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Walmart Officially Begins Reselling All Those Video Games You Traded In For Groceries

Back in March Walmart launched a program that allows customers to trade in their used video games for store gift cards, you know to buy milk, bread, sweatpants. Now that the mega-retailer likely has a hefty stockpile of said used games it’s ready to resell them, completing its transformation into a bonafide video game reseller. [More]

As of Monday morning, Walmart.com still featured a "Fat Girl Costumes" section. It has since been replaced.

Walmart Finally Removes “Fat Girl Costumes” Section Of Website

Almost a week after it was first called out for having a section on its website dedicated to “Fat Girl Costumes,” Walmart has finally removed the category and replaced it with “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.” [More]


$10K Or $250K — How Much Should Walmart Pay For Wrongly Accusing Man Of Attacking Worker?

In Sept. 2007, a man described as being 5’7″ and around 50 years old in California allegedly attacked a Walmart employee who had caught him shoplifting. Two months later, a man in his early 40s and five inches taller than that suspect walked into the Walmart, where he claims he was detained by a manager and publicly accused of being the attacker from the earlier incident. Seven years later, the legal debate is ongoing as to how much, if anything, Walmart should pay this man. [More]

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Hating Lines Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse To Shoplift $300 In Liquor, Other Goods From Walmart

Long lines are a pain, but they’re part of the deal when you shop at major retail stores. If you don’t like to wait you can always fulfill your grocery list during off-hours, but you can’t just walk out the door without paying. [More]

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After Taking Away Some Employees’ Insurance, Walmart Care Clinics To Offer $40 Doctor Visits

Less than two weeks after the nation’s larger retailer and private employer decided it would discontinue health insurance for many part-time employees, the company announced its new health care centers would provide doctor visits for around $40, or as low as $4 for Walmart employees and their families. [More]


Walmart CEO Promises To Eventually Raise Wages For Lowest-Paid Workers

As proponents of higher pay for Walmart workers prepare for a day of protests against the retailer, its CEO is making the vague pledge that the company will eventually no longer have employees making only the national minimum wage. [More]


Florida Man Accused Of Humping A Stuffed Animal At Walmart, Putting It Back On The Shelf

In a move that will cause me to forever give the toy aisle the side-eye, a Florida man is accused of getting it on with a stuffed animal at Walmart and then putting it back on the shelf after he’d had his way with it. [More]


Walmart Launches Digital Video Service So Customers Who Still Buy Blu-rays, DVDs Will Redeem Digital Copies

Walmart appears to be going Hollywood. No, the company isn’t going to be the focus of a movie. Instead the mega-retailer and its digital entertainment service, VUDU, have launched a new service putting digital copies of movies at customers’ fingertips – or rather on their smartphones and tablets. [More]

Converse Suing 31 Companies For Allegedly Selling Knock-Off Chuck Taylor Sneakers


You’ve seen them on hipsters, your mom, that girl who lived down the hall from you freshman year, maybe you wear them — the point is, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars, or Chucks, as they’re known by fans, are worn by a whole lot of different kinds of people. Though once the shoe of choice for mainly greasers, nonconformists and athletes, nowadays the sneaker look is appealing to a wide range of people. It’s that popularity that has other companies churning out knock-offs, claims Nike’s Converse in a new lawsuit against 31 companies for allegedly copying the style. [More]

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Walmart Taking Away Insurance For 30,000 Workers

The nation’s largest retailer and private employer has announced that it will discontinue offering health insurance to many part-time employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week, along with increasing the premiums by up to 20% for many workers who continue to receive benefits. [More]

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Ohio’s Worst Walmart Employee Steals Cash From Customer, Food From Deli In Same Day

If you’re a bad enough person to steal from a customer, it’s probably not much of a stretch to think you’d steal from your employer too. But to be caught doing both in the same day takes a special kind of stupid. [More]

Does Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” Actually Work?

Does Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” Actually Work?

Walmart recently began touting its “Savings Catcher” program, which allows shoppers to scan in their receipts and have Walmart determine if the customer could have paid less elsewhere. If so, the difference goes on a gift card (that can only be used at Walmart, of course). But should you trust putting your price-matching in Walmart’s hands? [More]


Texts From Walmart Sent To The Wrong Person Prompt Man To Confess To Murder

When most people get texts or letters meant for someone else, we either shrug it off or ask whoever it is to stop sending those mistakes. But when Walmart started texting a North Carolina man about prescriptions for someone else, he thought it meant he’d been discovered as a murderer after killing a woman 17 years ago. [More]

Walmart Continues Acting Like A Bank, Now Offering Low-Fee Checking Accounts

Walmart Continues Acting Like A Bank, Now Offering Low-Fee Checking Accounts

It appears that Walmart is taking consumers’ willingness to do their banking outside of traditional banks to heart. The mega-retailer unveiled plans today that would put low-cost checking accounts into the hands of just about any consumer across the country. [More]

Artist Claims Someone Stole Her Painting From Etsy And Is Now Selling It Through Walmart

Artist Claims Someone Stole Her Painting From Etsy And Is Now Selling It Through Walmart

For millions of artists Etsy.com offers a personalized marketplace to sell hand-crafted, unique items without the hassle of mass production or working with national retailers. Only that’s not how it’s working for one artist who claims her painting is being sold through Walmart’s website without her permission. [More]

Groups Say Walmart Violated Election Laws To Get Employees To Donate To PAC

Groups Say Walmart Violated Election Laws To Get Employees To Donate To PAC

Walmart can’t donate directly to their own “pro-business” political action committee, they can’t make employees donate to it, and they can’t pay employees for donating to it. Those things would all be against the law, and would draw the ire of the Federal Election Commission. But the company is legally allowed to create incentives for employees to donate to their PAC by creating matching charitable contributions. The problem? The only charity in play is one that gives to Walmart employees. According to a complaint lodged with the FEC today, that means Walmart is still basically paying off employees to make political contributions, and should be stopped. [More]

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Walmart Mexico Investigated Over Promotional Cockfight

Walmart’s Mexican operations are being investigating by authorities in the city of Boca del Rio, where customers complained a Walmart store hosted a cockfight to promote a soft drink company. The retailer says it’s the customer gripes are overblown and that, while there were indeed roosters pecking at each other, no actual cockfighting took place. [More]

Toxic PCB Contamination At Walmart Return Center Leads To Evacuation, Lawsuit

Toxic PCB Contamination At Walmart Return Center Leads To Evacuation, Lawsuit

Hundreds of workers at an Indianapolis Walmart returns processing center may have been contaminated with a toxic substance last month. While the center was evacuated and employees are now undergoing medical tests, one employee has filed a lawsuit against the mega-retailer. [More]