Quiz Results: Most People Confused How To Write Names Of Walmart, Popeyes, Lowe’s

Quiz Results: Most People Confused How To Write Names Of Walmart, Popeyes, Lowe’s

Last week, we quizzed readers on the correct way to write the names of several retail businesses that abuse or play with punctuation. An awful lot of you gave it a shot and some of you did very well, but the results show that there is a lot of confusion out there for some of the country’s biggest retail brands. [More]


Setting Off A Firecracker Inside A Walmart Is Not A Good Way To Distract From Video Game Theft

There’s typically no shortage of interesting happenings at Walmart stores across the country. Just last week a teenager allegedly set fire to a display of christmas-themed stuffed animals, and this week a man allegedly set-off a firecracker in the video game aisle. [More]

Police: Woman Admits She Hit Walmart Shopper With Her Car After Losing A Parking Spot


We’ve all been there: The parking lot is crowded, your errands are pressing, the day has been long and oh hallelujah, there it is, a parking spot that’s about to open up. So you wait, patiently. And then, right when you think everything isg king to work out and you’ll be sitting pretty any second, another car swoops in and asides into the spot destined for you. Sure, you’re probably going to be ticked off. But despite any negative feelings toward your fellow shopper at that moment, violence is never the answer. [More]

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California Teen Allegedly Sets Christmas-Themed Stuffed Animals On Fire At Walmart

In the past we’ve reported on some very disturbing behavior when it comes to consumers, stuffed animals, and Walmart (remember the humping incident?). The weirdness continued early this morning at a California store when a teen allegedly started a fire with the toys. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have Your Windows Vista Needs Covered

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have Your Windows Vista Needs Covered

Do you need a copy of Windows Vista, a rather poorly-received version of the operating system? We can’t think of any circumstances under which someone would need a copy of Vista, but maybe there is one. If there is, one Walmart store has got them covered. [More]

Walmart-Led Apple Pay Competitor Requires Months Of Exclusive “Breathing Room”

Walmart-Led Apple Pay Competitor Requires Months Of Exclusive “Breathing Room”

Even though it hasn’t launched, mobile payment system CurrentC is already making headlines, and not just for being hacked. It’s also the reason iPhone 6 users can’t use Apple Pay at some of the country’s biggest stores, including Walmart, CVS, and Best Buy. But the CEO of the Walmart-led consortium behind CurrentC says that its backers won’t be blacking out Apple Pay forever. [More]


Walmart Shoplifter Threatens To Infect Employee With HIV

A wannabe shoplifter at a Dallas Walmart somehow thought it would be a good idea to threaten a store employee with HIV infection rather than get in trouble for trying to pilfer $11 worth of frozen food from the retailer. [More]

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Forget Black Friday, Holiday Shopping Season Starts Tomorrow

While children and parents around the country are sitting around, regretting the huge amount of sugar and chocolate consumed tonight, the folks at Walmart, Amazon and other stores are not only busting out the holiday decorations, but reducing prices and offering short-term large-scale sales for early holiday shoppers. [More]


Walmart Might Begin Price-Matching Amazon, Other Online Retailers

It’s not uncommon for consumers to view items at a store and then purchase them for a lower price online. One of the nation’s largest retailers is apparently tired of losing those customers and may begin price-matching its online competition this holiday season; a trend retail analysts predicted less than a month ago. [More]

A screengrab of the e-mail being sent to beta testers of the CurrentC app.

CurrentC, Walmart-Led Competitor To Apple Pay, Has Already Been Hacked

A number of major retailers, most notably Walmart, have yet to allow shoppers to use the recently launched Apple Pay system at checkout, and national drugstore chains Rite-Aid and CVS stopped offering Apple Pay as an option after only a few days. That’s because all of these retailers are part of a consortium working on a competing system called CurrentC, which by the way, has already been hacked. [More]

A $100 Gift Card Selling For $10 On Walmart.com Is A Mistake, Not Bait & Switch

A $100 Gift Card Selling For $10 On Walmart.com Is A Mistake, Not Bait & Switch

Once again, the Walmart website made a pricing error, and once again shoppers tried to pounce on it only to later have their orders canceled. And as always happens in these situations, some of these folks are mistakenly claiming that this was a bait-and-switch scam. [More]

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Walmart Officially Begins Reselling All Those Video Games You Traded In For Groceries

Back in March Walmart launched a program that allows customers to trade in their used video games for store gift cards, you know to buy milk, bread, sweatpants. Now that the mega-retailer likely has a hefty stockpile of said used games it’s ready to resell them, completing its transformation into a bonafide video game reseller. [More]

As of Monday morning, Walmart.com still featured a "Fat Girl Costumes" section. It has since been replaced.

Walmart Finally Removes “Fat Girl Costumes” Section Of Website

Almost a week after it was first called out for having a section on its website dedicated to “Fat Girl Costumes,” Walmart has finally removed the category and replaced it with “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.” [More]


$10K Or $250K — How Much Should Walmart Pay For Wrongly Accusing Man Of Attacking Worker?

In Sept. 2007, a man described as being 5’7″ and around 50 years old in California allegedly attacked a Walmart employee who had caught him shoplifting. Two months later, a man in his early 40s and five inches taller than that suspect walked into the Walmart, where he claims he was detained by a manager and publicly accused of being the attacker from the earlier incident. Seven years later, the legal debate is ongoing as to how much, if anything, Walmart should pay this man. [More]

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Hating Lines Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse To Shoplift $300 In Liquor, Other Goods From Walmart

Long lines are a pain, but they’re part of the deal when you shop at major retail stores. If you don’t like to wait you can always fulfill your grocery list during off-hours, but you can’t just walk out the door without paying. [More]

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After Taking Away Some Employees’ Insurance, Walmart Care Clinics To Offer $40 Doctor Visits

Less than two weeks after the nation’s larger retailer and private employer decided it would discontinue health insurance for many part-time employees, the company announced its new health care centers would provide doctor visits for around $40, or as low as $4 for Walmart employees and their families. [More]


Walmart CEO Promises To Eventually Raise Wages For Lowest-Paid Workers

As proponents of higher pay for Walmart workers prepare for a day of protests against the retailer, its CEO is making the vague pledge that the company will eventually no longer have employees making only the national minimum wage. [More]


Florida Man Accused Of Humping A Stuffed Animal At Walmart, Putting It Back On The Shelf

In a move that will cause me to forever give the toy aisle the side-eye, a Florida man is accused of getting it on with a stuffed animal at Walmart and then putting it back on the shelf after he’d had his way with it. [More]