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Twitter Removes Its Ads With Autoplay Videos After Epilepsy Group Calls The Promos “Irresponsible”

Twitter has pulled two ads promoting its new music service after an epilepsy organization complained that the auto-playing videos with brightly flashing colors could trigger seizures. [More]

Pear Industry Super Psyched That Rick Ross Is Sharing His Love Of The Fruit With The “Young And Hip”


While you might not have seen a Vine from last month wherein rapper Rick Ross praises the pear for its contribution to his recent weight loss, sending a shoutout to “all the pear,” there’s one group that pays close attention to all things pear, and it is pretty darn excited that such a cool guy is talking about the fruit. [More]

Social Media To Get Less Sexy As Vine Bans Porn And Most Nudity

Social Media To Get Less Sexy As Vine Bans Porn And Most Nudity

While most Vine users only post short, looped videos of their adorable cats, or of them and their friends making funny faces into the camera, there is apparently a subset of Viners who have been using the service to share their most private moments. But that’s coming to an end, with Vine announcing last night that it will no longer allow sexually explicit content. [More]


Why Do People Spend Unpaid Hours Reviewing Everything On Amazon?

Our lab-coated colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports work hard to test and evaluate every consumer product from toilet paper to Tesla sports cars, and they get paid for their efforts. But there’s an army of product reviewers out there who volunteer their time and their only reward is peer recognition, “helpful” votes, and free stuff. They are the elite Amazon reviewers. [More]

Here Are Some Short Videos Of People Being Morons At Walmart

Here Are Some Short Videos Of People Being Morons At Walmart

There are a lot of Walmart stores out there, many of them open all hours of the night, and some of them located in towns where the temptation of late-night buffoonery inside of a Walmart might be the most entertaining thing you can do at 3 a.m. Thankfully, we live in an age where such acts of sheer idiocy can be caught on camera and shared with the world. [More]

Of COURSE I'm 17, Vine!

Vine’s New Age Restriction Notice Ignores The Fact That Liars Can Also Click “OK”

As we noted before, Twitter’s new Vine app has a little bit of a porn problem. As in, it’s all too easy to find six-second pornographic videos, despite the company’s best efforts to make that content hard to find. The service got in some hot water a few days after it launched, when a hardcore porn video popped up on users’ home feeds, and since then it’s been scrambling to assure the public it’s clean, honest. [More]

Growing pains, ugh!

Twitter’s Vine Video App Isn’t Even A Week Old & Already It Has A Porn Problem

It’s just a baby app, but already Twitter’s video-sharing service Vine is coming under fire for having a bit of a hardcore pornography problem. Vine launched last Thursday, touting the ability to allow iPhone and iPod Touch users to take six second videos and then share them with others. As with any social media, sex is going to well, pop up. But putting a hardcore pornography video in users’ home feeds as an “editor’s pick,” well… that’s not good. [More]