and Wonder Bread people — have asked a bankruptcy court to allow it to close up shop and liquidate all of its assets. [More]

Hostess Prepares To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Hostess Prepares To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Gird your Twinkies, Hostess lovers: The maker of those frosting-filled yellow logs is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, says a new report. It’s the second time in recent years that it’s attempted to restructure in court. [More]

Why Generic Is Just As Good: Sometimes It's Just A Different Wrapper?

Why Generic Is Just As Good: Sometimes It's Just A Different Wrapper?

This random, unverified comment scavenged from Metafilter archives syncs in with our preconceived notions and suspicions just enough that we’re going to publish it and wonder aloud if it is true:

When I was a kid I remember taking a tour of the big Wonder Bread factory in our town. I was scarred for life when I realized that one of the production lines for loaves of bread that I was following split into two packaging lanes just before the plastic went over the loaf. One lane was for Wonder, the other was for the local supermarket brand.

Is it really all just packaging? Bring on the blind taste tests.