MasterCard Launches Program To Make Anything – Clothes, Rings – A Payment Device

MasterCard Launches Program To Make Anything – Clothes, Rings – A Payment Device

MasterCard’s quest to make paying for things easier already includes a few out-there systems: verification via selfie for online orders, anyone? And it doesn’t appear that the credit card company is holding back in its latest endeavor, partnering with a fashion designer and other companies to create an array of consumer products-turned-mobile payment systems. Because, you know, paying with pieces of plastic and phones was so last year.  [More]

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A Few Apple Watch Users Are Complaining About Rashes

People get rashes. For every plant, animal, metal, or polymer that exists, there is most likely someone out there who has an itchy skin reaction after contact with it. Yet the popularity of wearable gadgets means that people are now paying hundreds of dollars for devices that they’re supposed to wear constantly. Yes, wearable technology will cause rashes, even the much-hyped Apple Watch. [More]

Apple Confirms: Tattoos May Mess With Apple Watch

Apple Confirms: Tattoos May Mess With Apple Watch

Following last week’s launch of the Apple Watch, some tattooed users of the device complained that their new smartwatches weren’t working properly when worn on heavily inked wrists. Apple has now updated its website to explain that there is indeed the chance that a user’s tattoo may interfere with the sensors on the Apple Watch. [More]


AmEx, Jawbone Partnership Allows Customers To Buy Things Using Fitness Trackers

Using your phone to pay for things at the register is so 2014. With the soon-to-be released Apple Watch allowing payments to be made with a flick of the wrist, other wearable companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Case in point: a new joint venture from Jawbone and American Express. [More]

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Apple Continues To Surprise No One, Officially Removes Rival Fitness Trackers From Stores

In a signal that the Apple Watch’s arrival is nigh, Apple’s retail stores across the country are apparently ditching other fitness and health wearables. [More]

Dole will lunch the Wearable Banana during the Tokyo Marathon this weekend.

Dole Introduces The Wearable Banana, Giving Tokyo Marathon Runners Their Heart Rate And A Snack

There’s no denying that wearable technology is popular with consumers; from the Fitbit to the highly anticipated Apple Watch. But there’s a new wearable that not only provides users with information about their health, but also with a snack. [More]


LG Introduces House Arrest Wristbands For Small Children

We adults enjoy quantifying our every move with wearable technology like pedometer wristbands and other fitness-tracking gadgets, so why leave our kids out of the fun? Yesterday, LG announced that they’re introducing a wristband for kids that’s a hybrid of a tracking anklet used by the criminal justice system and your child’s first cell phone. [More]

Can’t Decide Which Smartwatch To Buy? No Worries, Amazon’s Here To Help

Can’t Decide Which Smartwatch To Buy? No Worries, Amazon’s Here To Help

Wearables are all the rage. But are you too indecisive to actually choose which product best suits your needs, or lack the time to research the hundreds of different options available? Fear no more, technology-hungry consumer, because your knight in shining armor has arrived: Amazon. [More]