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Average Wedding Now Costs $31,213, Even As Guest Lists Shrink

If you’re debating whether or not to cut the odd cousin or two from your wedding invite list, you now have a solid financial justification. A new study claims that the cost of weddings is at a five-year high even though the number of invited guests is shrinking. [More]

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The Nation’s Biggest Companies Agree: Gay Marriage Is Good For Business

Next month, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments with regard to the legality of state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages. And while the issue has been politically divisive, many of the nation’s most powerful corporations — from airlines to insurance to beer to baseball teams — agree that banning gay marriage is not good for business. [More]


Stranger Buys Bride-To-Be Her Dream Wedding Dress

We’ve all got dreams, but when it comes to getting hitched, many people just can’t afford to shell out the big bucks for everything they want on the big day. But one Utah woman says her dreams are now going to be realized due to the generosity of a complete stranger, who swooped in to buy her the perfect wedding dress. [More]


Best Buy Introduces Wedding Registries

A few years ago, I thought it was hilarious when friends included a video game console and games on their wedding registry at Walmart. Was it, though? Most households would get more use out of a PS4 than a set of fancy china or a crystal punch bowl. That’s why it makes sense that Best Buy now offers wedding registries. [More]


State Says Bakery Discriminated Against Same-Sex Couple By Refusing To Make Wedding Cake

Two years after an Oregon bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries says the business discriminated against the two women and as such, will have to pay up to $105,000 in fines. [More]

Couple Gets Married In Costco Frozen Food Section

Couple Gets Married In Costco Frozen Food Section

While a Costco club membership has to be renewed every year, a couple of Costco fans in California decided to use the warehouse store as the backdrop for a ceremony involving a much longer commitment. [More]

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular

Diamond solitaires as engagement rings are what seems like an ancient tradition, but they’re more of a 20th-century invention. While consumers are largely sticking with the whole “ring” idea, jewelry stores have noticed that people are exploring ideas other than diamond solitaires. [More]

A Louisville couple got hitched on a Southwest Airlines flight over the weekend.

Nearly 100 People Attended A Wedding They Weren’t Invited To On A Southwest Airlines Flight

If you’ve ever watched a wedding-themed reality television show, then you probably know there is no shortage of unique and somewhat strange places for couples to get married. After this weekend we can add another to the list: a non-stop Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Dallas. [More]

UPS Loses Wedding Rings, Pretends They Were Held By Customs For 6 Weeks

UPS Loses Wedding Rings, Pretends They Were Held By Customs For 6 Weeks

A few weeks ago, reader Melissa got married. Congratulations, Melissa! Only she and her now-husband had to celebrate their marriage without the nerdy custom wedding rings that they had ordered from a jeweler in Canada. At first, UPS told the couple that their package was being held at customs and would be on its way soon. Then they lost it. Or it had been lost all along. [More]


Researchers Say The Secret To A Successful Marriage Has Something To Do With Money

As a newlywed (we’ve made it one week) I’ve received advice from a number of friends and family members on how to make sure my marriage stands the test of time. While I’m sure their counsel is solid, a pair of researchers from Emory University say the secret to a divorce-proof marriage is not listening to those bridal magazines that say an expensive marriage is a happy marriage. [More]

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Guy Ruins It For Everyone Else By Panning For Gold For 18 Months To Make Fiancee’s Wedding Ring

Hear that sound? It’s the clink of the bar being set incredibly high for the rest of us folks, after a very dedicated fellow spent 18 months panning for gold in the Scottish mountains, all so he could make his fiancée a wedding ring.

Bridal Gown Consignment Store Closes With No Warning, Gowns Inside

Bridal Gown Consignment Store Closes With No Warning, Gowns Inside

Some families save wedding dresses, and some don’t bother. For people who don’t want to bother and for people who want to save some money and don’t mind using a pre-married gown, there’s a specialty consignment store in the suburbs of St. Louis that sells formal gowns for brides and their attendants. Well, there used to be. The store abruptly closed, with lots of unsold dresses inside. [More]

Is There A Link Between The Size Of Your Wedding And The Quality Of Your Marriage?

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Compared to a lifetime (or at least a few years) spent with your spouse, the one day you spend actually getting married is but a blip on a very long timeline. But the results of a new study seems to indicate that there is some sort of link between the size of your wedding’s guest list and the quality of the marriage that ensues. Of course, that data also appears to show that most marriages are not truly happy. [More]

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Wisconsin Couple Gets Free Wedding Dinner After Lift On Gay Marriage Ban

The big news in Wisconsin recently is all about a federal judge striking down a ban on same sex marriage in that state, with gay couples in a happy rush to the courthouse to obtain marriage licenses. In the spirit of those celebrations, a restaurant in Milwaukee comped one couple’s meal, delivering a check reading “$0.00.” [More]

Marriott Makes Big Push To Get LGBT Business

Marriott Makes Big Push To Get LGBT Business

With the Supreme Court and a growing number of states giving the OK to same-sex marriages, the hospitality industry is quickly realizing there is money to be made from a segment of the population that had long been underserved. Not to be outdone by smaller hotel chains that openly welcome business from the LGBT community, the folks at Marriott are spending a lot of money to try to win over these consumers. [More]

The Amazing Wedding Dress Deal That Wasn’t

The Amazing Wedding Dress Deal That Wasn’t

The ascendence of e-commerce that it’s easy to set up a storefront site and compete with the largest retailers in the world. That’s good for a company that sells, say, formal dresses. The problem is that when it’s so easy to set up a slick site with tempting prices, consumers may be stuck: left without a the beautiful dress they thought they were purchasing or their money. [More]

The Cost Of Attending Weddings Is Going Up So I’m Going To Need A Slice Of The Best Cake Ever

The Cost Of Attending Weddings Is Going Up So I’m Going To Need A Slice Of The Best Cake Ever

Listen, I don’t need a news alert to tell me that the cost of attending weddings these days is pretty freaking high, but it’s good to know that I haven’t just been hallucinating the money dribbling out of my wallet. A new report says the cost of just going to a wedding — along with various and sundry related activities — is up 10% in the last year and 75% in the last two. I can feel the money slipping away, I tell you. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 5: Spending Your Wedding Cash

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 5: Spending Your Wedding Cash

Wedding Week on How To Not Suck reaches its fairy-tale ending. After looking at all the big expenses, the things that cost a lot but shouldn’t, the oodles of extras, and booking your honeymoon, we deal with the happy problem of what to do with any money you receive from guests.

There’s a good chance you’ll be showered with gifts on your wedding day. Perhaps you’ll get a crystal vase. Or a pasta maker. Or his-and-hers (or his-and-his, or hers-and-hers) monogrammed bathrobes. Or maybe you’ll get a whole lotta cash. [More]