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Mobile Companies Leaping To Sell You A New Phone — With A New Contract — On Black Friday

Is your phone getting old? Has it met with the unfortunate confluence of liquids, young children, and boisterous pets lately? If you’re in the market for a replacement or upgrade, it looks like Black Friday might be your day… as long as you’re willing to sign a contract. [More]

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Verizon Pinky-Swears It Won’t Sue FCC Over Net Neutrality (If It Doesn’t Reclassify Broadband)

A few weeks after Verizon made it clear that it would sue to block the FCC’s attempt to enact strong net neutrality rules, and only days after FCC Chair Tom Wheeler shrugged that a lawsuit seems inevitable no matter what he does, the telecom titan is now saying it may not go the legal route if the Commission decides against reclassification. [More]

FCC Expects To Be Sued Over Net Neutrality No Matter What It Does

FCC Expects To Be Sued Over Net Neutrality No Matter What It Does

In 2010, the FCC enacted net neutrality rules aimed to prevent Internet service providers from blocking, slowing down, or speeding up access to websites based on how much they pay — and the agency was sued by Verizon for overstepping its authority. Now that the FCC is reconsidering those rules to either make them weaker or possibly reclassify ISPs so that the agency can enforce neutrality. But no matter how it moves forward, the agency expects to be sued. [More]

Verizon Has Made It More Expensive To Get Out Of Your Wireless Plan Early

Verizon Has Made It More Expensive To Get Out Of Your Wireless Plan Early

Verizon Wireless has updated its Customer Agreement to change how it handles early termination fees for people who cancel their service while still under contract. But rather than simply jacking up the total amount you would have to pay, Verizon now has an 8-month delay before the total begins to decrease. [More]

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Calling BS On ISPs’ Claims That Reclassifying Broadband Will Hurt Investment

Yesterday, President Obama came out in favor of reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications infrastructure, meaning that the FCC could regulate it in the same ways it regulates landline telephone service. Immediately, cable companies began shouting that such regulation would cripple investment in broadband. Alas, this is just pure nonsense intended to instill fear and raise the hackles of those who bristle at any form of government regulation. [More]

ISPs to FCC: No, Seriously, We Will Sue If You Use Title II Like The White House Just Asked

ISPs to FCC: No, Seriously, We Will Sue If You Use Title II Like The White House Just Asked

Earlier today, the battle over new net neutrality regulations took a surprising shift as the White House very publicly recommended the FCC take the Title II reclassification approach. And while consumer advocates are thrilled, the businesses that make their money charging you for internet access are about as pleased as you’d expect. Which is to say: even if the FCC somehow jumped on Title II tomorrow, there’s a long, ugly legal fight brewing. [More]

Remember those glorious pre-recession days when Verizon was going to end cable tyranny and bring high-speed broadband to all? (photo: Bart)

Verizon: Rally All You Want, We’re Not Bringing FiOS To Your Town

Don’t be fooled by Verizon’s commercials for FiOS (and not just because they’re full of misleading charts). If they haven’t already started building out the network in your immediate area, the odds of you ever getting service are slim to none. Just ask the residents of one Long Island town who hoped that a public rally could convince Big V to bring even a hint of broadband competition to their burg. [More]

Verizon: We Will Sue FCC Again If “Hybrid” Net Neutrality Happens

Verizon: We Will Sue FCC Again If “Hybrid” Net Neutrality Happens

Verizon really does not care for net neutrality rules. They successfully sued to get net neutrality overturned, but it just won’t stay dead enough for them. They’ve tried firmly insisting that everything is fine as is, and yet the FCC keeps actually moving toward enacting some new regulation in the few remaining weeks of the year. So now Verizon is making it very clear: if the FCC tries to make any part of the internet a common carrier, Verizon will drag them through court. Again. [More]

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Study Finds Internet Congestion Really Is About Business, Not Technology

Various enormous corporations have this year been at each other’s throats over how well or how poorly internet traffic travels through their systems. A new report indicates that some of the mud-slinging this year is true: interconnection, or peering, between ISPs is why end-users are getting terrible internet traffic. But, they say, it’s business, and not technology, that’s making your Netflix buffer. [More]

Why AT&T Is Being Sued Over Data Throttling But Verizon Isn’t (Yet)

Why AT&T Is Being Sued Over Data Throttling But Verizon Isn’t (Yet)

The glory days of unlimited mobile data plans are long behind us. For years, even the owners of “unlimited” plans have been subject to mysterious and inconsistent limits from their mobile providers. Yesterday, the poorly communicated limits of unlimited data became the core issue of a large lawsuit the FTC filed against AT&T. It’s the first time the agency has tackled data throttling at all, but if many companies are doing it, why target AT&T and not everyone else? [More]

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Verizon To Pay $64M For Overcharging Family SharePlan Customers

Plaintiffs in a class-action suit against Verizon Wireless have long claimed that the company over-billed customers in its former Family SharePlan tier, and it looks like the telecom titan is ready to pay up, to the tune of around $64.2 million. [More]

Surprise: Verizon FiOS Now Offering Free Netflix Subscription To Some New Customers

Surprise: Verizon FiOS Now Offering Free Netflix Subscription To Some New Customers

Netflix and Verizon haven’t exactly been the best of friends this year. As the quality of the streaming video service got progressively worse for Verizon FiOS customers, the two companies spent months taking pot-shots at each other before finally resolving the problems in recent weeks. And so it comes as particularly surprising news that Verizon FiOS, of all the broadband and pay-TV companies out there, has become the first of the big players to offer Netflix subscriptions to new customers as part of their subscription bundles. [More]


T-Mobile CEO: Apple SIM That Should Let Users Switch Mobile Carriers Is Crippled By Mobile Carriers

Apple included a very consumer-friendly item in their new iPad Air 2: the Apple SIM. As designed, the Apple SIM lets iPad owners switch cellular carriers without going into phone stores or having to get any new parts. But in reality, mobile carriers are doing their best to prevent any actual real-world consumers from doing so. [More]

Netflix's ISP speed ranking for October, 2014.

Netflix-Verizon Connection Agreement Finally Pays Off: FiOS Users Seeing Fastest Streaming Speeds

Netflix and Verizon have done a lot of very public verbal poo-flinging at each other this year over the abysmal connection speeds FiOS customers have had when trying to stream video from Netflix. Last mongh, FiOS customers finally started to see some relief (and some smoothly playing TV). It looks like the paid interconnection agreement between the two, though, has finally led to some cooperation and is bearing fruit, as Verizon FiOS customers are now seeing faster average Netflix streaming speeds than from any other large ISP in the country. [More]

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Redbox Instant Streaming Service Is Dead

Redbox Instant seemed like a great idea when it launched at the beginning of 2013. A partnership between Redbox and Verizon, the service planned to compete with Netflix while offering one thing that Netflix couldn’t: bonus instant DVD rentals from Redbox’s in-person kiosks. It seemed like the two services could coexist happily. They couldn’t. Redbox Instant will shut down tomorrow night, at 11:59 PM Pacific time. [More]

Verizon Realizes Throttling LTE Users Is A Stupid, Stupid Idea; Decides Not To

Verizon Realizes Throttling LTE Users Is A Stupid, Stupid Idea; Decides Not To

Back in July, Verizon Wireless ticked off its few remaining unlimited data subscribers and caught the unwanted attention of the FCC Chairman, when it announced that it would begin throttling data speeds for its users with the highest level of wireless broadband consumption under the guise of “network optimization.” That plan was supposed to kick in this morning, but Verizon has decided that maybe it’s not such a good idea. [More]


Authorities Claim Alleged Thieves Used Drones To Case Victims Before Robbery

So far we know that drones can be used for any number of activities from delivering medicine in Germany to improving sight-seeing near the Space Needle. Now we’re learning they’ve been used for more sinister extra curricular activities, specifically by alleged criminals to case prospective targets. [More]

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AT&T, Where “Congestion” & Data Caps Only Apply To Existing Users

Ever since AT&T and Verizon got rid of unlimited wireless plans, both companies have used the questionable excuse of “congestion,” claiming that throttling data after remaining unlimited users pass an arbitrary threshold was necessary to keep data flowing. But in plans announced over the weekend, AT&T is effectively once again offering unlimited data (for a limited time) to new customers, which makes one wonder — what happened to all that congestion? [More]