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Uber Passengers Can Now Earn Starwood Hotels Points With Each Trip

Uber and Starwood Hotels are teaming up in an effort to get more passengers to choose Uber over regular taxis, with a new partnership that gives riders Starwood rewards points every time they take a ride using the car-hailing mobile app. [More]

Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

Anyone who’s hired an Uber car knows that you can give your experience a star rating when it’s done, but the thing you probably aren’t aware of is that Uber drivers are keeping tabs on passengers, and that supbar customers can end up being blacklisted. [More]


Why Can’t You Tip Your Uber Driver From Within The App?

Uber’s goal is to make the process of hailing a cab seamless and easy, without requiring users to carry cash or even have any idea what street address they’re at. The company’s success shows how much people like this integrated pricing model, but as the company lowers fares, drivers earn less money. Yet asking for tips, even with a sign in the backseat, can get a driver in trouble. [More]

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Uber Adding “Panic Button” To Mobile App In Chicago

A few weeks after announcing that Uber would implement a panic button feature in its app for users in India after allegations of rape against a driver there, the company now says it’ll be launching the safety feature in Chicago soon as well. [More]

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Is Google Planning A Ride-Sharing Service To Rival Uber And Lyft?

While everyone is buzzing over a recent report that Google is planning its own ride-sharing service in an attempt to cut a nice slice out of the pie currently enjoyed mostly by Uber and Lyft, the company responded to requests for comment with the kind of non-denial that just makes everyone think something has got to be going on. So what’s the deal? [More]

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Uber Delivering Adoptable Puppies To Offices In 10 Cities Today

Because no one can resist the lure of baby animals romping and frolicking in the workplace, Uber is teaming up with Animal Planet and the Puppy Bowl today — and today only — to deliver adoptable puppies to customers’ offices for 15 minutes of playtime. [More]


Poll: Ride-Sharing Services Are Cutting Down On Drunk-Driving Incidents

Times used to be, if your friend was drunk and threatening to drive, you’d have to deal with the inconvenience of actually calling up a cab while hiding their keys. But now due to ride-sharing services that can summon vehicles with a swipe on an app, drunk-driving incidents are down. This, according to a poll by one of those services, Uber, along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. [More]

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California DMV Retracts Notice Requiring Uber & Lyft To Obtain Commercial Licenses

Just a week after it was widely reported that the California Department of Motor Vehicles issued an advisory requesting all drivers of ride-sharing services to obtain commercial license plates, the agency has revoked the guidance. [More]

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Uber Caps Surge Pricing During Juno Snowmageddon (Because It Sort Of Has To)

As those of us in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast prepare to slaughter a tauntaun and seek shelter from the snow in the warmth of its belly, the folks at Uber say they will put a maximum on surge pricing so as to avoid the backlash it has experienced in the past during emergencies, and because it promised it wouldn’t do this anymore. [More]


California DMV Says Uber & Lyft Cars Need Commercial License Plates

Ride-sharing services operating in California have several issues lately: Uber being sued by San Francisco and Los Angeles counties, and L.A. mulling its own ride-sharing-like app just to name a few. Well, things don’t look to be getting any more amicable between the state and car services, as the California Department of Motor Vehicles issued an advisory requiring all drivers for the services to have commercial license plates. [More]


Boston Taxi Drivers Sue City For Allowing Uber, Lyft To Operate

City authorities in places like Portland, San Francisco, and L.A., have each taken legal actions against ridesharing services like Uber, and taxi drivers around the country have accused these companies from sidestepping regulations. But a recently filed lawsuit by Boston taxi drivers points the blame-finger at the city for allowing Uber, et al, to operate. [More]

South Carolina Orders Uber To Cease Operations Until Proper Certificates Are In Place

South Carolina Orders Uber To Cease Operations Until Proper Certificates Are In Place

The list of cities, states and countries that have ordered ride-sharing service Uber to halt operation in their area continues to grow. The latest service issue comes from South Carolina as the state’s Public Service Commission sent the company a directive to cease and desist service immediately. [More]

Another Chicago Uber Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Passenger

Another Chicago Uber Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Passenger

While Uber claims to have recently bolstered its security and safety policies, reports of drivers allegedly assaulting passengers continue to make headlines. [More]


Uber Promises To Share Trip Data With Cities While Guarding Customer Privacy

On the one hand, the more information about how its traffic works a city can get, the more material it has to improve parking, or transit in that area. But on the other, customers who use ride-sharing services like Uber might balk at the idea of information about their trips being shared outside the company. Uber is pledging now to both share data about rides with U.S. cities as well as safeguard customers’ privacy. [More]

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Uber Promising Seasonal Cuts To Prices In 48 Of Its “Newer” Cities

Maybe you thought you were special, living in a city that’s had Uber longer than others. Perhaps at one time you were different, but now the newbies are getting the special treatment. Uber says seasonal ride prices will be going down in 48 of its “newer cities” on the U.S. map, while still guaranteeing earnings for those driver. [More]

Going Out On New Year’s Eve? Plan Ahead So You Don’t Get Hit By Surge Prices

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Don’t want to be like that person shocked to find she’s paid out a huge chunk of change the night before due to Uber’s surge pricing? Start the New Year out right and make a plan to avoid those fee hikes, before you hit the bubbly and decide money is immaterial. Your 2015 self will thank you for making the right choice, I promise. [More]

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Los Angeles Mulling Idea Of Uber-Like App To Make Taxi Industry More Competitive

Two weeks after Los Angeles and San Francisco sued Uber for an array of issues, one of the cities is mulling the idea of making their own taxi system more like the ride-sharing service with a mobile app that would allow customers to hail and pay their fare with the press of a button. [More]

Uber Agrees To Suspend Service In Portland For 3 Months

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Marking the first time the ride-sharing company has voluntarily agreed to suspend service in a city it’s already established in, Uber has agreed to pull its drivers from the road in Portland for three months as part of a deal with the mayor to work on new regulations. [More]