Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Do you have a slightly older computer that would work with a slightly old anti-virus software? If so, stop by your nearest big-box store. The Raiders of the Lost Walmart, brave seekers of retail antiquities, have found large caches of ancient security programs for sale at big-box discount and office supply stores. [More]

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Atlanta Walmart Receives Early Morning Delivery When Woman Gives Birth In The Store

So far this year we’ve reported on two women who gave birth in the parking lots of separate Walmart stores. This week, a woman finally made it inside the store before welcoming her bundle of joy. [More]

Walmart Doesn’t Advertise Their Roll-Forward Pricing

Walmart Doesn’t Advertise Their Roll-Forward Pricing

Walmart is famous for lowering prices and calling them “rollbacks,” but sometimes the opposite happens, too. Reader Ben spotted this example of roll-forward pricing at his local Walmart on a clearance sign. [More]

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Let’s Guess What Happens If You Drive A Stolen Shopping Scooter To Meet Your Probation Officer

There are many things you can do to make sure you don’t go get in trouble with the law for another go around, but a surefire way to hop right into that hot water again? By boosting a ride and driving it to a meeting with a probation officer. [More]

Walmart Promises To Have Humans At Cash Registers This Holiday Season… Sort Of


Nothing screams “holiday spirit” more than scouring Walmart’s stripped-bare shelves for hours looking for gifts, only to get to checkout and find that only a coupl of the dozens of available cash registers are being used. That’s when some shoppers go “screw this” and pull up Amazon on their phones or just tell their kids that Christmas is cancelled because of Walmart. To keep that from happening this year, the nation’s largest retailer is promising that each of its registers will be staffed from Black Friday through late December… at least some of the time. [More]

14-Year-Old Camps Inside Walmart For 4 Days Before Being Caught

14-Year-Old Camps Inside Walmart For 4 Days Before Being Caught

Remember that guy who managed to spend 24 hours inside Walmart? That’s minor-league compared to a Texas teenager’s 4-day in-store camping trip. [More]

The Science Behind Those Never-Melting Ice Cream Sandwiches

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If you find the idea of ice cream that doesn’t melt after sitting out for hours in 80-degree heat unsettling, you aren’t alone. And because you can’t believe everything you hear on the news, our knowledge-thirsty compatriots at Consumer Reports decided to test out those never-melting ice cream sandwiches for themselves. [More]

Indiana Walmart Under Siege By Feral Cats

Indiana Walmart Under Siege By Feral Cats

If you’re a feral feline in southern Indiana, it looks like the Walmart in Jasper is the place to be. The store’s parking lot has apparently been overrun by dozens of cats out looking to score free food. But unlike past instances where Walmart has been accused of trapping and hauling off the cats to be killed, this store appears to be taking a more humane approach to these wild cats. [More]


Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Dust Off The Original PlayStation

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave team of retail explorers who comb the world’s electronics departments for surprisingly old technology at surprisingly high prices. Today’s find is a copy of the football simulator Madden that shouldn’t exist, and certainly shouldn’t still be available at its original retail price. [More]

Wegmans And Walmart Deploy Target Math To Sell OJ, Mouthwash

Wegmans And Walmart Deploy Target Math To Sell OJ, Mouthwash

Buying in bulk to save money seems like a good idea, but in practice it doesn’t work so well. Want proof? Check out these examples of unit prices that go up the more you buy. We call it Target Math, since the phenomenon happens often in Target stores. Not exclusively in Target stores, though, as you will see. [More]

Currently, visitors to reach a standard homepage with no personalization and few things to buy.

Walmart Website To Get Amazon-Like Overhaul

For years, logged-in Amazon users have gone to the e-tailer’s homepage and been greeted with all manner of personalized recommendations based on previous purchases, ratings, and searches. Meanwhile, visitors to got… whatever Walmart wanted to put on its homepage. Now the nation’s largest retailer has hopes to out-Amazon Amazon with the rollout of personalized recommendations. [More]

Why Do Criminals Love This Walmart So Much?

Why Do Criminals Love This Walmart So Much?

The Walmart on State Route 436 in Casselberry, Florida is very popular. Unfortunately, it’s popular with a demographic that retailers don’t want to attract: criminals. Specifically, shoplifters. Some very talented shoplifters, like the man who allegedly removed 18 televisions from the store while dressed as a woman. [More]

Walmart Says Dad Can’t Buy Beer Because He’s Shopping With Teen Daughter

Dear Walmart: Your price may not be beatable, but some would rather shop at a store that doesn't treat them like criminals. (photo: Alex Nobunaga)

Back in college, I’d to the grocery store with friends and we always had to separate the beer from the other items being purchased because anyone chipping in money (yes, this was a time when most people paid by cash or check) had to be of legal drinking age. But if anyone under 21 just happened to be standing in line near the beer, no one cared. This is apparently not the case at Walmart, where a dad was told he couldn’t purchase beer and booze because he was shopping with his teen daughter. [More]

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Walmart: Ice Cream Sandwiches That Don’t Melt After 12 Hours Outside Just Have Less Cream

You see an ice cream sandwich and think, “Mmm, ice cream sandwich!” But wait — it’s been sitting out for more than 24 hours… and it’s still recognizable as an ice cream sandwich. Something seems freaky here. [More]

Walmart Offers Teachers A Discount On School Supplies (Yes, There’s A Catch)

Walmart Offers Teachers A Discount On School Supplies (Yes, There’s A Catch)

Buying school supplies can put a pretty significant dent in one’s pocketbook, especially when you don’t have a lot of expendable income to begin with. For teachers who bear the burden of supplying a classroom full of students, Walmart is offering a new discount – but there’s a catch. [More]

The Fun Thing About Target Math? You Can Find It At Home Depot & Walmart, Too

The Fun Thing About Target Math? You Can Find It At Home Depot & Walmart, Too

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t be, friends. The world is your oyster, the sky is the limit, the cliche is yours to abuse and the rules are made to be broken. So when you’re a retailer, don’t think the only store that can have Target math. [More]

The poster, now pulled from

Walmart, Amazon, & Sears Pull Poster Featuring Concentration Camp Sign

Oh, those troublesome third-party vendors: In yet another example of why it’s smart to keep the corporate eye on what products you’re shilling, Walmart, Sears, Amazon and other retailers have quickly moved to pull a poster that features a sign from Nazi Germany’s Dachau concentration camp. Yes, that was really for sale. [More]

While Owner Shops At Walmart For 13 Hours, Dog Dies In Her Hot Car

While Owner Shops At Walmart For 13 Hours, Dog Dies In Her Hot Car

Yet another reminder why you should never, ever leave your pet (or child) inside the car, even with the window cracked, during the hot summer months occurred this weekend in Florida. [More]