Virgin America To Offer Free In-Flight WiFi For Netflix Subscribers

Netflix customers who’ve wished they could download content to bring with them on their mobile devices when they fly still won’t be able to do that, but they will be able to stream video on some Virgin America planes by way of a new partnership that gives Netflix subscribers free WiFi. [More]

NASA Creates App Aimed At Shortening Commercial Flights, Saving Fuel

NASA Creates App Aimed At Shortening Commercial Flights, Saving Fuel

There’s an app for just about everything. And that now includes one created by NASA and aimed at helping commercial airlines shorten flight times and conserve fuel. [More]

(Adam Fagen)

Virgin America Souping Up WiFi System So Passengers Can Stream Video

A growing number of planes now allow passengers to connect to onboard WiFi networks (usually for a fee), but the connection is often sluggish and sometimes unreliable; it’s rarely good enough to stream video dependably. Virgin America hopes its upgraded inflight WiFi will solve that problem. [More]

Virgin American Refunds Non-Refundable Tickets For Expectant Parents

Virgin American Refunds Non-Refundable Tickets For Expectant Parents

Brian and his wife do know the meaning of the word “non-refundable.” Really, they do. But they booked their trip to Mexico without knowing that his wife, Brooke, would get pregnant. Brian Jr. or Brooke Jr. is due right around the time the trip is scheduled, making it a very poor idea. They figured out that they could return the tickets, minus some fees, for Virgin America credit, but that would have to be used within a year. As considerate Consumerist readers, they don’t want to fly for fun with a [potentially screaming] baby. So they checked with Virgin to see whether an exception could be made. [More]


Report: American Eyeing Up 5 Airlines As Potential Merger Partners

Bankrupt American Airlines has flirted with a few options for mergers in the past, and now it’s being reported that its pool of suitors has grown to at least five potential hookups: US Airways, JetBlue, Alaska Air, Frontier Airlines and Virgin America. Its parent company AMR said it will be moving ahead on evaluating potential mergers and will be in touch with those interested, in order to soothe some of its creditors who aren’t so happy with a stand-alone restructuring plan. [More]