That Was Then, This Is Now: How 72 Brands From ‘Mad Men’ Have Changed Since Don Draper Was In Charge


Because nothing gold can stay, AMC’s popular Mad Men has reached the final episode of its final, seventh season. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen pitches for a multitude of companies, brands, sports, groups and even cities. While some of those brands were created for the show, the large majority were very real — and some continue to exist today. In the spirit of nostalgia, we thought now might be the right time to check in on those products and companies pitched by Sterling Cooper (and its various rebirths), to see which have been lost to the mists of time, and which still remain. [More]

UltraViolet Restrictions On Green Lantern Makes Reader Feel Ultraviolent

UltraViolet Restrictions On Green Lantern Makes Reader Feel Ultraviolent

Reader Justin is steaming because he just found out that the promised “digital copy included” isn’t actually a normal file, but a license to watch the flick through the movie industry’s new “UltraViolet” system. [More]

Warner Brothers forgot to include the advertised iPod-compatible digital file on its Blu-ray copy of “Speed Racer.” It’s now offering an online trade, where owners of the disc can exchange their PlaysForSure authorization code for an iTunes store redemption code. (When filling out the form, for “Support Request Type” select “Authorization Code and Licenses”.) [warnerbros] (Thanks to Sabler!)

BitTorrent tracking site The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish Police, and now the site claims they found evidence that the chief of police who called the raid was in the employ of Warner Brothers. [The Pirate Bay]