Texan Refuses To Evacuate Home Close To Wildfire

Texan Refuses To Evacuate Home Close To Wildfire

When authorities advise you to abandon your home to flee an oncoming natural disaster, things tend to not work out so well if you stick around. But a defiant Texas man is taking his chances, standing pat at his house even though a raging wildfire is encroaching on his property. [More]


FEMA employees posed as independent reporters in a fake and staged news conference to ask softball questions of the agency’s response to the California wildfires. [MSNBC]

CA Attorneys Offering Free Legal Help To Wildfire Victims

CA Attorneys Offering Free Legal Help To Wildfire Victims

California attorneys are banding together to provide pro-bono legal aid for victims of the the state’s wildfires. Contact info here. American Association for Justice, Consumer Attorneys Of California, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and United Policyholders are all helping out, as well as some individual attorneys. Filing insurance claims can sometimes require the assistance of a lawyer to make sure you’re getting the full policy amount.

Washington Mutual Refunds Fees To Wildfire Victims

Washington Mutual Refunds Fees To Wildfire Victims

A Washington Mutual insiders tells us that the bank will refund overdraft fees for victims of the California wildfires, if they couldn’t get to an ATM, as well as ATM surcharges if they were forced to use non-WaMu machines. WaMu customer service confirmed the report. Victims can claim their refund by calling or visiting a branch location. A small but noble gesture, certainly better than AT&T | Dish asking customers if they remembered to pick up their receiver on their way out of the house and charging them $300 for not.

AT&T Asks CA Wildfire Victims If They Remembered To Pick Up Satellite Receiver As They Fled Their Burning House

When this Azola couple got back from their honeymoon, they had about an hour of matrimonial bliss before being forced to flee as their house was engulfed in flames. So you can understand they had some things on their mind other than the status of their AT&T | Dish receiver as they ran for their lives. When they called to cancel service, the customer service rep asked if they had “remembered to pick up the receiver” as they left the house…