Brother Sends My Printer On Vacation In Florida, Not Back To Me

Cyndi’s new multifunction inkjet printer malfunctioned just after the 14-day return period was over. Isn’t that always how it ends up? Not by design on the company’s part, of course, but it feels that way when you depend on a printer like Cyndi does. She contacted Brother’s tech support, and ultimately they sent her a refurbished replacement. Yay! Except that they sent it to Orlando, Florida. Cyndi does not live there. How did the printer end up there? No one knows. [More]

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UPS Tells You To Pick Up Package From Station, Closes Package Station Due To Nemo

It was just Manu’s bad luck that the computer he really, really needed was due to arrive at the same time as an East Coast superblizzard. The storm wasn’t as bad as expected in New York City, where Manu lives, but it was still bad enough that work closed early on the day that they didn’t deliver his computer to his home, so he could go fetch it from the depot. So he left on an epic trek through the snow to the UPS depot to… well, not pick up the computer, as it turns out. [More]


Kmart Assumes I’m Home All Day, Waiting For My Mason Jars

Companies that ship things just can’t win. If a package gets stolen from a customer’s porch: somehow that’s their fault. Kmart has apparently taken precautions against that, blocking UPS from letting UPS drivers bring packages to a depot or leave it with no signature. Bringing it to a Kmart store: not an option. She doesn’t want to stay home all day and wait for a box of jars, her neighbors aren’t home during the day, and the situation has become ridiculous. [More]


UPS Suddenly Won’t Leave Packages At My House, Makes Up Different Reasons Why

Chris lives in a neighborhood of single-family homes and apartment buildings, which pretty much look alike. For a long time, he received packages from a certain vendor with no problems: UPS would leave a “sorry we missed you!” slip, he would sign the slip, and the driver would leave the package the following day. This time, it didn’t work: he only received another slip. Why? Because he lives in a three-family house, which counts as an apartment building as far as UPS is concerned. They can’t just leave a package in front of an apartment building. [More]

Proactiv Has My Box Of Skin Cream, Sends Collections After Me Anyway

Proactiv Has My Box Of Skin Cream, Sends Collections After Me Anyway

Eric wanted to give the Proactiv system of skin creams a try. Well, that shouldn’t be so hard: they’re advertised everywhere and apparently very popular. The flaw was that the package didn’t have his office number on it. UPS didn’t know that they could just send it to the mailroom, and instead they dispatched it back to Proactiv. Now the box is allegedly hanging out somewhere on the company’s loading dock, and they’ve sent collections after Eric to pay for the box of creams that he never received. [More]

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My Toys ‘R’ Us Package Is Simultaneously Shipped And Out Of Stock

Angela ordered a toy from Toys ‘R’ Us last week. She understood the risk inherent in ordering just a few days before Christmas, but didn’t expect the non-shipping wackiness that would ensue. The company issued out a shipping label and had a UPS number ready to go, but the item never left the warehouse. They claimed that the item was “shipped,” but UPS never got it. That label was out in the ether, but it turned out that the item was out of stock. It was shipped, but not shipped. [More]


FedEx Delivers iPad Mini, UPS Grinch Shows Up & Swipes My Daughter’s Christmas Gift

All it takes is one little bit of surveillance footage to bust a Christmas Grinch, but in this case he wasn’t coming down the chimneys of fictional Whoville to steal presents. A Houston man’s home security camera caught a UPS employee dropping off one package at the door before taking an iPad Mini that FedEx had delivered only hours earlier.  [More]

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Sephora Explains That “2-Day Shipping” Actually Means “3 To 4 Days”

The other day we told you about an unhappy Sephora.com customer whose expedited order was not delivered on time, and who was stuck with the expedited shipping charges. Sephora now explains to Consumerist that the customer doesn’t understand Sephora’s peculiar take on the definition of “two days.” [More]

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Sephora Says I’m Stuck With Expedited Shipping Charges Even Though Purchase Didn’t Arrive On Time

If you pay a premium to get an order within a specific period of time, then it would only make sense that you’d get a refund on that extra shipping cost if the order doesn’t arrive in time. But apparently not when you order from Sephora. [More]

My Son’s Power Rangers Took A Weeklong UPS Warehouse Vacation

My Son’s Power Rangers Took A Weeklong UPS Warehouse Vacation

Where were the robots? Jemande ordered Power Rangers robots for his son’s birthday, so he had a deadline. The merchant used UPS, and the package progressed smoothly to his local depot and onto a truck. UPS attempted to deliver and claims that no one was around. Jemande disputes this, but the really important part is what happened next. UPS took the package back to the depot, where it hung out from November 28th to December 4th (Wednesday to Tuesday) for no clear reason. [More]


Is Every UPS Driver In My State Afraid Of Me?

George’s problem isn’t with UPS as a whole, really. As far as he knows, they’re getting his packages to his nearest distribution center quickly and safely. The problem is with the next step in the process: the part where the driver brings the package to his home. Maybe all of his local drivers are in competition with colleagues to see who can deliver the fewest packages in the course of a day. Perhaps they all suffer from a terrible social phobia, and therefore don’t want to ring doorbells. Whatever the actual situation is, when George stays home from work to stake out his own home, he has caught the driver just leaving a note without even ringing the doorbell. “Sorry we missed you,” indeed. Yesterday was different, though. Yesterday, no one showed up at all, even though he staked out the door all day. [More]

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AT&T Overnights New U-Verse Receiver To Us On Friday, Can’t Turn It On Until Tuesday Night

AT&T U-Verse demonstrated great customer service when Trey needed a new receiver. They zipped a wireless one right out to him using UPS Next Day Air. It arrived on a Saturday. and Trey was quite impressed. He didn’t stay impressed, though. AT&T went to the expense of using Next Day Air while neglecting to notice that doing so was kind of useless, because AT&T wouldn’t be able to activate the new receiver until 8 P.M. on Tuesday. Oh, well, at least it was all installed three days early. [More]

It’s Like UPS Sent Me A Bill From 1953

It’s Like UPS Sent Me A Bill From 1953

Rick should not have needed to speak to six separate customer service representatives at UPS in order to pay his bill for an international package. He received a bill with no indication that they accept credit cards: only a stub to return with his check or money order. He doesn’t use checks and found this all very mysterious and old-fashioned. Instead of buying a money order, he called UPS to see why their international billing department couldn’t join the current decade. That’s when he became a strange sort of hot potato, passed around UPS as if his request were completely unheard of. [More]

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So I Guess UPS Has Just Stopped Delivering To My House?

Since signing up with UPS My Choice a couple months ago, Consumerist reader Stephanie has seen her UPS service slow down, first delivering 2-day packages on the third day, and for the last few weeks, simply not delivering at all. [More]

UPS Delivers Like Nobody's Watching, But I'm Home

UPS Delivers Like Nobody's Watching, But I'm Home

Kate works from home, which means that she can observe the top-secret movements of UPS delivery drivers when they think no one’s watching. That behavior isn’t all that great. In her town, neither is their reading comprehension. She sent a few short vignettes about her struggles with UPS, where they hit her property with a truck and it almost looks like they deliberately went out of their way to ignore her posted delivery instructions. [More]

Best Buy's System Insists I Don't Know My Own Address, Ships TV To Wrong House

Best Buy's System Insists I Don't Know My Own Address, Ships TV To Wrong House

As someone who has previously lived on a street with a name that looks like an error, I understand some of the pain felt by Consumerist reader Drew, who had to correct the address on his Best Buy delivery several times — and still ended up having his new TV shipped to the wrong address. [More]

At Least No One At UPS Wants To Steal Verb Conjugation Posters

At Least No One At UPS Wants To Steal Verb Conjugation Posters

Should Lindsey feel violated that her UPS package was clearly opened and rifled through, or grateful that she was only ordering teaching supplies that the rifler apparently found unworthy of stealing? Or maybe the box was secured with particularly un-sticky tape. Whatever the case, this is what she received on her doorstep. [More]

If Your UPS Package Falls Through The Cracks, It’s Up To You To Notice

If Your UPS Package Falls Through The Cracks, It’s Up To You To Notice

UPS ships around 16 million packages a day. And no one is perfect, so at least a couple of those items are bound to fall off the radar for whatever reason. Unfortunately, unless someone at “Brown” notices this error, it’s up to the person or business paying for that shipment to tell UPS about it. [More]