Blueprints For St. Louis Disney Theme Park That Never Opened Its Doors Up For Sale

When it’s time to head to a Disney park, images of the warm, sunny environs of California or Florida probably come to mind. But if things had gone another way, we might have also thought of a decidedly Midwestern vibe: Walt Disney Co. had plans at one time for an indoor theme park in St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch, with nary a palm tree in sight. [More]

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YouTube Hides Most ESPN Content After Network Failed To Negotiate Paid Subscription Service Deal

If you’ve decided to pony up the $9.99 monthly fee for YouTube’s new paid subscription service, your money won’t be buying you access to basically any ESPN videos. The sports network — owned by Walt Disney Co. (80%) and Hearst (20%) — failed to negotiate a deal to have its videos available through YouTube Red. As a result, most of ESPN’s featured YouTube channels have gone dark. [More]


Disney Parks Considering Surge-Pricing Model To Determine The Cost Of Admission

If you’ve got a visit to Disney World slotted into your annual budget, you might have to adjust the amount of money you’re setting aside: Walt Disney Co. is toying with the idea of using a demand-based pricing model to determine how much you’ll pay to get in, depending on how busy it is at the Disney park you’re visiting. [More]

Dish & Disney Jump Into Bed Together With Deal That Limits DVR Ad Skipping On ABC Shows

Dish & Disney Jump Into Bed Together With Deal That Limits DVR Ad Skipping On ABC Shows

While broadcasters have been grumbling over and fighting against Dish Network’s ad-skipping DVR in court, at least one company is getting awfully cozy with Dish. Walt Disney Co. signed a long-term deal with Dish to curtail the use of Hopper for ABC shows, the two companies confirmed last night. [More]