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If You Plan To Steal $10,000 From Your Job, Don’t Use Your Employee Info For Transactions

Several months ago Consumerist reported on what might have been Walmart’s worst employee: a worker arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli. While that incident was indeed bad, a Tennessee employee who allegedly stole thousands of dollars in gift cards and cash by using her employee information might just take over the title. [More]

Walmart Slashes Prices On iPhone 6 To $129, 6 Plus To $229

Walmart Slashes Prices On iPhone 6 To $129, 6 Plus To $229

If you have been meaning to buy yourself or a loved one a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus but haven’t managed to get around to plunking down the cash for it, your procrastination has paid off. Walmart has cut prices on these devices to $129 and $229, respectively, for customers willing to sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. [More]

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NLRB Judge Rules That Walmart Illegally Punished California Workers For Participating In Protests

In recent years, some Walmart workers have staged public protests about inadequate wages and unfair treatment. A number of these employees claim that management has retaliated against them for expressing their views. Now a court has ordered Walmart to reverse disciplinary action taken against protesting workers and put a stop to future retaliation.


Equality in the toy aisle.

Why Are Big-Box Stores Pricing Barbies Differently By Race?

Are pricing algorithms racist? That’s not really possible, and several big retailers are blaming “pricing errors” for discrepancies in the prices of Barbie dolls of different ethnicities. Shoppers interested in a doll in a figure-skating costume, for example, have to pay $1.99 extra at Walmart for a doll with darker skin and black hair. How does that happen? [More]

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Bank CEO Rips Walmart For Allowing ID Thieves To Spend $12K Without Anyone Noticing

How do ID thieves spend $12,000 in just a couple of hours at Walmart without anyone noticing? Quite easily, apparently. Which is why one CEO of a Texas-based bank is criticizing the nation’s largest retailer. [More]

Walmart Cashier Bails Out Customer Who Can’t Afford Groceries

Walmart Cashier Bails Out Customer Who Can’t Afford Groceries

We’re going to guess that Walmart cashiers see plenty of customers in the course of a day who can’t afford all of the items that they’ve selected and must put something back. Yet something made a cashier in upstate New York stop and reach into her pocket when an older man at her register couldn’t afford to buy all of his food, contributing forty dollars of her own. [More]

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

It’s that time of year again, when generous folks around the country pop in to their local retailers and plunk down a pile of cash to make strangers’ holidays happier by paying for their layaway purchases. This time, some secret Santa in Ohio left a substantial $15,000 gift under shoppers’ trees. [More]

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Have you placed an online order from a store while you were standing in one of their brick-and-mortar locations? In an interview with CNBC (Warning: auto-play video), Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said that the company’s analysis shows something interesting about how customers shop using their smartphones. 10% of orders placed on mobile phones are actually placed while customers are standing inside the store. Is it because the items they really want are out of stock? Are online prices lower? McMillon doesn’t say. [CNBC]


Walmart Shopper Thinks No One Will Notice 6.5 Pounds Of Cow Tongue Shoved In His Pants

We understand that the very act of wearing pants is kind of like adorning your legs in potential pockets — as long as nothing falls out the bottom, you’ve got fabric fit for carrying stuff. But just because you’ve got room in your pants to spare doesn’t mean it’s okay to shove stolen meat (or seafood) down there, as yet another bad consumer has shown us this week. [More]

Walmart Still Avoiding Paying $7000 Fine For Worker Killed By Black Friday Shoppers In 2008

Walmart Still Avoiding Paying $7000 Fine For Worker Killed By Black Friday Shoppers In 2008

In 2008, a Walmart employee was killed when a mob of deal-desperate Black Friday shoppers tore the store’s doors from their hinges and stormed inside, trampling him to death. The chain was eventually fined $7000 for their role in the employee’s death — but six years and $2 million later, the world’s largest retailer has yet to pay up. [More]

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Walmart Workers Chain Massive Food Donation Bin Outside Home Of Alice Walton

Just days after another Walmart launched the holiday giving season by placing a food donation bin for employees to help out their co-workers in need, some workers have placed a much larger bin outside the home of someone who makes a little bit more than $10/hour from the nation’s largest retailer — Alice Walton. [More]

The group Making Change at Walmart says this donation box has been placed in an Oklahoma store asking employees to donate food for their co-workers in need.

Walmart Stores Once Again Asking Employees To Donate Food To Co-Workers In Need

Almost exactly a year ago, a Walmart in Ohio made headlines for an employee food drive intended to help support their fellow Walmart workers. Now come reports of additional stores rolling out the donation bins, showing that the retailers employees try to take care of one another while also spotlighting the question of whether or not Walmart is paying its associates sufficient wages. [More]


Walmart Closes Now-Infamous Online Price-Matching Loophole

It was fabulous news for bargain-hunters when Walmart announced a change to its price-matching policy, allowing shoppers to bring in listings from popular online retailers as long as the items are identical. When some shoppers formulated an evil-genius plan to use fake third-party seller Amazon listings to buy PlayStation 4s for less than 25% of the sticker price, the wording of the original policy technically allowed this to happen. Walmart has responded by changing their policy. [More]


Attempting To Steal Steaks From Walmart By Sitting On Them Only Leads To Your Arrest And Really Flat Steaks

We already know that meat is the product of choice for many shoplifters and that more often than not that particular kind of theft involves the meat being shoved down one’s pants. But a new development in meat-centric thefts occurred this week when a man allegedly tried to steal several rib-eye steaks by sitting on them. [More]

Seems legit.

Terrible People Create Fake Amazon Pages, Convince Walmart To Price-Match Them

It seemed like a great victory for consumers when Walmart announced that it would price-match select online retailers, including Amazon.com. However, because we’re not evil, we didn’t foresee how some people would misuse the price-matching privilege to scam Wally World into selling them video game consoles at cut-rate prices. [More]

MobiBlu MP3 Player Looks Forward To Spending 10th Birthday On Walmart Shelf

MobiBlu MP3 Player Looks Forward To Spending 10th Birthday On Walmart Shelf

In the field of retail archaeology, some items are more common than others. For example, the Raiders of the Lost Walmart have excavated examples of the MobiBLU, a tiny MP3 player that dates back to around 2005, from the electronics departments of many Walmart stores almost a decade later. They have hilariously high prices, ranging from $109.73 to $60. We’ve been tracking this item since August of 2013, yet Walmart can’t mark it down to a more appropriate price of maybe five bucks.


Walmart Employees Once Again Planning Black Friday Protests For Higher Pay

Despite a Walmart executive’s generalized promise to eventually raise the wages for the company’s lowest paid employees, a group of workers have announced plans to protest the mega-retailer on Black Friday for the third year. [More]


Walmart Tells All U.S. Managers They Can Now Price-Match Online Retailers Like Amazon

It’s a war out there in the world of retail, and having the lowest prices around is a weapon every brick-and-mortar store has been trying to keep in its arsenal. Not so easy when online retailers like Amazon are constantly lowering prices. All that might change for Walmart, as store managers have been told it’s time to officially start price-matching Amazon and others. [More]