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Class-Action Suit Over Shortchanged Walmart Returns Allowed To Move Forward

While Walmart customers enjoy the ability to return items to any of the retailer’s locations, a number of these shoppers have claimed over the years that they were getting less for their returns than they should have because of sales tax differences between the purchase and return locations. Last week, a federal judge allowed a pending class action regarding shortchanged Walmart customers to continue. [More]


Walmart Lets People Pick Up Tax Refunds In Cash In Stores

Happy first day of tax season! Today is the first day that you can file your federal income tax return. Most Americans have to file a tax return, but a substantial number of people still don’t have bank accounts and conduct life in cash. Walmart wants to keep people in that situation away from check-cashing stores…and keep them in Walmart with a great big wad of cash in their wallets. [More]

Virgin Mobile Introduces Shared Prepaid Data Plans At Walmart

Virgin Mobile Introduces Shared Prepaid Data Plans At Walmart

We learned yesterday that T-Mobile is introducing new prepaid plans that offer unlimited data as long as you’re content with unlimited access to the carrier’s slower 2G network. Their competitor in the prepaid market, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile brand, also has a new prepaid product that might work for some families who want to share a pool of data, but prefer a prepaid plan. [More]

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Police: Woman Lived Inside Michigan Walmart For Two Days

Living inside a Walmart sounds more like something you might see in a movie (actually, it is, if you’ve ever seen Home Is Where The Heart Is) or a reality show, rather than something that occurs in real life. But over the years, it’s actually happened quite a few times – remember the teen that managed to hole-up inside a store for four days? The latest incident of living off the shelves of Walmart took place in Michigan last week and lasted a mere two days.  [More]

Free Shipping Is Expensive For Retailers, Bad For Profits

Free Shipping Is Expensive For Retailers, Bad For Profits

Customers love free shipping, but retailers do not. Well, that’s not quite true: retailers love the sales that the availability of free shipping drives, but it isn’t very good for their profit margins. While customers have become used to free shipping and view it as the default for shopping online, retailers still haven’t been able to figure out how to provide free shipping without losing a lot of money. [More]

Tiny Walmarts Take Bodega Form, Invade Mexico

Tiny Walmarts Take Bodega Form, Invade Mexico

For several years now, we’ve followed the proliferation of tinier and tinier Walmarts across the American retailscape. From the supermarket-sized Walmart Hometown stores to the gas station and convenience store called Walmart To Go, the retailer has experimented with store formats that are not enormous. Now the Tiny Walmart Menace has spread to Mexico, where its mini-grocery chain called Bodega Aurrera Express hopes to use low prices to draw customers. [More]

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Walmart Offers Gift Card Trade-In Program If You Don’t Mind Getting Less Than The Card Is Worth

Although consumers were warned several times this year that gift cards might not be the best option when buying something for their loved ones, some likely continued buying the plastic cards as gifts. If you found yourself on the receiving end of a not-so-wanted or needed gift card, you now have the option to trade it in for a Walmart gift card – and a couple of big catches. [More]

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Be On The Lookout For Boxes Of Rocks When Shopping For Post-Holiday Deals

In the coming weeks, some retailers will be offering deals on unsold stock of popular holiday gift items. Sometimes stores are up-front about whether or not a particular product was previously purchased and returned, while many just put these items back into inventory with the truly new stuff. That’s why you need to open up those boxes before you leave the store — or else risk getting home to find you’ve purchased a box of rocks. [More]

Walmart Loses Customer’s Black Friday Order, Tells Her To Re-Order At Full Price

Walmart Loses Customer’s Black Friday Order, Tells Her To Re-Order At Full Price

We know that mistakes happen and things occasionally get lost in shipping, especially when you’re talking about the world’s largest retailer during the year’s busiest shopping season. But if a retailer admits to misplacing your order, it shouldn’t try to cash in on its own screw-up by charging you more than you had already paid. [More]

Walmart To Raise Base Pay At 1,434 Stores Because Of State Minimum Wage Hikes

Walmart To Raise Base Pay At 1,434 Stores Because Of State Minimum Wage Hikes

As a result of minimum wage increases coming in nearly half of the U.S. states next year, the lowest-paid employees at about 1/3 of Walmart’s U.S. stores are reportedly due for a pay bump in 2015. [More]

Video Shows 78-Year-Old Walmart Worker Injuring Hip Trying To Check Shoplifter’s Receipt

Video Shows 78-Year-Old Walmart Worker Injuring Hip Trying To Check Shoplifter’s Receipt

While we certainly understand and appreciate the idea of employing older Americans as greeters at Walmart, we cringe every time we come across a story of another elderly worker injured after being put in the position of trying to prevent shoplifting. [More]

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Reminder: Don’t Buy Gift Cards From People Standing Outside Walmart

With just a few days remaining to finish your holiday shopping, you might feel compelled to buy a gift card and call it good. While that gifting idea might be suited for your needs, authorities are reminding consumers that you shouldn’t purchase the cards from a stranger standing outside a retailer — or a stranger walking around anywhere shilling gift cards, for that matter.
. [More]

Anti-Santa takes his toy haul from the store while people tend to his alleged accomplice

Police: Man Faked Heart Attack At Walmart While Pal Took Off With Cart Full Of Toys

You’re shopping or working at Walmart when a young man collapses in front of you, showing signs of a heart attack. What do you do? You tend to the victim, because you are a human being with a soul. However, police say when this happened in Florida, two men took advantage of the functioning souls of the people around them to steal a cart filled with toys. [More]

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Court Affirms $151M Ruling Against Walmart For Making Employees Work Off The Clock

When employees claim that their employer systematically forces them to work through breaks or other times during which they aren’t getting paid, how far do they have to go to prove that this is not a fluke particular to just a few stores? This is the question at the core of Walmart’s most recent appeal of a 12-year-old lawsuit that could cost the company nearly $200 million. [More]


Another Layaway Angel Swoops In, Pays $50K Worth Of Bills At Pennsylvania Walmart

In a season where there can be Grinches around every corner and bah-humbuggers just waiting to get ya, it’s always fun to hear about those layaway angels who go around paying off other shoppers’ bills all in one fell swoop. We’ve landed a big one today, folks — someone’s just paid off $50,000 in layaway items in Pennsylvania. [More]

GameStop CFO Says Company Will Weather Walmart, But Hints At Continued Store Closures

GameStop CFO Says Company Will Weather Walmart, But Hints At Continued Store Closures

There are currently around 6,000 GameStop locations, meaning most people don’t have to drive very far to trade in a used game. But how will the company weather the two storm fronts of increased competition from major retailers and the shift toward digital downloads of games? [More]

Layaway Angels Fan Out, Hit West Virginia And Tennessee

Layaway Angels Fan Out, Hit West Virginia And Tennessee

Layaway is a useful tool that some retailers only offer during the holiday season. Let lets consumers without access to credit pick out gifts and pay them off over time––and, as one mother pointed out to me, keeps gifts hidden at the store, far away from impatient, snooping kids. Layaway was dying out before the Great Recession, and came back with its own folk heroes: the Layaway Angels. [More]

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If You Plan To Steal $10,000 From Your Job, Don’t Use Your Employee Info For Transactions

Several months ago Consumerist reported on what might have been Walmart’s worst employee: a worker arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli. While that incident was indeed bad, a Tennessee employee who allegedly stole thousands of dollars in gift cards and cash by using her employee information might just take over the title. [More]