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Burger King’s Foray Into Cheap Chicken Nuggets Ends A Month After It Started

It was cheep — excuse me, cheap while it lasted, but it’s all over now: A little more than a month after Burger King heralded its cheaper chicken nuggets, selling a 10-pack for $1.49, the company says its reversing course and bumping that price right back up again by the end of this week. [More]

This is a person on a Segway. (pbm.)

Norway Marks The Legalization Of Segways With First Drunk-While-Segwaying Arrest

As my cool cousin Charlie once said, laws are made to be broken, man. That’s certainly true in Norway, where someone already got arrested for driving a Segway while under the influence of alcohol a month after the country legalized the electric scooters. This is why you can’t have nice things, Norway. [More]


Sued McDonald’s Franchisee Now Says Employees No Longer Have To Accept Pay On Debit Card

The McDonald’s franchisees who were sued by a former employee after she was forced to accept her wages on a prepaid debit card have had a sudden change of heart, saying they will now be giving workers at their 16 McDonald’s franchises in Pennsylvania the option of receiving their pay on good old-fashioned paycheck or direct-deposit. [More]

Two Senators Change Tune On Online Piracy Legislation

Two Senators Change Tune On Online Piracy Legislation

As you may have noticed, the Internet isn’t happy with proposed anti-piracy legislation before Congress and the Senate that could have a huge impact on everything from e-commerce to your 13-year-old niece’s Glee fan blog. And as the voices continue to grow louder in opposition to the SOPA and PIPA bills, some law makers are already switching sides. [More]

Target.com President Leaves Glitchy Mess That Is Target.com

Target.com President Leaves Glitchy Mess That Is Target.com

Following yesterday’s unexpected and still unexplained crash of Target.com — not to mention all the other problems the site has had since launching in late August — the website’s president, Steve Eastman has “left the company to pursue other opportunities.” We’re going to assume those other opportunities involve “looking for a job” and “catching up on Breaking Bad.” [More]