Weekend Water Main Break Soaks Thousands Of Visitors’ Plans To Visit Ohio Amusment Park

The car is packed and gassed up, the road trip snacks are bountiful and summer vacation is in high gear. That is, until visitors arrived at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park over the weekend, only to find the park closed because of a water main break. Total buzzkill. [More]

Cruise Lines’ Problem: You Already Hate Cruises

Cruise Lines’ Problem: You Already Hate Cruises

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who take cruises, and people who have already made up their minds that they hate cruises. The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines says that it’s his company’s job to find the people in that second category and convert them. [More]

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Travel Agency Spells Couple’s Last Name Wrong On Plane Tickets––Twice

International air travel and typos don’t mix. A California couple booked the tickets for their vacation in Cancun over the phone. If they had made the reservations online, at least they would have been the ones to blame for their last name being spelled incorrectly. The agency assured them that two transposed letters in their last name would be no problem. Aeromexico, the airline they’ll be flying, disagrees. [More]


6 Things Your All-Inclusive Vacation Might Not Include

All-inclusive trips to resorts or on cruise ships can be a convenient and relaxing, since your major expenses are already taken care of. They can suddenly become a lot more stressful when you learn that the things that make a vacation fun––excursions, fancy beverages, memorable meals––aren’t part of the package that you signed on for. [More]


New Jersey Sues Tour Company That Stranded Travelers Overseas

There’s one thing that’s worse than having your vacation abruptly canceled out from under you because the tour company folded, and that’s having it happen during your vacation, so you end up stranded far away from home. A New Jersey-based company did that to their customers back in October. Now the state has filed suit against the company under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, aiming to get customers their money back. [More]


4 Vacation Destinations We’d Rather Be Visiting Than Great-Uncle Jerrold’s Doll Museum

For those of us still trapped firmly in the chilly, sloshy, sleet-filled embrace that is this miserable winter, vacation sounds like just an exotic dream. While you’re painting your daydream pictures for the time when you can finally take off, there are some fast-growing tourism industries out there getting more popular with visitors. [More]


Would You Buy Or Sell Your Vacation Days?

In many of my former workplaces, colleagues could donate their vacation, sick, and personal time to others in the office who were themselves ill or who had a serious illness in the family. It’s a program filled of cooperation and kindness. What if you could have more flexibility in your time off, but in a more cravenly capitalist way? This is already the case in 14% of American workplaces, where employees can “buy” additional vacation time if they want it or sell unwanted time back to the company.  [More]

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Travel Company Closes Suddenly, Stranding Some Customers Mid-Trip

Talk about throwing a kink in your plans: A New Jersey travel company that had been operating for 47 years shut down without a warning this month, stranding customers with unfinished travel plans and in some cases, whisking their money away into the unknown. Just two days before the shutdown, the company was asking customers to pay in cash for a discount. Now, many are complaining that the company never paid for hotels, airlines or other accommodations. [More]

Realtor Rents You Construction Zone Vacation Condo, Shrugs

Realtor Rents You Construction Zone Vacation Condo, Shrugs

Alex and his brother have been on vacation this week, renting a condo at the beach. Sounds fun and relaxing. Or it would be, if it weren’t for the construction workers re-siding the condo building. They’re tossing debris everywhere, including near cars, leaving tools and construction materials around off hours, and hammering at 8 A.M. It’s making these vacationers cranky, and the real estate agency that rented them the condo said that they would contact the owners, but hasn’t contacted them. The vacation is nearly over. What should they do? [More]

European Court Says Getting Sick On Vacation Means You Get A Do-Over

European Court Says Getting Sick On Vacation Means You Get A Do-Over

Okay, that’s it. We’re moving to Europe: They’re already entitled to four to six weeks of guaranteed vacation leave per year, and now a court there just ruled that workers who happen to fall ill while on vacation are legally entitled to get a do-over on their trip. Who needs tips about how to not get sick on vacation with a loophole like that? [More]

Here’s How To Not Spoil Your Vacation By Getting Sick Or Injured Overseas

Here’s How To Not Spoil Your Vacation By Getting Sick Or Injured Overseas

Speaking from the vantage point of someone who has spent an entire day in a lovely hotel room in an amazing foreign city paralyzed with the flu and feeling like death would show up any minute, it’s awful to get sick on vacation overseas. Here you are, spending your hard-earned dollars and you can’t get out and enjoy your trip. So why not prepare against the worst before you go? [More]

Americans Earning Less Vacation Days, Won't Even Use All Of Them

Americans Earning Less Vacation Days, Won't Even Use All Of Them

You work hard to earn vacation days, but when the time comes to enjoy them, a new study says American workers aren’t using up all the time off they’ve earned for the year. [More]

5 Awesome Crowd-Free Summer Bargain Trips

5 Awesome Crowd-Free Summer Bargain Trips

NYT exposes some gems you might not think of first when planning a summer getaway, which is exactly why they’re on sale. But if you can put up with or get over the reason why most people skip them, you can have a great time for less, and with fewer people around. [More]

Anti-Consumer Behavior In A Tourist Trap? Well, I Never!

Anti-Consumer Behavior In A Tourist Trap? Well, I Never!

Mike came across this sign on a rack of sunglasses while on vacation at a famous vacation destination. “All of the sunglasses on the rack were exactly the same, and had a price tag of $12.00 marked down to $9.00,” he writes. “No ’25 cent’ ones to be seen anywhere. Classic!” [More]

Dollar Charges Us Twice For Car Rental — How Do We Get Our Money Back?

Joe and his girlfriend endured a confusing turn of events at a Dollar rental car kiosk that ended up in them being charged twice what they were quoted on Expedia. Stuck in a corner without other realistic options, they paid the inflated price and are now looking for a way to get their money back. [More]

4 Tips To Not Getting Ripped Off While On Vacation

4 Tips To Not Getting Ripped Off While On Vacation

Going on vacation is supposed to be a way to soothe your nerves and forget about the worries of the world. But, in addition to all the hassles of travel, vacations are a prime opportunity for you to be taken advantage of, And don’t forget that empty house back home that’s now a target for thieves. [More]

Tips For Taking Toto On A Trip

Tips For Taking Toto On A Trip

If you’re like us, you occasionally get a yearning to escape the concrete jungle or that suburban enclave and head for less familiar surroundings. But what what about your furry friend? The Chicago Tribune takes a look at a few tips and tricks to help get Rover on the open road with you. [More]

HSBC Cancels Traveler's Credit Card, Pays For Their Mistake

HSBC Cancels Traveler's Credit Card, Pays For Their Mistake

Bank of America isn’t the only bank that enjoys canceling their traveling customer’s credit cards. HSBC canceled my card while I was living in New Zealand, and as part of their “continuing efforts to fight fraud,” sent an active replacement card to my address 9,000 miles away.