Here’s What Lack Of Broadband Competition Looks Like In Map Form

Here’s What Lack Of Broadband Competition Looks Like In Map Form

When announcing Comcast’s intention to buy Time Warner Cable, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts called cable a “highly competitive and dynamic marketplace.” Dynamic it might be, but competitive it isn’t. Most of us live a local monopoly, cable-wise: it might be a Comcast city or a Time Warner town, but we don’t have that much choice with our providers. And those companies also, hugely, provide our broadband access. So what does 75% reach or a 15% market share really look like, to a city and the people in it? [More]

Data from Netflix's ISP rankings, comparing 12-month period from Feb 2014 to Feb 2014.

Netflix Streaming Speeds Getting Worse For Comcast and Verizon FiOS Customers

Do you have broadband internet? Do you like to watch streaming movies and TV on Netflix? If so, great news: your connection to Netflix is getting faster! Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the tens of millions of Americans who use Comcast or Verizon FiOS for internet access at home, in which case it’s completely the opposite. [More]

Verizon Offers 2-Year Price Guarantee To New FiOS Customers, Doesn’t Mention New Fee

Verizon Offers 2-Year Price Guarantee To New FiOS Customers, Doesn’t Mention New Fee

UPDATE: A rep for Verizon has reached out to Consumerist to clarify that the $50 activation fee is only required for customers who order FiOS service offline and that this fee varies from market to market. Additionally, the $5/month router rental fee has not yet started. It will begin Feb. 16 in all markets except New York State. [More]

New Nickelodeon Channel Will Let Parents Customize TV Programming

New Nickelodeon Channel Will Let Parents Customize TV Programming

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime owe a good deal of their success to parents of young children, who love that they can dial up one of their kids’ favorite shows or movies instantly and without commercials. The folks at Viacom and Verizon are hoping to replicate some of that experience with a new customizable cable TV channel aimed at youngsters. [More]


Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Verizon FiOS To Come To Your Town, Says CEO

Back in 2012, Verizon Wireless announced a marketing deal with several of the country’s largest cable operators that would let these companies sell cable/Internet/wireless bundles. We warned at the time that this would give Verizon even more reason to halt expansion of its costly FiOS network, as the company stood to make more money from the wireless business than it would from the TV/Internet service. Now Verizon’s CEO has confirmed that the company has no plans to expand FiOS beyond the existing markets. [More]

Verizon FiOS Tries To Win Over Blacked-Out CBS Employees

Verizon FiOS Tries To Win Over Blacked-Out CBS Employees

Millions of Time Warner Cable customers have now gone more than two weeks without knowing which attention-starved individuals got kicked out of the Big Brother house or if the people of Chester’s Mill ever got out from under the dome (Spoiler: Maybe). Many employees of CBS have been unable to watch the shows they air if they have TWC as their cable provider (which in NYC, Dallas, and L.A. is highly likely), so Verizon is trying to reach out to them and lure them over to FiOS. [More]

Verizon FiOS Breaks Closed Captioning, Blames Customer

Verizon FiOS Breaks Closed Captioning, Blames Customer

The growth of streaming video isn’t a net positive for everyone: it can be a real problem for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and depend on captions to understand television content. Rosalie thought that she could at least depend on the regular TV programming that comes into her house through a Verizon FiOS box to have legally mandated captions, but not so fast. [More]


Comcast, Time Warner Cable Bring Up Rear In Cable Customer Satisfaction

Comcast and Time Warner Cable may be two of the largest cable and Internet providers in the country, but they’re also the two worst, according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index. [More]

(So Cal Metro)

Verizon Accidentally Gives Customer’s Number To Someone Else, Charges Her $50/Month For Its Mistake

One day, a Verizon landline customer in New Jersey found that her phone was no longer working because the number she’d had for 35 years had somehow been given to someone else. To make things worse, even after it was obvious that Verizon was responsible for the mistake, the company said the customer now had to pay an additional $50/month for its screw-up. [More]

When Your FiOS Backup Battery Goes Dead, It’s Probably Up To You To Replace It

When Your FiOS Backup Battery Goes Dead, It’s Probably Up To You To Replace It

If you have an Internet/phone/cable bundle, there’s a chance that your modem has a battery backup that would allow you to use the phone for several hours during a power outage. But not all Verizon FiOS customers know that it’s their responsibility to maintain that battery and replace it if necessary. [More]


Verizon FiOS Wants The Fees It Pays Tied To How Many People Actually Watch A Channel

Seems like ever since Cablevision sued Viacom over its process of bundling less popular channels in with the ones people actually want, things have heating up in the pay-TV world. But instead of suing anyone, Verizon says it’s working on an entirely new model of TV programming: It wants to pay fees to media companies for their TV channels depending on how many people actually watch them. [More]

Lost Your Verizon Remote? Order A New One With Your Remote

Makes perfect sense.

Reader Fred sent us this photo using our Tipster App, and we can imagine him scratching his head from here. “So to order a new remote to replace your lost or broken one,” he writes, “you have to use the remote!” [More]


How I Straightened Out A Verizon FiOS Mess With A Single E-Mail

Edwin wanted to stay with Verizon FiOS, but they didn’t want to stay with him as he moved to a new city. He tried, really, he did. Before packing it all in and giving up on Big Fiber, he tried what is a standard move to Consumerist users but a little more novel to most people. That is, of course, the executive e-mail carpet bomb. [More]


Time Warner Cable Lies To Me, Tells Me I Should Be Happy I’m Getting Half The Savings I Was Promised

The cable industry has two kinds of horrible people — Those who flat-out lie to customers in order to trick them into purchasing a package with hidden costs or conditions, and those who refuse to do anything about it when a customer calls shenanigans on that sort of deceit. [More]


Verizon FiOS Misplaces My Set-Top Box For 7 Weeks, Expects Me To Pay $350

When your cable provider makes a mistake and you can clearly show that this is the case, you’d expect that it would have the decency to not penalize you for its error. But that’s apparently not the case at Verizon, which expects Consumerist reader Steven to fork over $350 and hope he gets it back. [More]

Kevin gets some rare, enthusiastic love from a Verizon chat rep.

This Verizon CSR Really Wants You To Know How Great A Customer You Are

For those consumers who expect to get a grumpy, unhelpful customer service rep, it’s always a nice surprise when the CSR in pleasant, professional and willing to work with you to resolve your issue. We don’t often hear cases of CSRs gushing about cooperative customers, but we’re not Kevin. [More]


Netflix Now Posting Monthly Rankings Of ISP Speeds

If, during the course of watching a 50-hour marathon of Burn Notice on Netflix, you find yourself occasionally annoyed by drops in resolution or — heaven forefend — buffering, it might be your Internet service provider. Well, now you can get a better idea as Netflix intends to post monthly rankings of speed on 21 major ISPs. [More]


Cutting Only Part Of The Cord Could End Up Costing You More (At First)

A growing number of people are ditching cable and going Internet-only for their video entertainment. But cutting that cable cord could actually end up costing more for some customers — at least for the first six months to a year. [More]