A real banh mi, not a hypothetical Yum! version. (ChrisGoldNY)

Report: Yum! Brands Attempting Asian Food With Test Of Banh Mi Sandwich Shop

The company that’s gone south of the border to offer fare resembling Mexican food, and brought customers buckets of fried meat resembling chicken, is now taking a whack at selling Asian cuisine. Namely, those tasty little Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches many Americans have come to drool over as shops pop up across the country. Yup, Yum! Brands is reportedly testing its own version of banh mi. [More]

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McDonald’s Testing Chicken & Waffles In California

Chicken and waffles can be a divisive menu item, with some people smacking their lips at the prospect while others maintaining that chicken is not a breakfast food and should not be consumed with a traditional breakfast item. Were the nation’s largest burger chain to suddenly unleash such a product nationwide, it might rip this country in two. Perhaps that is why McDonald’s is merely testing the idea in at least one California eatery. [More]

Haggle With Chain Stores

Haggle With Chain Stores

The Times is reporting that recession-fearing chain stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Circuit City are increasingly more desperate to clinch sales by negotiating prices. Hit the jump to see how ordinary shoppers are wielding research and charisma to knock added savings out of retailers.