Waffle House Teams Up With App That Recruits Travelers To Deliver Packages

The next time you go to Waffle House, you could pick up more than a stack of syrup-covered breakfast delight: The restaurant chain has teamed up with a startup company to work with college students and other road trippers willing to ferry packages around the country on their travels. [More]

Waffle House Urges Team USA Fans To Boycott Belgian Waffles Ahead Of World Cup Match


At any other time, it would be perfectly acceptable — nay! completely encouraged to enjoy a tasty Belgian waffle. But this is not that any other time, Waffle House is reminding Americans, not when Team USA is about to face Team Belgium in the World Cup tomorrow. [More]


Waffle House Sort Of Sorry For Refunding Waitress’s $1,000 Tip

Yesterday we told you about the Waffle House waitress in North Carolina whose $1,000 tip was automatically refunded to the customer who’d left it because of a policy at the restaurant chain. After being shamed in the media for keeping one of its employees from keeping money that would have greatly improved her life, Waffle House is now saying that maybe it should reconsider things. [More]

Waffle House Policy Keeps Waitress From Keeping $1,000 Tip

(Neff Conner)

If you’re looking to leave a very special tip for your Waffle House server, do it with cash. That’s the lesson learned from the story of one WH waitress in North Carolina who couldn’t keep the 4-digit tip left by a generous customer. [More]


Police: Man Held Up Waffle House With A Pitchfork, Stole Cash Register

Just because your methods are somewhat antiquated doesn’t mean you can get away with allegedly robbing a Waffle House using a pitchfork as your method of force. Police in Georgia are looking for a man accused of forcing Waffle House employee into the back of the restaurant with the farming tool so he could plunder the register. [More]

Cops: Woman Dressed As Waffle House Manager Inspected Bathrooms Before Stealing Cash

Cops: Woman Dressed As Waffle House Manager Inspected Bathrooms Before Stealing Cash

We’re not sure if there’s such a thing as “method villainy” but one woman suspected of stealing from a Waffle House cash register certainly seemed to be dedicated to her role as an area manager. While posing as staff, she first made sure to complete managerial duties before allegedly plundering the cash register. [More]

The Waffle House lists the 20% as a "property management surcharge."

This Waffle House Adds 20% Surcharge To Pay For Security

Used to be, if a business wanted to spend money to bolster its security, it would have to eat that cost or pass it on to the customer in the form of higher prices. But one Atlanta Waffle House has decided to keep the menu prices the same, and just tack on a 20% surcharge to cover the extra security cost. [More]

One of many Tweets that shouldn't have been

10 Examples Of Why Companies Should Just Avoid Twitter Altogether

People talk about the risk posed by the immediacy of the Internet. Items can be posted with little thought about consequences, or made public by accident, and no matter how much deleting or editing you might do, the truth — as the kids say — is out there. Nowhere is this danger more evident than the Twittersphere. [More]

Stealing A Meal From Waffle House At Gunpoint Will Earn You 35 Years In The Hoosegow

Stealing A Meal From Waffle House At Gunpoint Will Earn You 35 Years In The Hoosegow

We can’t imagine that even the fluffiest, most fruit-laden syrupy stack of waffles would ever be worth 35 years in prison, but a judge is sending an Alabama man to the slammer for that stretch for stealing a meal from a Waffle House. [More]

Fast Food Restaurants Seek To Fan The Flames Of Love This Valentine's Day

Besides the fact that it’s Tuesday, today also happens to be Valentine’s Day. And although we already told you to stay home for dinner, you and your loved one might have the sudden urge for a last-minute meal on the town. Reservations at Chateau Fancy might be hard to come by, but fast food will always be there for you. [More]

Why Is Waffle House Such A News Magnet?

Why Is Waffle House Such A News Magnet?

When something big goes down in the news, and it happens at a diner, it’s not unlikely that Waffle House is somehow involved. From acting as a sign of the effects of natural disaster to a string of robberies, Waffle House gets in on the headline action quite often. [More]

After The Storm: Shop At Home Depot, Eat At Waffle House

After The Storm: Shop At Home Depot, Eat At Waffle House

Which retailers are best at preparing for major disasters? According to some experts, big-box chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s earn high marks for responding rapidly to blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes. Then there’s Waffle House, which FEMA administrator W. Craig Fugate cites as being one of the indicators he uses to determine whether a community has recovered from a disaster: If the restaurant is open and serving a full menu, things are okay. [More]

Waffle House Employees Communicate With Condiments

Waffle House Employees Communicate With Condiments

Supporting a opinion formed early in life that restaurant employees were some sort of special breed of genius, here is the Waffle House condiment code cheat sheet. Yes, your order is communicated via a code based on the arrangement of little packets of condiments on an empty plate. Everyone who has ever worked at a Waffle House is smarter than us. —MEGHANN MARCO