AMC Remodels Movie Theaters To Have Big, Reclining Seats, But Fewer Of Them

Imagine that you’re a potential investor in movie theater chain AMC, which became a publicly traded company last year. Executives share their exciting new sales pitch: they’re going to make more money by selling fewer tickets to each show. Wait, what? How does that lead to higher earnings? Auditoriums that fit fewer patrons will have comfier, recliner-style seats. [More]

Good News: Best Buy Doesn’t Really Charge $70 To Deliver Dryer Power Cord

Good News: Best Buy Doesn’t Really Charge $70 To Deliver Dryer Power Cord

Good news from Best Buy! Remember reader Christopher? He was shopping for a dryer on the Best Buy web site when he saw that while the delivery on his dryer is free, but delivery on his $30 power cord cost $70. There’s good news: Best Buy contacted him through us, and he learned that this was all a terrible mistake. [More]

Security cameras show the the thief walking into the restaurant just as the customer realizes he is short $2,200.

Update: El Pollo Loco To Help Out Customer Whose $2,200 Was Stolen In Parking Lot

Last week, we told you about the unlucky El Pollo Loco customer who accidentally dropped $2,200 in the parking lot, only to have it stolen by another customer who then sat and ate his meal while his victim undertook a frantic search for the cash. Now we hear there is some good news, as the eatery plans to gift the money back to him. [More]


UPDATE: Travel Insurer Decides To Listen To Customer’s Doctor After Public Shaming

Last month, we told you about a California woman whose travel insurance claim was denied because the insurance company posed her doctor a single yes/no question rather than let him explain his patient’s condition. After being shamed in public, the insurer is changing its tune — at least for this case. [More]


Septuagenarian Sues Kroger After Being Attacked For Handing Out Food In Parking Lot

You may remember the story from last August about an Atlanta-area man who said he was physically assaulted by a Kroger manager when he attempted to help out another customer in need by giving her some food he’d just purchased. Now the victim has now sued that former manager, the grocery chain, and a private security firm over the incident. [More]


Nook Customers Can Download Rentals: You Just Need A Working SD Card

Last week we shared with you the story of reader Brian, who was ready to chuck his Nook tablet and trade it in for an iPad, if he hadn’t been long past the return window. He wanted to rent some movies and watch them while traveling abroad and without Internet access. This seemed reasonable, and Nook documentation explains how to do this, but his tablet wouldn’t let him. A possibly well-meaning and definitely misinformed customer service representative told him that downloading a rental wasn’t possible. They were wrong. [More]


Bank Of America Explains Why It Never Assumed Title To Squatter-Filled Foreclosure

Yesterday, we told you about the California man who said he lost his house to foreclosure but who is being held responsible for the squatters who have moved into his former house because Bank of America has yet to assume the title to the property. Today, we bring you the bank’s side of the story. [More]


Alleged Delta Baby-Slapper Fired For Allegedly Slapping Baby On Delta Flight

You probably remember last week’s story of the Delta passenger accused of not only slapping a 19-month-old child but also using an unpleasant racial slur while doing so. Looks like that man’s employer isn’t exactly thrilled with the publicity caused by the incident. [More]

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HP: No, Downgrading To Windows 7 Doesn’t Really Void Your Warranty

Yesterday, we shared the story of Nick, a university information technology professional who bought a computer for a new employee that already had Windows 8 on it, tried to downgrade to Windows 7, and was told that doing so would void his warranty. While the person at Enterprise support he spoke to may have said this, it is not, strictly speaking, true. That’s great to hear. The bad news, of course, is that someone told Nick this in the first place. An ordinary customer who doesn’t work in IT would be completely confused at this point. [More]

Waiter Michael Garcia received $1,145 in donations after his story swept the Internet. Yesterday, he donated that money to The Rise School of Houston.

Waiter Who Wouldn’t Serve Family That Insulted Boy With Down Syndrome Didn’t Care If He Got Fired

You may remember the story from mid-January of the waiter at a Houston restaurant who refused to serve a family because they had insulted a boy with Down Syndrome in the next booth. Not everyone would have made such a stand, especially when it could mean losing one’s job. [More]


UPDATE: Bank Says $1,400 In Counterfeit Bills Weren’t Counterfeit After All

Yesterday, we told you about the Massachusetts man who withdrew $1,800 from Sovereign Bank, then took it over to pay his mortgage at Citizens Bank, only to have $1,400 of it confiscated for allegedly being counterfeit cash. Except it wasn’t. [More]

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Kmart Tracks Down Reader After 2-Day Shipping Became 2-Week Shipping, Tries To Help

You may remember reader Linda, who ordered a computer from Kmart with 2-day shipping as a Christmas gift for her mother. Kmart’s idea of “2-day shipping” that they charge extra for turned out to be “2-week shipping” once they actually got around to shipping the computer. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t, you know, a Christmas gift, and if Kmart planned to ship it before December 24th. Based on the information in the post, the nice people at Kmart’s executive customer relations department tracked Linda down, which is impressive and only a little bit unnerving. [More]

LG Admits Smart TV Without Working Remote Isn’t Very Smart, Offers To Replace It

LG Admits Smart TV Without Working Remote Isn’t Very Smart, Offers To Replace It

Earlier this week, we shared the story of reader Michael, who bought a pricey 3-D smart television from Amazon. His family thought it was pretty awesome until the set’s remote would no longer work. A few different repair teams weren’t able to make the TV and its remote work together permanently. Would he be left with a great big TV set that he couldn’t even use to watch YouTube videos? Sure, that’s a first world problem, but consumers deserve to get what they pay for. We posted about Michael and his TV. Coincidentally, after the post went up LG contacted him with a resolution. [More]

Update: State Decides Man No Longer Needs To Repay $19K In Unemployment Benefits

Update: State Decides Man No Longer Needs To Repay $19K In Unemployment Benefits

Back in April we told you about a New Jersey man who was stuck in a bureaucratic battle between church and state, as he tried to figure out why he needed to repay more than $19,000 in unemployment benefits he’d believed he was entitled to. After pulling their heads out of the sand at the shore, officials have realized the man was right all along. [More]

Mandatory Xbox 360 Update Breaks Some Consoles, Microsoft Claims 'Coincidence'

Mandatory Xbox 360 Update Breaks Some Consoles, Microsoft Claims 'Coincidence'

Last week’s exciting Kinect Dashboard update for Xbox 360 consoles didn’t just ask users to waive their right to sue and make customers pay to be advertised to. It also appears to have caused problems with a number of consoles. Nothing major: it just keeps them from reading any discs…no, wait, that is major. Microsoft representatives say that this is a coincidence, and that customers with freshly broken consoles need to send them in for repair for $100 or so. [More]

Baggage Handler Fired For Helping Sick Dog Can Have Her Job Back

Baggage Handler Fired For Helping Sick Dog Can Have Her Job Back

Last week, a baggage handler at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport made headlines when she said she was fired for refusing to stow a visibly ailing dog onto a plane. As sometimes happens when these stories get pushed into the spotlight, the handler has now been offered her old gig back. [More]

Chase Hugs It Out With Man It Had Thrown In Jail For Cashing Non-Fake Check

Chase Hugs It Out With Man It Had Thrown In Jail For Cashing Non-Fake Check

Many of you read last week’s story about the man in Washington state who spent the weekend in jail because a Chase employee was convinced that the completely legitimate cashier’s check he was trying to cash was a forgery. Well, it appears that the two sides have put aside their differences and worked out an agreement. [More]

Update: Best Buy Changes Credit Quota Firing Threat

Update: Best Buy Changes Credit Quota Firing Threat

Well, that was fast. The reader and Best Buy employee who wrote in earlier this week about the threat of termination being used to make employees generate more credit card applications from customers. (Or, as the headline put it, “cram credit cards down customers’ throats.”) The tipster wrote back in to let us know that management in this particular region has backed down. While offering credit applications is still an important part of the job, working twelve shifts without persuading any customers to apply is no longer grounds for automatic termination. [More]