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Walmart To Require Meat Suppliers Provide Data On Antibiotics Use

Antibiotics used on farm animals account for more than 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S., and many of these drugs are medically important to the health of human beings. The overuse of antibiotics results in the development of drug-resistant pathogens, thus making the antibiotics less effective and requiring more potent drugs. Some of the nation’s biggest buyers of meat are making the switch toward purchasing antibiotic-free meat (or meat that is only given drugs not deemed medically important to humans), and today Walmart said it will begin collecting and sharing data on the antibiotics used by its meat suppliers. [More]

AT&T Ditching 2-Year Contracts At Walmart & Other Retailers

AT&T Ditching 2-Year Contracts At Walmart & Other Retailers

In the latest move to nudge new customers into paying full price for their phones, AT&T is going to stop offering 2-year contracts through third party retail stores like Walmart and others. [More]

Sam’s Club Doing Worse Than Costco, Will Try More Organic Food Maybe

Sam’s Club Doing Worse Than Costco, Will Try More Organic Food Maybe

If you’d like to study the uneven economic recovery of the last few years, just compare warehouse chains Costco and Sam’s Club. While both warehouse chains serve people who like to buy their granola bars 48 at a time, Walmart-owned Sam’s serves customers who are less affluent than the more urban customer base of Costco. [More]

Walmart Is Now The Rightful Owner Of Walmart.Horse

Walmart Is Now The Rightful Owner Of Walmart.Horse

You’ll have to excuse us if we’re not in the greatest spirits today, as we’re in mourning for the loss of Walmart.horse, the nonsense website that Walmart spent actual time and money to shut down and acquire. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Upgrade Your PC At Reasonable Prices

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Upgrade Your PC At Reasonable Prices

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a fearless band of retail archaeologists who will stop at nothing to find uncover every retail antiquity that the world’s big-box stores have to offer. Whether it’s a rebate due in 2004 or a Game Boy Advance of ambiguous color, the Raiders have shared their findings with Consumerist so we can all…well, mostly we’ve just learned not to shop for electronics on clearance at discount stores. [More]

Every Regular Grocery Store Is Already A Downmarket Whole Foods

Every Regular Grocery Store Is Already A Downmarket Whole Foods

The idea of a lower-priced version of Whole Foods aimed at younger consumers is intriguing, but there’s already a hugely popular downmarket alternative to Whole Foods for people seeking natural and organic groceries. It’s called Walmart. [More]


Walmart Reportedly Working On An Amazon Prime Rival

Walmart’s latest attempt to stay competitive with Amazon reportedly includes taking the rival company’s iconic Prime service and making its own version. [More]

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Man Allegedly Fights Employees, Officers After Peeping Over Women’s Restroom Stall At Walmart

Over the years there has been no shortage of stories on Consumerist about peeping Toms hiding in women’s restrooms (the guys who fell through the movie theater ceiling) or department store changing rooms (the man who was chased by a topless woman at Kohl’s). But the latest unsettling incident took a dramatic turn after the alleged ogler supposedly assaulted employees and police officers after being found out. [More]

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Walmart Taking Over Target’s Canadian Properties

The big box locations that once served as Target stores in Canada now have a new tenant: Walmart. [More]

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Police: Man Stole Riding Lawnmower From Walmart By Driving It Off The Lot

Because riding lawnmowers don’t just drive off store lots all by themselves, police in Nebraska say a man they found driving a stolen machine 10 miles from its home at Walmart was responsible for its escape. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Excavate More Decade-Old Video Games

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Excavate More Decade-Old Video Games

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are an elite squad who comb the retail stores of North America for rare and precious antiquities. No, Walmart hasn’t taken to selling actual fossils: these are Information Age antiquities, or old video games for older consoles with inexplicably high prices. [More]

Walmart Reiterates: 5 Simultaneous Store Closures Were Due To Non-Urgent Plumbing Problems

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Members of the public, local government officials, and Walmart employees aren’t buying Walmart’s explanation that five stores in four different states all had to close abruptly on the same day until because of problems with their plumbing. Yet Walmart stands by that explanation, even in the handout it distributed to employees when announcing the store closures. [More]

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Tesla Testing Soon-To-Be-Launched Batteries At Several Walmart Stores

With Tesla’s “major new product line” announcement scheduled to take place next week, new reports have surfaced that support the idea the company’s much-hyped unveiling is for a new line of batteries to power homes and businesses. One in particular points out the company’s new energy source is already at work powering several Walmart stores.  [More]

Walmart Raises Suspicions After Closing 5 Stores In Same Day For “Plumbing” Problems

Walmart Raises Suspicions After Closing 5 Stores In Same Day For “Plumbing” Problems

There are thousands of Walmarts in the U.S., so the fact that five of them were temporarily shut down all on the same day, all for the same reason, and all for the same estimated amount of time, may be statistically insignificant. But some workers and city officials are raising questions about what’s actually behind these six-month shutterings. [More]

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Long-Time Walmart Employee Charged With Stealing $240K From Store Over Two-Year Period

Occasionally, Consumerist reports on some less than perfect Walmart employees: the man arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli, or the woman who allegedly stole $10,000 in cash and gift cards while working as a cashier. While those incidents are indeed bad, they pale in comparison to a long-time employee of the nation’s largest retailer who allegedly stole nearly $250,000 from her employer. [More]

Consumers should check the bottom of their ice cream containers for a code that would link their product to a specific Blue Bell Plant. [CDC]

Walmart Joins List Of Retailers Removing All Blue Bell Ice Cream Products From Shelves

Yesterday, we reported that three major retailers removed Blue Bell Creameries products from shelves out of an abundance of caution following a link between the products and an outbreak of listeriosis. Now, the largest retailer in the country – Walmart – is following suit. [More]

Walmart won't sell the upcoming memoir of Ronda Rousey in stores, but will make it available online.

Walmart Will Reportedly Only Sell UFC Champion’s Book Online Because Of Violence

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that seems to be exactly what Walmart is doing when it comes to the soon-to-be released memoir from UFC women’s bantamweight champion and Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey. [More]

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Walmart Executive: Chip-And-Signature Credit Cards Not Enough To Protect Consumers

The long-awaited move from traditional magnetic stripe credit cards to cards equipped with computer chips has been touted as a safer, more secure method of payment for consumers. But a top executives at the country’s largest retailers says all the hype surrounding the new cards will likely be a security letdown without the use of PIN requirements. [More]