If you just want to go online, check your e-mail or update your Facebook status, you probably won't need to ante up for the pricey Fly-Fi Plus tier.

JetBlue Quietly Launches “Free” In-Flight WiFi, Charges $9/Hour If You Want Streaming Quality

It’s been more than a year since JetBlue first confirmed that it would be installing next-generation, satellite-based WiFi on its planes, and that the service would initially be free to passengers. Well, even though it’s still weeks away from the official launch of the “Fly-Fi” service, the airline quietly flipped the switch yesterday on at least one jet, and revealed that there are two tiers of service, one of which could cost you quite a bit of money. [More]


JetBlue Keeping Door Open To Free In-Flight WiFi

Last year, JetBlue announced it would begin installing new, satellite-based WiFi Internet access on board its planes — and that the service would initially be free on the first 30 jets that get the upgrade. Now the airline’s CEO says that freebie could continue beyond that starting point. [More]

Some ISPs are still lagging in providing the speeds they advertise.

Which ISPs Are Providing The Speeds They Advertise?

Once again, the FCC has put a wide range of Internet service providers to the test to see whether or not they are delivering on the speeds they advertise to customers. And while it the majority of ISPs are not far off, with a few actually over-delivering, some still have a way to go. [More]

JetBlue To Roll Out (Possibly) Free In-Flight WiFi In 2013

JetBlue To Roll Out (Possibly) Free In-Flight WiFi In 2013

With most airlines going the nickel-and-dime route for amenities that had long been included in the price of a ticket, it’s nice to hear about a carrier offering something new for free… even if it may only be free in the very beginning. [More]

Can ViaSat Make Satellite Broadband Worthwhile?

Can ViaSat Make Satellite Broadband Worthwhile?

Since the days of dial-up, the few companies that have offered internet access via satellite connection have delivered slug-like download speeds for a king’s ransom, especially to people for whom cable internet or DSL was not a viable option. But ViaSat, the company Dish Network has just partnered with to offer broadband access, says it’s trying to bring high-speed access for reasonable prices. [More]