Survey Says: McDonald’s Customers Aren’t Satisfied But They’re Likely To Return Anyway

Do you have that one friend who you don’t like very much, but who is at least always available when you feel like doing something? That seems to be the way a lot of people view McDonald’s. [More]

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Is 2013 Going To Be The ‘Year Of The Bun’?

It’s expected that the meat in your sandwiches at fast food and fast-casual restaurants is going to continue getting more expensive in the next year. Which means you’ll either be getting less of it or paying more (possibly both). So what better way to justify the value of that burger than to tart up the bread? [More]

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Wendy’s Gives Its Girl A Makeover In Attempt To Update The Chain’s Image

Hey, girl — did you do something different to your hair? More pipe cleaners in your pigtails, perhaps? The Wendy’s girl is getting an a new look for the first time since 1983 in an effort to draw more customers through the restaurant chain’s doors. Gone is the old-fashioned lettering, and in its place a red swoopy “hey, we’re totally chill!” font bears the Wendy’s name. [More]


Study: Burger King Has The Slowest Drive-Thrus, But Does A Really Good Job Of Hiding The Dumpsters

We’ve written any number of stories over the years of fights starting because a customer had to wait too long in a fast-food drive-thru lane. So according the results of a new study, impatient and easy-to-anger consumers might want to take a few deep breaths before picking up some Burger King. [More]

Wendy’s Says Pro Chick Fil-A Sign Is Fake, Except It’s Not

Wendy’s Says Pro Chick Fil-A Sign Is Fake, Except It’s Not

Late last night, some readers tipped us to this photo of a Wendy’s restaurant that supposedly had posted a sign saying “We Stand With Chick fil-A,” which we assume refers to that company president’s stance against same-sex marriage and not the restaurant chain’s insistence on having pickles on its sandwiches. Given the sheer number of similar fakes floating around the Internet — they even have their own Snopes page — we thought it was worth checking into with Wendy’s HQ. [More]