The message seen by visitors to on Monday.

Target Website Crashes, Spoiling Shoppers’ Cyber Monday

Savvy holiday shoppers who didn’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday may still be battling congested online traffic in order to obtain the plethora of Cyber Monday deals today. That’s especially true if you’re trying to score some goodies from Target, as the retailer’s website crashed this morning.  [More]

Costco’s Online Photo Services Back Up After Breach, Customers’ Cards May Have Been Compromised

Costco’s Online Photo Services Back Up After Breach, Customers’ Cards May Have Been Compromised

If you like viewing and ordering prints of your digital photos from the comfort of your own home and then traipsing to the local Costco to pick up your memories, then we’ve got good news: Costco has finally relaunched its online photo services website after taking the site down upon discovering a breach in July. But there’s also a bit of bad news: some customers’ credit card information may have been captured in the year-long hack. [More]

Costco Pushes Back Relaunch Of Online Photo Services Another Month Following July Hack

Costco Pushes Back Relaunch Of Online Photo Services Another Month Following July Hack

Fans of Costco’s photo services will likely be waiting another month before they are able to order pictures though its website, as the company that manages the site continues to recover from a July breach. [More]

Amazon changed the way it provides sponsored links, instead of showing photos, the company now provides simple text links.

Amazon Ending Pay-Per-Click Ad Program That Took Shoppers To Other Retail Sites, Creates Text-Only Ads

Smaller retailers who pay to have ads appear on the bottom of Amazon search results will soon see less of their products and more text, as the e-commerce giant prepares to shutter a pay-per-click ad program that took shoppers away from its site.  [More]

Before Google created its new parent company, BMW used and trademarked the Alphabet name and domain.

BMW Beat Google To The “Alphabet” Name And Website

Yesterday, Google announced a massive reorganization that will put the Internet giant and all its other side businesses under the umbrella of a new company called Alphabet. But don’t expect to visit anytime soon, unless you want to buy a bunch of BMWs. [More]

The marketers shut down by the FTC hawked "risk free trials" of a variety of skincare products that weren't actually free.

FTC Says Some Of Those “Risk-Free Trials” For Skincare Products Are Bogus, Shuts ‘Em Down

Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the lure of a “risk-free trial” when it comes with a product that promises to leave your skin youthful, radiant and as soft as a baby’s bottom. But as the Federal Trade Commission once again reminds us, those deals often come with strings attached and hollow promises. [More]

A security researcher says he was able to hack Uber's petition website to display a joke petition and rival Lyft's homepage.

Uber’s Petition Website Hacked To Redirect To Lyft Homepage

It’s no secret that ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have enjoyed a spirited rivalry in recent years. Over the weekend, a security researcher inserted himself into the crosshairs of the two ride-hailing services by exploiting a vulnerability in Uber’s petition website that allowed him to showcase and redirect visitors to Lyft’s homepage, while also changing the content of some petitions. Now he’s warning the company – and others like it – to take precautions when using petition and contest websites, as they might prove to be a welcome mat for malevolent hackers. [More]

Getting outta town has been delayed until further notice.

Demand For Southwest Airlines Sale Fares Overwhelms Website

It’s probably not surprising that when Southwest Airlines announced a summer sale with one-way fares as cheap as $49, travelers were delighted. They were so delighted that they’ve overwhelmed the carrier’s site, making it difficult for customers to book new flights, or to print their boarding passes for travel that’s planned for, um, now. [More]

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United Offers “Bug Bounty” Of Up To 1 Million Miles For Hackers Who Find Vulnerabilities In Website, Mobile App

While big companies are known to quietly seek out the services of white-hat hackers to test for weaknesses in their networks and websites, it’s not every day that a major airline publicly offers a “bounty” to people who can diagnose vulnerabilities in its systems. [More]

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You Can Soon Buy “.Sucks” URLs, But At Prices That .Suck

If you’ve ever dreamed of using the recently approved .sucks top-level domain suffix to make fun of companies that annoy you, your chance is coming up when registration opens later this month. However, a .sucks domain won’t exactly come cheap, so be prepared to be outbid by the company you’d love to skewer. [More]

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Frontier’s New Reservation System Proving To Be A Headache For Travelers

There are bound to be a few hiccups when a company changes software for a program that is integral to business. But customers say the transition for Frontier Airlines’ new reservation system has been full of turbulence. [More]

Park-N-Fly And OneStopParking Confirm Suspected Breaches

Park-N-Fly And OneStopParking Confirm Suspected Breaches

After looking at the transactions on compromised credit cards, security experts at banks suspected that breaches may have occurred at two airport parking companies: the suspected breaches at Park-N-Fly and OneStopParking. Both companies have since confirmed that they were breached, but that doesn’t mean that the same person or group targeted both companies. [More]

Tumblr Copies Facebook, Experiences Outage

UPDATE: Tumblr is back. That was a grueling half hour or so, wasn’t it? Tumblr’s official Twitter account announced the end of the outage, though they failed to explain what happened. There was no error message for many users: they simply couldn’t load the site. [More]

Apply For A Quicken Loans FHA Mortgage: No FHA Products Allowed

Apply For A Quicken Loans FHA Mortgage: No FHA Products Allowed

The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages, which makes it easier and more affordable for people to buy homes. That’s good. Quicken Loans happens to be an FHA lender, which is also good. What’s kind of confusing, though, is how the web page where you start your FHA loan application explicitly exempts FHA loans. Sort of. [More]

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

Rob really likes IKEA. IKEA doesn’t seem to have any strong feelings about Rob, but the store’s web site hates him. They don’t want to do business with him. It’s nothing personal, surely, but the web site believes that he doesn’t exist, and not even anyone at IKEA has ben able to figure out why this is or what to do about it. [More]

Protect Your Brand From Becoming A .XXX Domain

Protect Your Brand From Becoming A .XXX Domain

Recently the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), who are the guys who decide all sorts of things about how website addresses work, approved the creation of a new .xxx domain. It’s intended for the adult entertainment industry, but brands have only until October 28th to act before fleshpot slingers start using addresses like and to steal traffic. [More]

OpenTable Rewards Loyalty, Refunds Loyalty Points After
Coupon Expires

OpenTable Rewards Loyalty, Refunds Loyalty Points After Coupon Expires

As a frequent user of online reservation service OpenTable, Ben’s girlfriend had earned a fair number of loyalty points. She turned these in for a $50 voucher, which she promptly forgot to use. Oh, well, her loss, right? Not exactly. [More]

Web Analytics Firm, 20 Clients Sued For Web Tracking

Web Analytics Firm, 20 Clients Sued For Web Tracking

There’s big business in tracking web browsing, and temptation to grab more information than is legally acceptable. A lawsuit alleges a web analytics company and its clients stepped over the line in snooping on browsing habits, particularly of those who try to cover their tracks. [More]