Such sultriness, Lady Liberty.

Vegas Lady Liberty Sculptor Sues USPS Two Years After It Used The Wrong Image On Stamp

Two years ago the United States Postal Service admitted it made a huge mistake by issuing a “Forever” stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty. Not that Lady Liberty isn’t the perfect subject for a stamp, but because the agency used an image of a replica sculpture from a Las Vegas Casino. Back then it was all “shrug, everyone likes it so we’ll keep it.” Here is where what goes around appears to be coming around. [More]

“Don’t Guess The ZIP Code” And 8 More USPS Tips To Avoid Holiday Shipping Glitches

“Don’t Guess The ZIP Code” And 8 More USPS Tips To Avoid Holiday Shipping Glitches

Whether you’re heading out into the Black Thursday maelstrom or waiting until later, if you’ve got loved ones who don’t live near enough for an in-person gift delivery, odds are you’ll be doing some shipping this holiday season. But there’s nothing worse than a present that shows up banged, dinged or never at all. The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t want that either, so it’s offering up a few handy tips to avoid shipping glitches. [More]


You’ve Got A 1-In-10 Chance Of Receiving A Mangled Package This Holiday Season

In the next few weeks, a lot of us will be ordering items online — whether for ourselves or for others — and having them shipped somewhere, hoping beyond hope that these parcels don’t get lost, stolen, drop-kicked, or run through a Blendtec just to see what happens. A recent study of packages received from e-commerce sites finds that you shouldn’t be terribly shocked if the box shows up looking worse for wear. [More]

The boy who lived is a Brit.

Not everyone is in love with the boy wizard: After the United States Postal Service unveiled its newest collection of stamps featuring characters from the Harry Potter movies, some collectors are ticked off. “Harry Potter is not American. It’s foreign, and it’s so blatantly commercial it’s off the charts,” said one. “The Postal Service knows what will sell, but that’s not what stamps ought to be about. Things that don’t sell so well are part of the American story.” [via the Washington Post]

Cash-Strapped USPS Gets Lucky With New Amazon Sunday Delivery

Cash-Strapped USPS Gets Lucky With New Amazon Sunday Delivery

The United States Postal Service has been struggling to make money for some time now, but ho! What is that yonder, in the distance? Could it be a knight in shining armor, riding in to save this damsel in distress? And what is the male version of a damsel? Anyway, Amazon is rolling out Sunday package delivery and it’s granted USPS the contract to carry it out. [More]

Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing $450,000 Worth Of Mailed Jewelry

Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing $450,000 Worth Of Mailed Jewelry

Pawn shops in the Cash America chain sent packages including precious jewelry to a repair and refurbishment center Fort Worth, Texas, but starting in 2011, many packages never reached their destination. Why was that? It took a two-year investigation to find the culprit, a worker at a processing and distribution center in North Texas. He pleaded guilty this week in federal court. [More]

Mail Carrier Decides The Best Way To Get To Customer’s Door Is To Drive Over The Front Yard

Mail Carrier Decides The Best Way To Get To Customer’s Door Is To Drive Over The Front Yard

Why walk somewhere when you can drive? That was apparently the thinking employed by a United States Postal Service worker who drove over a customer’s front yard instead of walking up to the home’s porch to deliver a small package. And the whole thing was of course, caught on video, or we’d be none the wiser. [More]

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USPS Seeks Price Increase On Stamps, Pays Futurist $565K To Mull Over Future Of Stamps

You know those stamps you use maybe once or twice a month? They could soon be slightly more expensive after the USPS Board of Governors has requested a three-cent price increase on first-class stamps in order to combat the expected $6 billion in losses this year. But since the USPS is already planning on losing that huge pile of cash anyway, why not throw another $565,000 toward some futurist firm that can ponder the destiny of the once-beloved postage stamp. [More]


USPS About To Run Out Of Cash, May Need Emergency Rate Hike

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe testified this morning before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, giving senators the bad news that the Postal Service will only have enough cash on hand next month to cover around five days worth of expenses. [More]

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Greeting Card Industry Wants To Save USPS From Itself, More Rate Hikes

The greeting card industry has a vested interest in the survival of the United States Postal Service. We might use a private first-class mail delivery service to send cards if the USPS cut back on service or disappeared, but probably wouldn’t. That’s why they, along with the magazine and catalog industries, say that another rate hike isn’t the solution. [More]

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Someone Please Send Man That Check He’s Expecting So He Stops Chasing Mail Carriers

The difference between a dog running after the mail carrier and a human hounding the same worker is that we, as a species, have the power of higher reasoning. A dog isn’t going after a mail carrier because he or she didn’t bring an expected piece of mail as dogs operate on instinct and also because dogs don’t usually get mail. The point is: It’s not your mail carrier’s fault if that check hasn’t arrived yet, so use the human power of logic and chill out. [More]


“Return To Sender” Less Likely If USPS Lets Customers Ship Booze Through The Mail

Sex sells, or so they say, but because that’s a bit trickier to ship through the mail, the United States Postal Service is instead looking to turn to booze as a moneymaker. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said he’s hoping to start delivering alcoholic beverages through the mail as a way to raise up to $50 million a year for the struggling USPS. [More]

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Are These The Final Days Of Door-To-Door USPS Deliveries?

Inscribed above the entry to the James Farley Post Office in Manhattan are the famous words, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But you’ll notice that this unofficial postal carrier creed doesn’t specify that your mail will actually be brought to your door. [More]


Forget The NSA’s Hi-Tech Snooping, The USPS Has Been Scanning Our Mail For Years

Many people are upset — and with good reason — with the National Security Administration’s concerted and secretive efforts to obtain wireless and Internet data about a wide range of users, but what many people don’t know is that the U.S. Postal Service has been scanning the outside of every piece of mail it processes and making that information available to law enforcement without a warrant. [More]

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USPS Gets Express Mail Package To Post Office At 11:45, Says ‘Good Enough’

U.S. Postal Service Express Mail carries a guarantee: your package will arrive by noon the next day after it’s accepted at the post office, depending on what time you hand it over to a clerk in person. Okay. The problem, as Consumerist readers have learned, comes in when your package arrives late and you actually try to cash in this guarantee. [More]

eBay Seller Out $1,300 And Laptop Because USPS Insists Blank Box Is Actually A Signature

This scan of a completely blank signature card is what the USPS offered up as proof that the customer's package had been delivered.

A woman in California recently sold a laptop computer of hers on eBay for $1,300, but it never arrived at the buyer’s house. The seller had paid the U.S. Postal Service for insurance and delivery confirmation on the package, so she should be able to get her money back and see who signed for the package. Not quite. [More]

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When UPS Teams Up With USPS, Your Package Magically Travels To 29 States And Back-And-Forth Through Time

Consumerist Reader Jocelyn went online today to check on the shipping status of her Shutterfly order, only to find that UPS and the U.S. Postal Service had managed to fold space and time, somehow sending her package to 78 different locations in 29 states (and Washington, D.C.), all while going back and forth through time. [More]

US Postal Service Ships Cover, Forgets My Magazine

US Postal Service Ships Cover, Forgets My Magazine

Thom’s copy of The Economist got separated from its cover. That’s very sad. We have to give the Post Office an A+ for effort, though: they made sure he received evidence that there was ann Economist that week. They delivered the least useful part of the magazine, because that’s the part that had his address printed on it. [More]