The Robot Wars Begin: UPS Also Looking Into Drone Deliveries

The Robot Wars Begin: UPS Also Looking Into Drone Deliveries

Everyone’s talking about how Amazon has secretly been developing an army of delivery drones that will, in my not-at-all paranoid opinion, turn on their creators and begin using human beings as living batteries. But a new report claims that UPS is also working on some creepy copters of its own. [More]


UPS Driver In Trouble Because You’re Not Supposed To Have Naughty Times On The Job

We know, we know, there are plenty of opportunities in a job filled with packages of various sizes and shapes to move things in a sassy direction. But UPS is highly displeased over a photo floating around out there as evidence that one of its drivers allegedly had a sexual encounter in the back of a delivery truck. [More]


You’ve Got A 1-In-10 Chance Of Receiving A Mangled Package This Holiday Season

In the next few weeks, a lot of us will be ordering items online — whether for ourselves or for others — and having them shipped somewhere, hoping beyond hope that these parcels don’t get lost, stolen, drop-kicked, or run through a Blendtec just to see what happens. A recent study of packages received from e-commerce sites finds that you shouldn’t be terribly shocked if the box shows up looking worse for wear. [More]

UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without Ever Having An Accident (Knock On Wood)

UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without Ever Having An Accident (Knock On Wood)

The more you drive, the higher the odds are that you’ll eventually hit something or something will hit you. So one might reasonably expect that having 7 million miles of roadtime racked up would’ve resulted in at least a fender bender or heck, a speeding ticket. Not if you’re Ralph, the UPS driver without a single accident or ticket on his record in 40 years. [More]

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Why Does UPS Need An In-Person Signature For All Of My Packages All Of A Sudden?

Have you noticed lately that UPS refuses to leave your packages on your doorstep, even when delivering only that tube of toothpaste you ordered using Amazon Prime at 3 A.M.? Cheryl noticed this happening recently. Signing the InfoNotice and slapping it on the door before work didn’t help: they had to sign for the packages in person. Why? She was an unwitting victim of fraud. [More]

“No One Cares If You Write ‘Fragile'” And Other Tips From A Former UPS Worker

“No One Cares If You Write ‘Fragile'” And Other Tips From A Former UPS Worker

With millions of people prepping to ship off gifts to loved ones and familial obligations around the globe, the holidays are prime time for UPS and FedEx. With that glut of parcels, many containing precious items, there comes the heightened chance that your package will be crushed, dropped, kicked, dropkicked, and otherwise run through the wringer. But a former UPS employee says there are ways to minimize the likelihood of damage. [More]

The questions that came up when I tried to register with MyUPS.

Why Does UPS Know Everything About Me (But Can’t Say When My Package Is Being Delivered)?

Anyone who has tried to get day-of-delivery tracking from UPS knows that the typical response from a company rep is “It’s on the truck for delivery and will come sometime today.” But while UPS seems to know very little about where exactly your parcels are, it has access to a surprising amount of information about where you’ve lived, who you’re related to and other personal data. [More]

UPS Robocalls Me 74 Times About The Same Package

UPS Robocalls Me 74 Times About The Same Package

Subscribing to UPS MyChoice means that you have more control over your packages and get some extra attention from UPS, but this isn’t what Eric had in mind. Over the weekend, something went terribly wrong with the company’s systems, and UPS began to robocall him about the package he’ll be receiving this week. Seventy-four times since the beginning of Sunday. [More]

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I Just Want UPS To Take My Money, Let Me Use MyChoice Premium

Some of our readers aren’t fond of UPS’s MyChoice Premium, comparing it to a protection racket for items that you’ve already paid to have delivered to your house. We get that. Michael likes the concept and finds it useful. Or he would if UPS would actually apply it to his packages. [More]


UPS Doesn’t Offer “Insurance,” Even If An Employee Tells You It Does

The term “insurance” carries with it a boatload of connotations, so if you go into a UPS branch to ship a package and someone offers you “insurance” for a few extra dollars, you might think that you’ll be covered in case your shipment gets mangled along the way, but UPS employees are mis-using the term in order to upsell an add-on that doesn’t offer anywhere near the level of coverage one might expect. [More]

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When UPS Teams Up With USPS, Your Package Magically Travels To 29 States And Back-And-Forth Through Time

Consumerist Reader Jocelyn went online today to check on the shipping status of her Shutterfly order, only to find that UPS and the U.S. Postal Service had managed to fold space and time, somehow sending her package to 78 different locations in 29 states (and Washington, D.C.), all while going back and forth through time. [More]

UPS Not Experimenting With Exciting New Teleportation Service

UPS Not Experimenting With Exciting New Teleportation Service

Did you know that UPS is now able to teleport packages hundreds of miles in only a few minutes? It’s true. Well, that, or something went slightly wrong with the timestamps on reader Kain’s package. [More]

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Apparently UPS Will Send A Package Back If Anyone Nearby Chimes In And Refuses It

There can be a lot of obstacles the United Parcel Service needs to overcome in its efforts to deliver packages — no one is home, the address is wrong — but one might think there’s some kind of policy regarding who can send a package back where it came from. One might think that only the intended recipient can return a package to sender, but as Consumerist reader Kathryn found it, that isn’t always the case. [More]


UPS Hit With $40 Million Settlement In Illegal Online Pharmacy Probe

UPS may have lost to FedEx in the first round of the Worst Company In America competition, but the shipping giant is getting away relatively unscathed from a Dept. of Justice criminal probe into deliveries it made for illegal online pharmacies. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 1: UPS Vs. FedEx

Worst Company In America Round 1: UPS Vs. FedEx

The final match of Round One delivers the one-two punch of FedEx and UPS, both of whom were scheduled to fight earlier but had to reschedule because they were running late. [More]

Always stay with your buddy!

UPS Fails To Use The Buddy System When One Of My Packages Wanders Off

When two items go out together as part of the same shipment, should they necessarily stay together? Nowal’s parents got her twins a table and chairs for their birthday, which shipped out in two packages. The toddlers celebrating their birthdays might understand the buddy system, but UPS doesn’t: even though the two packages shipped as a two-package shipment, one box arrived on time while the other disappeared into the bowels of the UPS system because of a damaged label. [More]

Poor package.

UPS SurePost Gets Package To My Door Four Days Late, Smushed

“There’s a reason the USPS is going bankrupt, and it’s because of their shoddy customer service,” read a subject line in our tips mailbox. Jeremy’s package, shipped UPS, got handed off to the U.S. Postal Service, and at some point things went very wrong. UPS SurePost is that company’s answer to FedEx SmartPost: a service that uses the private companies’ systems to get packages from the sender to sort of near their destinations, then depends on the U.S. Postal Service to travel the last leg to your doorstep. [More]


UPS Refuses To Deliver Package, Messes Up My Daughter’s Birthday

Julie currently lives far away from her daughter, and went her a wonderful box of gifts from cosmetics retailer Sephora for her recent 14th birthday. What a lovely surprise! Or it would have been if UPS hadn’t refused to release the package with a mere signed slip because it had been redirected after getting sent to Julie’s billing address initially. The package was significantly delayed past her birthday, and the surprise became significantly less fun. [More]