Amazon Yanks Its New Upscale Diaper Brand To Make “Design Improvements”

Amazon Yanks Its New Upscale Diaper Brand To Make “Design Improvements”

Let’s take a second to imagine what an improperly designed diaper would look like. Or hey, smell like. Now that we’ve been there, Amazon says it’s pulling the upscale brand of diapers for Prime members it introduced six weeks ago, telling customers that the diapers need some “design improvements.” [More]

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Burger King’s Foray Into Cheap Chicken Nuggets Ends A Month After It Started

It was cheep — excuse me, cheap while it lasted, but it’s all over now: A little more than a month after Burger King heralded its cheaper chicken nuggets, selling a 10-pack for $1.49, the company says its reversing course and bumping that price right back up again by the end of this week. [More]

This is a person on a Segway. (pbm.)

Norway Marks The Legalization Of Segways With First Drunk-While-Segwaying Arrest

As my cool cousin Charlie once said, laws are made to be broken, man. That’s certainly true in Norway, where someone already got arrested for driving a Segway while under the influence of alcohol a month after the country legalized the electric scooters. This is why you can’t have nice things, Norway. [More]


Sued McDonald’s Franchisee Now Says Employees No Longer Have To Accept Pay On Debit Card

The McDonald’s franchisees who were sued by a former employee after she was forced to accept her wages on a prepaid debit card have had a sudden change of heart, saying they will now be giving workers at their 16 McDonald’s franchises in Pennsylvania the option of receiving their pay on good old-fashioned paycheck or direct-deposit. [More]

Two Senators Change Tune On Online Piracy Legislation

Two Senators Change Tune On Online Piracy Legislation

As you may have noticed, the Internet isn’t happy with proposed anti-piracy legislation before Congress and the Senate that could have a huge impact on everything from e-commerce to your 13-year-old niece’s Glee fan blog. And as the voices continue to grow louder in opposition to the SOPA and PIPA bills, some law makers are already switching sides. [More] President Leaves Glitchy Mess That Is President Leaves Glitchy Mess That Is

Following yesterday’s unexpected and still unexplained crash of — not to mention all the other problems the site has had since launching in late August — the website’s president, Steve Eastman has “left the company to pursue other opportunities.” We’re going to assume those other opportunities involve “looking for a job” and “catching up on Breaking Bad.” [More]