Readers' Favorite 3rd Party Online Wishlists

Readers' Favorite 3rd Party Online Wishlists

A number of readers chimed in on the Best Buy-branded wishlist browser add-on post with the alternatives they prefer instead. They were: 1) Amazon’s Universal Wishlist, 2), 3), 4) Got any others? As far as what most Consumerist’s thought of the Best Buy add-on, commenter dragonfire81 probably captured it best…

19% of 64,000 shoppers surveyed said they set up wishlists with retailers at some point, up from 11% in 2005. [source: NPD Group]

What Needs Improving On The Consumerist?

What would you like to see us add to The Consumerist in 2007? It’s year-end-review time so we’re gathering together a big wishlist of services, fixes and whatzits we would like to see implemented. Plus, there’s a site redesign around the corner…

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Jeff Bezos, CEO, is a Toy’s-R-Us Kid.