Comcast: We Don’t Have Data Caps, We Have “Data Thresholds”

Comcast: We Don’t Have Data Caps, We Have “Data Thresholds”

In its ongoing effort to put lipstick on the pig that is its planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Comcast is once again attempting to hide behind double-speak. First, it claimed that it was the greatest supporter of net neutrality around, when it really meant that it was the biggest supporter of what Comcast believes net neutrality should be. Now, another Comcast executive is trying to downplay data caps with the more marketing-friendly term “data thresholds.” [More]

Michael Powell thinks customers should pay more per GB of data in order to get a better value. He also got his job at the FCC because his dad knew the president.

Former FCC Chair Urges Cable Companies To Hurry Up & Implement Data Caps And Usage-Based Pricing

Former FCC chair turned cable-industry frontman Michael Powell thinks that, in spite of the fact that delivering data to consumers continues to get less expensive, cable companies should be rushing to put caps on data usage and implement usage-based, metered broadband service. [More]


Cable Industry Admits That Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion

A month after one study called shenanigans on the cable industry’s repeated assertion that data caps and usage-based pricing are intended to relieve congestion, the president of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association has admitted as much. [More]