Big Meat & Big Pharma Pleased As Punch With FDA’s Pointless New Antibiotic Guidelines

Big Meat & Big Pharma Pleased As Punch With FDA’s Pointless New Antibiotic Guidelines

Yesterday, the FDA came out swinging (with a Wiffle ball bat) against the medically unnecessary use of antibiotics in animal feed (by politely asking the drug companies that make piles of cash off these drugs to please stop selling so many of them to farmers just to encourage tissue growth). To demonstrate just how weak this (in)action is, one need look no further than the enthusiastic response from the nation’s huge meat and drug companies. [More]


Your Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich Should Not Be Served Medium Rare

A frequent knock against fast food chicken is that it’s dry and overcooked. But a leathery slab of chicken would be preferable to this pink-in-the-middle sandwich some unlucky Wendy’s customer bit into. [More]

Was McDonald’s Worker Who Served Up Raw Burger Targeting Cop Or Just Incompetent?

Was McDonald’s Worker Who Served Up Raw Burger Targeting Cop Or Just Incompetent?

A police officer in New Hampshire visited the drive-thru window at his local McDonald’s while working the night shift. He ordered a Quarter Pounder with cheese, and a photo he took shows a gross uncooked or undercooked bottom patty. He says that he became ill a few hours later. Those are the facts that no one is really disputing. The question is: did the worker preparing his burger deliberately give him gross food because he’s a cop? [More]


Jury: No Damages For Allegedly Rat-Infested Lemonade

How does a dead, decomposing rat end up in a can of frozen lemonade? It doesn’t, argued Coca-Cola, parent company of Minute Maid, defending itself in a civil lawsuit in New Hampshire this week. A woman claimed that the frozen lemonade she bought for a party contained a rat with a side helping of maggots, and the experience has left her unable to buy frozen food. [More]


New Law Would Modernize Nutrition Labels, Clarify Terms Like “Healthy” & “Natural”

While food production has gotten more sophisticated and complex, and we now know much more about how the human body is affected by a wide variety of ingredients, there haven’t been any changes to the food labeling provisions of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act since 1990, and some sections of the law have not been updated since 1938. So in an effort to bring nutrition labeling into the 21st century, lawmakers in both the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would require clear front-of-package labeling while clarifying when companies can use marketing buzz words that may be misleading. [More]

CDC: 2 Million Americans Get Sick From Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Every Year

CDC: 2 Million Americans Get Sick From Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Every Year

While livestock farmers around the country continue to feed medically unnecessary antibiotics to their animals for the sole purpose of encouraging growth, millions of Americans are falling ill — and thousands dying — every year from bacterial and fungal infections that are resistant to current medication, claims a new report from the Centers for Disease Control. [More]

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Is Climate Change Making Oyster-Eaters Sick?

Climate change and global warming have been blamed for a lot of things, but one possible link between warming sea water and food-borne illnesses could be awfully depressing to folks who enjoy chowing down on raw oysters. [More]

Diethylstilbestrol is not something you want in your lunch.

Do Food Regulators Care If Foreign Farmers Use Veterinary Drugs Banned In The U.S.?

Later this week, the United Nations food standards agency will be meeting in Minneapolis to discuss, among other things, standards for ten veterinary drugs that are banned for use in the U.S. but not globally. Fearing that continued use of these drugs by farmers in other countries could result in these banned chemicals still reaching the American market, a group of consumer advocates have called on federal regulators to not only take a tougher stance, but to stop encouraging the use of these drugs elsewhere. [More]


McDonald’s Driver Texts Customer To Ask If His Spit-Filled Meal Was Tasty

Some people like it when they get a follow-up call or e-mail from a business asking if they were were satisfied with their experience. That’s not so true for the McDonald’s customer in South Korea who got a text from a McDonald’s delivery driver asking him if he’d enjoyed the extra helping of saliva on his food. [More]


FDA Finally Realizes Maybe It’s Time To Do A Better Job Of Improving The Safety Of Imported Foods

Perhaps your kitchen is only stocked with locally sourced organic food, but around 15% of what Americans eat — including half the fresh fruit, one-fifth of fresh veggies and 80% of fish — comes from around 150 different countries. So, finally getting around to implementing changes mandated by the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food and Drug Administration has proposed a couple rules aimed at beefing up controls on imported edibles. [More]


Trader Joe’s Customers: We Don’t Want Drugs In Our Meat

While many grocery store chains carry meat from animals that have been fed unnecessary antibiotics purely for the purpose of encouraging growth, the results of a new survey show that a large majority of all supermarket shoppers — but especially Trader Joe’s customers — would rather that their favorite food store stop carrying the drugged-up beef, pork, and poultry. [More]

Apparently this employee has two loaves of unbaked Subway bread sitting at his house waiting to be tapped with his penis?

Subway Employee Admits To Touching Bread With Penis, Says Photo Was Taken At Home

If the Taco Bell taco-licker wasn’t enough to put you off fast food for a while, now comes a photo posted by a Subway employee of a man touching a loaf of dough with his penis. But not to worry because the employee says this was done in the privacy of his own home. [More]

Golden Corral claims these ribs found out by the dumpster were never served.

Golden Corral: Food In Dumpster Video Wasn’t Served; Father Of Employee Tried To Sell Video To Company For $5K

As we mentioned this morning, a video showing food sitting by the dumpsters of a Golden Corral restaurant in Florida has become an Internet sensation. Now the owners of the Golden Corral franchise featured in the clip are saying that all the food shown in the video was thrown out and the manager involved was fired. The franchise owners also claim that the father of the employee in the video tried to sell the clip to the company before it went public. [More]

Golden Corral claims these ribs found out by the dumpster were never served.

Videos: Golden Corral Employee Claims His Bosses Store Food Out By Dumpsters

Buffet chain Golden Corral is feeling the heat after this holiday weekend, when a man claiming to be an employee at a GC in Florida posted a YouTube video showing food allegedly being temporarily stored by the dumpsters while the restaurant was undergoing an inspection. [More]

That’s Not Extra Butter Inside This Microwave Popcorn Bag

That’s Not Extra Butter Inside This Microwave Popcorn Bag

Mike is pretty laid-back about the curious substance that he found inside a bag of Pop Secret popcorn. “Things happen. When one makes millions of something, there will be issues with a few,” he observes. That’s true. He’s disappointed, though, because Pop Secret hasn’t kept him updated him on what the heck it was. [More]

If An NYC Restaurant Isn’t Showing Its Health Inspection Grade, It Probably Failed

If An NYC Restaurant Isn’t Showing Its Health Inspection Grade, It Probably Failed

Three years ago, New York City began requiring that all of its 24,000+ restaurants post huge letter grades representing their most recent health inspection results, but more than 1,000 eateries that didn’t make the desired A grade are balking at going public with their report card. [More]


Burger King Customer Claims She Found Razor Blade In Cheeseburger

A California woman appears to have gotten lucky, noticing that her Burger King cheeseburger contained an unpleasant surprise before she took too many bites. [More]

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Okay, Juice Box Mold Is Gross, But It’s Disturbingly Common

We can’t say for sure, but it’s a fair guess that the anxious parent who headed straight to the emergency department after finding a dollop of slimy mold in her daughter’s juice box is not a regular Consumerist reader. If she were, she would know that terrifying mold blobs are a regular occurrence in packaged food, especially juice. [More]