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IKEA Couple Adds To Trend Of Marrying In The Retail Store Where They First Met

Did you just meet your soulmate, your forever and ever partner on this journey we call life? Okay then stop — are you in a retail store? Mark the location because the trendy thing to do these days is to get married exactly where you met. Joining couples like the one that got married recently at Walmart, a twosome who found love in the aisle of an IKEA tied the knot in the same store that played host to cupid eight years ago. [More]

They do.

Couple Who Met In The Aisles Of Walmart Gets Hitched In Layaway Section

Proving that not all Walmart romances have to be of the Craiglist “Missed Connections” kind, and giving hope to all those lonely souls wandering the aisles late at night searching for love or something like it (a can of frosting is one serving, right?), a couple who met at Walmart in 2005 got hitched in the store’s layaway. Because sometimes love takes time, see? [More]

Think You Can Tell A $99 Wedding Dress From An $1,800 One?

Think You Can Tell A $99 Wedding Dress From An $1,800 One?

Times used to be, you wanted to buy a wedding dress, you had to go to bridal shops boasting designer creations, with the prices to match. But now retailers are getting into the wedding game, providing cheaper options for customers. Target just threw its veil into the ring with its new line of bridal gowns starting at the low price of $99, which made us wonder — can anyone even pick out the less expensive gowns from their pricier counterparts? [More]


The Average Wedding In 2012 Came With A $28,400 Price Tag

Are you thinking of getting married? We hope you’ve been attentive to your piggy bank if you’re considering a celebration anything like the average wedding last year — one wedding website says brides and grooms (and their generous families, perhaps) shelled out an average of $28,427 on the big shebang in 2012. [More]

Screw your wedding plans, these guys are in town.

Howard Johnson Gives Away Block Of Rooms Reserved For Wedding Because It Doesn’t Know How To Say No To Mumford & Sons Fans

A bride-to-be got some bad news last week about a block of rooms she’d reserved at a Howard Johnson Inn in St. Augustine — they had all been given away to Mumford & Sons fans and there was nothing that could be done about it. [More]

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Couple Claims That Bakery Refused To Make Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

What’s a wedding without a cake? A decidedly less delicious one, which is why couples heading for the altar are in the habit of testing out cakes before the big day so they can choose their favorite. In other words, they get to eat a lot of cake to find a winner.  But one same-sex couple in Oregon is claiming in a complaint filed with the state’s attorney general’s office that their experience at a local bakery was far from fun when the owner refused to sell them a cake. [More]


My Wedding Band Missed My Wedding, And Macy’s Won’t Refund Rush Shipping

Okay, Ree probably should have ordered her wedding band a little earlier. Ordering it on November 21 for a November 30 wedding isn’t too bad, though: there are six whole business days for it to show up! That’s why she accepted the financial penalty of paying for faster shipping. Everything should have been fine. Until, apparently, everything that could go wrong with shipping a piece of jewelry within the same country did. The truck broke down. The ring was delivered to the wrong house. The ring was delivered to the wrong door of the wrong house. In the meantime, Ree had managed to find the same ring in stock at another store in the area. They got married, came back from the honeymoon, and… the original ring hadn’t showed up yet. [More]


Hurricane Forces Bride & Groom To Celebrate Wedding In A Gym While They Lose $10K On Reception Hall

Among all the recent hurricane-related horror stories coming out of New Jersey, the tale of a young couple losing $10,000 and having to hold their reception in a school gymnasium is certainly not the absolute worst, but it didn’t have to happen that way. [More]


500 Couples Actually Competed To Get Married In An IKEA

In the past when we’ve written about oddball retail or fast food weddings, it seemed like the entire planning portion of the nuptials involved asking a manager “Hey, is it cool if we get married here?” But it looks there were quite a number of Australian couples looking to say “I do” surrounded by Grundtals, Vidjas, and Hemneses. [More]


Fancy Hotel Wedding Planner Doesn’t Understand How Email’s “CC” Function Works

We’ve all had the horrible “Oh no no I sent that hilarious yet inappropriate email to everyone in the entire office” moment, but there’s a difference between slipping up and hitting the “reply all” function, and adding someone as a “cc” or carbon copy (remember paper?) recipient. Which must mean the wedding planner at a fancy British hotel who accidentally revealed her truly snooty feelings about a couple just doesn’t know how to use email. [More]


Comfort Inn Boots Wedding Guests From Overbooked Hotel, Doesn’t Seem To Care

When you book a block of eight rooms at a hotel, 18 months in advance no less, you’d expect to have a little leverage when the place suddenly realizes it’s been overbooked. At the very least, you’d expect a little bit of respect. But a woman in New Jersey says the folks at Comfort Inn were not terribly comforting when they told guests who had reserved rooms for a nearby wedding that they would have to stay elsewhere. [More]

Honeymoon Registry Money Is Less Helpful If It's Sent To Your House In Indiana

Honeymoon Registry Money Is Less Helpful If It's Sent To Your House In Indiana

Sara’s sister got married in the Bahamas a few weeks ago. They had their honeymoon vacation before their wedding ceremony because of the waiting period there, and had set up a registry of stuff to do on their vacation rather than household goods. Honeymoon registries are a growing industry, and Sara’s sister chose a small company we won’t name. Sarah bought an activity for the couple and also paid a $10 handling fee. In return for that $10, the registry company sent a check to the sister’s home in Indiana rather than getting the money to her during her trip when she could actually use it. What was the $10 handling fee for, then, exactly? [More]

Wedding Venue Got A Liquor License, Changed BYOB Policy On Us

Wedding Venue Got A Liquor License, Changed BYOB Policy On Us

Redd and his fiancé started their wedding planning about a year ago. They wanted to have both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue, and found one that seemed ideal. Catering was available, but since the facility didn’t have a liquor license, they could bring in their own alcohol. They could save a lot of money that way, since Redd brews his own beer and other types of booze are cheaper to purchase yourself than to buy from a caterer. Months after they signed the contract and paid in full, they learned that the venue had obtained a liquor license. Facility staff insisted that they had the right to change the contract after it was signed, and the Redds would have to purchase their booze from the venue. [More]

Wedding Venue Refuses Refund For Canceled Ceremony, Even Though It Books Replacement Event

Wedding Venue Refuses Refund For Canceled Ceremony, Even Though It Books Replacement Event

Cancelling wedding plans can be a huge financial nightmare, especially if you’re already locked into big-ticket, non-refundable purchases. But if one of your non-refundable buys — the venue, for example — is able to fill the spot your cancellation leaves vacant, could you make an argument that you deserve some of your cash back? [More]


Save Money On Your Wedding By Saying “I Do” On Friday The 13th

In case you couldn’t tell by all the safes falling from the sky onto people who just slipped on banana peels, today is Friday the 13th. And in spite of all the advances modern culture has made in dispelling superstitions, it looks like marrying couples would rather not start their lives (or at least the next few years) together by saying their vows on this date. This means that bargain-seeking brides and grooms may find some deep discounts… if they’re willing to risk it (insert scary theremin sound here). [More]

Am I Supposed To Tip At An Event With An Open Bar?

Am I Supposed To Tip At An Event With An Open Bar?

When most people go to a bar, they take care to tip the bartender and/or the wait staff. But for many people, that courtesy seems to go out the window when someone else is picking up the tab, as guests assume that the tip has also been taken care of (or just don’t think about it at all). But are they making the right assumption? [More]

Alaska Airlines Cancels All Your Wedding Guests’ Flights, Forgets To Tell You

Alaska Airlines Cancels All Your Wedding Guests’ Flights, Forgets To Tell You

Rochelle has a destination wedding planned this November in Mazatlan, Mexico, and she and most of her guests planned to travel on the same Alaska Airlines flights from Seattle. They reserved this travel far in advance. Too far in advance, apparently. Alaska Airlines has since cut their number of weekly flights to Mazatlan, forcing the couple and their guests to find different flights on different days. The schedule change prevents some guests from attending altogether. The problem: the airline didn’t actually tell the couple about this, instead letting them find out from another guest who booked her travel through Orbitz. [More]

I Would Prefer That My Name Be Spelled Correctly On My Wedding Album

I Would Prefer That My Name Be Spelled Correctly On My Wedding Album

Annemarie has been playing phone tag with the small, family-owned photography business that she hired to document her 2008 wedding. No, that’s not a typo. The couple was busy purchasing a house, having a baby, and doing new-married-couple things. They got back in touch with the company and finally received a beautiful album in spring 2011. With her name spelled incorrectly on the cover. By the time the photographer got around to contacting the company that produced the final album about options, they…had gone out of business. Annemarie is stuck, and doesn’t know what to do when almost four years have passed since the wedding, most of those spent playing phone tag with the photographer. [More]