When the Chromebook Pixel went on sale in mid-2013, it came with two years of free 100MB/month data from Verizon, but owners are now finding out that Verizon pulled the plug on the free data after only 12 months.

Google Makes Up For Verizon’s Bad Math, Offers $150 To Screwed-Over Chromebook Owners

Earlier this week, the mathletes at Verizon were caught once again making up their own rules about the meaning of the quantity “2 years.” People who had bought Chromebook Pixel laptops under the illusion that the promised two years of free 100MB/month of wireless data were suddenly finding out that Verizon was only giving them one year. So far, Verizon hasn’t explained its idiocy, leaving the Chromebook’s maker, Google, to do damage control. [More]

T-Mobile has issued a cease-and-desist to Verizon Wireless over ads that use 4G LTE coverage maps of the four major carriers. T-Mobile alleges this map understate's the company's actual level of  coverage.

T-Mobile To Finally Transition Entire 2G Edge Network To LTE; Issues Cease-And-Desist To Verizon

T-Mobile may offer competitive pricing and be an important disruptive factor in a wireless market otherwise dominated by two much larger players, but the company’s network doesn’t yet provide the level of LTE coverage offered by AT&T and Verizon. But T-Mobile is now promising to rid itself of its sludge-like 2G Edge network in favor of LTE by mid-2015. [More]

Verizon CFO: Getting Rid Of Phone Subsidies Is A Mistake

Verizon CFO: Getting Rid Of Phone Subsidies Is A Mistake

While T-Mobile and AT&T have, to different degrees, begun to acknowledge that a growing number of consumers want pricing transparency and affordable ways to buy phones that could be taken from one carrier’s network to another, Verizon remains set in its old-school ways. [More]

Here are the new monthly data costs for the various Verizon Wireless tiers. These prices are in addition to the monthly phone/text charges associated with each device.

Verizon Raises Some Data Caps, Finally Gives $10/Month Discount For Early Upgrade Program

T-Mobile gave up on phone subsidies altogether last spring, and in December AT&T finally dipped its toe into those waters by offering discounts to people who own their phones or are part of its AT&T Next early upgrade program. Verizon, the wireless industry’s most expensive carrier, had refused to budge, but today showed the first signs that it might be open to change. [More]

Verizon Received More Than 320,000 Law Enforcement Requests In 2013

Verizon Received More Than 320,000 Law Enforcement Requests In 2013

Verizon has finally gotten around to publishing a transparency report detailing the various requests for customer information made by local, state, and federal authorities during the last year. Over the course of the year, the company says it received more then 320,000 such requests including more than 1,000 queries related to national security issues. [More]

T-Mobile Increases Coverage With $3.3B Purchase Of Verizon Wireless Spectrum

T-Mobile Increases Coverage With $3.3B Purchase Of Verizon Wireless Spectrum

Is T-Mobile coming to a cornfield near you? The little mobile company that could will likely increase its coverage outside densely populated cities this year, all thanks to a tidy bit of wireless spectrum it just bought off Verizon. [More]


Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Verizon FiOS To Come To Your Town, Says CEO

Back in 2012, Verizon Wireless announced a marketing deal with several of the country’s largest cable operators that would let these companies sell cable/Internet/wireless bundles. We warned at the time that this would give Verizon even more reason to halt expansion of its costly FiOS network, as the company stood to make more money from the wireless business than it would from the TV/Internet service. Now Verizon’s CEO has confirmed that the company has no plans to expand FiOS beyond the existing markets. [More]

WRAL's demonstration of the problem. The top screen shows the over-the-air feed for the station. The bottom screen shows what happens when a Verizon customer gets a text message in the same room as the set-top box (see below for full clip).

Verizon LTE Phones & Time Warner Cable Set-Top Boxes Are Not Playing Nicely With Each Other

Some Time Warner Cable customers in Raleigh, NC, who also have Verizon Wireless phone service have noticed that whenever they get an e-mail, text, or otherwise use their phone, the TV signal can go squirrely on them. This is apparently what can happen when a cable company broadcasts channels on the same broadband spectrum used by wireless service. [More]

Verizon Hit By Too Much LTE Demand, Pushing Some Customers Down To 3G

Verizon Hit By Too Much LTE Demand, Pushing Some Customers Down To 3G

You know those Verizon ads where the company brags about its flippin’ awesome 4G and LTE coverage maps? Those may look pretty on an art museum wall, but the nation’s largest wireless provider admits that it may not currently have enough LTE bandwidth to go around in some markets, meaning some users are being thrown back in time to 2009, forced to use the Verizon 3G network. [More]

Verizon Tests Same-Day Delivery Of Phones For People Too Busy To Go To The Store

Verizon Tests Same-Day Delivery Of Phones For People Too Busy To Go To The Store

Are you a Verizon Wireless customer who wants a new phone but A) doesn’t feel like waiting for delivery and B) doesn’t feel like going to the store to buy one in person? If you also happen to live here in Philadelphia, you might be in luck. [More]


When Verizon Unlimited Data Glitch Didn’t Glitch, They Help Me Out Anyway

We were happy to hear that Verizon Wireless decided to let customers who were able to upgrade their phones at a subsidized price while keeping their unlimited data plans keep those data plans. What happened, though, if someone thought that they were able to exploit that glitch and Verizon downgraded their data plan anyway? [More]


Verizon Wireless To Honor Unintentional Upgrades For Unlimited Data Customers

There are still some Verizon Wireless customers holding on to the unlimited data plans the company killed off in 2012. Over the weekend, VZW accidentally allowed some of these customers to upgrade to new phones without requiring that they switch to a new, shared data plan. In a move that makes the company look slightly less evil, it has decided to honor these upgrades without forcing the subscribers to change plans. [More]

One of writer Jeff Jarvis's many fruitless interactions with Verizon support.

Verizon Doesn’t Know The Difference Between “Can’t” And “Won’t”

I can jump off my third-floor balcony, but I won’t because it would just make an absolute mess. The fact that I won’t do it doesn’t negate my ability to do it. This is a distinction that apparently eludes the folks at Verizon Wireless. [More]

(Studio D'Xavier)

Without Drops In Monthly Wireless Rates, New Early Upgrade Programs Are A Fool’s Bet

In just the last week, three of the four national wireless providers have each announced their version of some sort of program to entice people to pay more for early upgrades. But AT&T and Verizon aren’t lowering their monthly rates to account for the higher phone prices (and T-Mobile is actually charging extra for the program), people who enroll in these offerings are really just paying for other customers’ phones. [More]

Verizon Jumps On The “Pay For Early Upgrade” Bandwagon With New Edge Program

Verizon Jumps On The “Pay For Early Upgrade” Bandwagon With New Edge Program

Yesterday we looked at the motives and math behind the new early upgrade programs from AT&T and T-Mobile and said that Verizon would likely be unveiling its own version of something similar. Well that day has come, with Verizon Wireless announcing its Edge program that let’s you upgrade as early as 6 months after getting your new phone, if you’re willing to pay a bit extra. [More]


Here’s Why Wireless Companies Are Going Gaga About Early Upgrade Programs

In the last year, AT&T did away with early upgrades for customers, then announced AT&T Next, an early upgrade program. Verizon was the first to get rid of early upgrades, but its soon-to-be-announced Edge program is expected to encourage early upgrades. Meanwhile, T-Mobile recently showed off its JUMP early upgrade plan to allow subscribers to get new devices up to twice a year. Why all the sudden, and seemingly contradictory, focus on early upgrades? [More]


Verizon Store Still Won’t Sell Me A Smartphone Without A Contract

Greg recently fought a new battle in his ongoing war with Verizon. His war is in defense of a noble goal: over and over, he just wants to buy a phone for the full retail price without signing a new two-year contract. If this seems like it should be pretty straightforward, you don’t work at a Verizon corporate store. [More]

Today Was The Deadline For Wireless Companies To Enact Bill Shock Alerts. Did Everyone Make It?

Today Was The Deadline For Wireless Companies To Enact Bill Shock Alerts. Did Everyone Make It?

In October 2011, the FCC and the nation’s major wireless providers agreed to put systems in place that would alert subscribers when they neared and passed their plans’ thresholds for things like calling minutes, texts, data, and international roaming. Per the agreement, all the providers were supposed to have all their alerts in place by today. So did everyone finish on time? [More]