WD-40 Should Read Its Own Label Before Suggesting Bartenders Use A Toxic Substance On Beer Tap Handles

UPDATE 8:36 p.m.: Consumerist heard back from a WD-40, with the company apologizing for not doing its due diligence when it comes to beer taps. [More]


In case you don’t have a reason to own a can of WD-40, perhaps you’ll find one among the more than 2,000 uses the company has provided in a handy list on its Web site. While we’re not sure how “shining shower doors” is completely and totally separate from “helps clean showers,” there’s probably something for everyone here. [via WD40.com]

Why Does Walmart Want To See ID To Buy WD-40?

Why Does Walmart Want To See ID To Buy WD-40?

Last week, we learned that Target is now scanning IDs of customers who buy canned air. Today, we’re hearing that Walmart needs to see some identification before it will sell you a can of WD-40. [More]

Snopes Round Up: Panic PINs and More

Here’s a roundup of some relevant Comsumer-type urban legends from Snopes’s Hottest Urban Legends Page: