Being Naked At The Wendy’s Drive-Thru Won’t Get You A Baconator, But It Will Get You Arrested

Being Naked At The Wendy’s Drive-Thru Won’t Get You A Baconator, But It Will Get You Arrested

No shirt, no shoes, no service – even in the drive-thru lane. A 52-year-old Pennsylvania man faces a number of criminal charges after allegedly driving to the pick-up window at a Wendy’s naked, not once, not twice, but three times. [More]

Which Other Restaurants Have Dough Conditioner Azodicarbonamide On The Menu?

Which Other Restaurants Have Dough Conditioner Azodicarbonamide On The Menu?

Last week Subway announced that it would stop using azodicarbonamide, an ingredient known as a dough conditioner that’s also a chemical found in yoga mats, shoe rubber and other synthetic leather. It’s recognized as a safe ingredient in the U.S., but is banned in Europe and Australia as a food additive. But of course, Subway isn’t the only fast food restaurant to use it. So where else can you find azodicarbonamide? [More]


Wendy’s Announces New Requirement To Ensure Crate-Free Pork Production By Suppliers

Wendy’s is taking their commitment to animal welfare seriously. No, they aren’t going to stop selling animal products, but they are taking steps to ensure their pork suppliers are accountable for phasing out gestation crates. [More]

Consumerist Presents The 19 Worst Ads Of 2013, Brought To You By Consumerist

Consumerist Presents The 19 Worst Ads Of 2013, Brought To You By Consumerist

While we all have that one friend who is constantly littering our Facebook timelines with YouTube links to “Hilarius!” [sic] commercials, most of us hate advertisements. Even the ones that are funny or interesting the first time you see them will inevitably begin to grate after you see it for the 10th time in an hour. But some ads never even earn that initial chuckle, and instead go right to pushing that nerve that makes you want to body-slam your beloved 55″ TV. [More]


Wendy’s Employee Arrested After Dropping Joint In Customer’s Burger

It’s one thing to get caught smoking marijuana on the job. It’s another to be caught because a customer finds a partially smoked joint in her hamburger. [More]


Your Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich Should Not Be Served Medium Rare

A frequent knock against fast food chicken is that it’s dry and overcooked. But a leathery slab of chicken would be preferable to this pink-in-the-middle sandwich some unlucky Wendy’s customer bit into. [More]

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Study: Low-Paid Fast-Food Employees Cost Taxpayers $3.8 Billion A Year

As McDonald’s own suggested employee budgets indicate, it’s not easy to support yourself or a family on just a job behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant. And a new study claims that the 52% of non-management fast-food workers who take home some sort of federal subsidy are costing taxpayers around $4 billion a year. [More]


McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s Employees In 50 Cities Planning To Walk Off Job Today

If you’re in the mood for a Whopper, Baconator, or Big Mac today, you might be in for a wait, as some employees at two of the nation’s largest fast food chains have pledged to stage a walk-out today in protest against the low wages paid to workers in the fast food industry. [More]


Defend Your Wendy’s Server From A Bully And Ye Shall Be Handsomely Rewarded With Free Food

Perhaps you’re one of those people who doesn’t believe in standing up for what’s right, and if so, you’re probably not going to get free food. Not like two Wendy’s customers who say that after they defended a Wendy’s worker from a big, bad bully, she rewarded them with a free Frosty each and chicken nuggets. [More]

Wendy’s Sues Ice Cream Company Over Frosty Trademark

Wendy’s Sues Ice Cream Company Over Frosty Trademark

If you’ve been to Wendy’s enough times, you’ve probably tried a Frosty, the chain’s not-exactly-a-milkshake-but-not-quite-ice-cream dessert offering. The fast food giant is now suing an Ohio-based ice cream company over what it claims is a deliberate attempt to cash in on the Frosty name. [More]


Enraged Wendy’s Customer Teaches Us The Difference Between Cheeseburgers & Burgers

While it took an enraged Dunkin’ Donuts customers eight minutes to express her extreme displeasure at not receiving a receipt, other bad consumers are bit more, shall we say — concise? with their vituperative rants. To wit: A very rude man who is beyond consolation at the mere presence of cheese on his burger. He makes his case to an unlucky Wendy’s employee in a quick 57 seconds and boy, is it a doozy.  [More]

Can I get a Big Mick, please?

Closing A Wendy’s? Kinda Sad. Tearing Down McDowell’s Of ‘Coming To America’? Noooo!

How could you let this HAPPEN, Eddie Murphy?!?!? It’s like we can’t count on you for anything these days. To wit: the real-life Wendy’s that played the part of McDowell’s in Coming to America‘s — “They got the Golden Arches. Mine is the Golden Arcs”— is being torn down. [More]


Wendy’s Eatery Stops Serving 9-Patty ‘T-Rex Burger’ After World Finds Out About It

A Wendy’s restaurant outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has apparently been selling a 9-patty “T-Rex” burger to customers for several years, but shortly after the rest of the world got wind of it, the T-Rex has been made extinct. [More]

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Study: Nearly Half Of U.S. Consumers Went To McDonald’s In March

A new study attempts to determine the businesses that American consumers visit most often. Not surprisingly, the list is dominated by places that sell food; and that McDonald’s was by far the most-visited business in the U.S. [More]

Wendy’s & McDonald’s Teach Readers Disappointing Lessons In Ads Vs. Reality

Wendy’s & McDonald’s Teach Readers Disappointing Lessons In Ads Vs. Reality

Most of us know that what we actually get from a fast food eatery is never identical to what’s shown in the ads, and sometimes is similar in name only. We got used to knowing that a cheeseburger will never look as perfect as it does in the commercial, but with the recent addition of supposedly fancier menu items consumers are learning to prep themselves for more disappointment. [More]


Wendy’s Tells Customers To Tweet At Wrong Username Two Weeks Too Early

Barry got a flyer for a cool new social media promotion at Wendy’s. It looks fun and simple enough: just take a picture of your chicken sandwich and tweet it with a specific hashtag. He writes that what should be a simple enough promo became needlessly complicated because of two mistakes on the part of Wendy’s: they handed flyers out two weeks before the actual start date of the promotion, and directed people to the wrong Twitter account. You know, minor details. [More]

Wendy's drive-thru menu has gotten slicker, and most of the prices have gotten higher in recent years.

Wondering if your Whopper dollar is going as far as it did in 2002? Or maybe you want to know how Wendy’s new focus on higher quality ingredients has impacted your wallet? And why hasn’t the price of a Frosty gone up in 11 years? has some side-by-side pricing comparisons of fast food drive-thru menus from 2002 and the present day. [Cockeyed]

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Burger King Remembers It Has A Value Menu It Should Probably Be Telling You About

What do you think of when you hear the words, “dollar menu”? McDonald’s probably. How about “value menu”? Nothing? Yeah, that’s a problem, admits Burger King, confessing the company needs to start working on reminding people it’s got low-priced food items just like the other guys. [More]