World's Worst Logos

World's Worst Logos

As part of our stand against Christmas Creep, we want to celebrate the actual upcoming holiday by lobbing some pretty frightening images at you from the website Your Logo Makes Me Barf. Take this alarm sign, for instance. The obvious chills come from recognizing what they’re walking into, but then you notice the kid figure and the term “young alarm” and, wait, wtf?

You're Ugly! You're Hired!

You're Ugly! You're Hired!

We love this column from Marty Nemko over at Kiplinger because it’s sort of a go-get-‘em morale booster to the ugly—only instead of boosting morale, it just gets more depressing as it goes on. But funny depressing. And after all the weird advice on watching your weight and avoiding hairpieces and wearing moderate makeup, Nemko makes an interesting case for why “ugly” people are better hires.

Amazon Lists Barack Obama Mask Under "Terrorist Costume"

Amazon Lists Barack Obama Mask Under "Terrorist Costume"

The LA Times says that had a mask depicting democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama listed under the search term “terrorist costume.” The listing has since been pulled but the LA Times has a screengrab.

Customer Finds Racial Slur On Receipt After Returning Some Shoes

Customer Finds Racial Slur On Receipt After Returning Some Shoes

KMBC in Kansas City, MO says that a local man found a racial slur on his receipt after returning a pair of shoes at a store called Journeys. He got his money back without a problem, but found a nasty surprise waiting on the receipt.

Decorate Your Walls For Less By Gluing Random Crap Together

Decorate Your Walls For Less By Gluing Random Crap Together

My friend and I used to pretend to be crafters, and we would email elaborately ridiculous project descriptions back and forth to each other as examples of that past time gone wild. Now we must put down our imaginary glue guns and denim swatches to pay homage to Pamela Cole Harris, who does this stuff for real. Below, see what happens when a kindly scrapbooker goes insane.

As if you needed a reason not to wear Crocs, here’s another story of a kid whose foot got caught in an escalator while wearing the damn things. The kid was fine, the escalator was repaired, the bottom of the Croc is chewed up, and “Crocs stands by its design.” []