Intuit CEO Brad Smith is sorry.

Intuit Caves To Pressure: Offers Free TurboTax Upgrades, Will Undo Changes To Software For Next Year

Ask, and ye shall receive. Or rather, create a fuss big enough to let a company know people aren’t okay with changes made to a popular product, and force that company to back down and do the right thing. After TurboTax customers heartily voiced their disapproval over Intuit tweaking its software and charging more for features that used to be included in certain versions of the software, Intuit has reversed course, saying it’ll undo the hell it wrought. [More]


Changes To TurboTax Lead To Consumer Revolt, Opportunity For Competitors

It’s the opening weekend of tax season! If you work an hourly or salaried job, the W-2 form summarizing how much you earned and how much tax you’ve paid is already in your mailbox or will be soon, since the deadline to mail them out is February 2nd. If you plan to use the Windows or Mac version of TurboTax, though, there’s something that you should know before you get started. UPDATE, 1/30: Thanks to this consumer revolt, Intuit is rolling back the changes and will return to the old pricing scheme for next year. [More]

Intuit/TurboTax Using Non-Profits, Religious Leaders In Push Against Pre-Filled Tax Forms

Intuit/TurboTax Using Non-Profits, Religious Leaders In Push Against Pre-Filled Tax Forms

We can understand why some people might have concerns about receiving tax forms that are already filled in by the IRS. We could understand why some would voice those concerns in a public forum. But is a line crossed when the people telling you to voice your concerns are the very ones who stand to benefit financially from your opposition? [More]


Apple And TurboTax Pass The Buck, Can’t Decide Who Owes Me Refund

$65 is a lot of money to Jaden, but he was happy to pay it to file his tax return when of TurboTax for the iPad told him that he was getting a pretty sweet refund. He wasn’t: the app gave bad info and he wasn’t eligible for any refunds due to being on Social Security, which isn’t taxed. Well, boo. That’s where the real challenge comes in: getting the refund from Apple. Or Intuit. Or Apple. Or is it Intuit? [More]


Legislation Would Prevent IRS From Providing Pre-Filled Tax Returns

In 2002, when the IRS and the tax-prep software industry created Free File, which gives consumers with simple tax returns the ability to file electronically without being charged, the IRS agreed to not provide its own “free, online tax return preparation and filing services to taxpayers.” That arrangement is expiring, so some lawmakers (with a bit of money from tax-prep companies in their pockets) are seeking to make it permanent. [More]

Why Is TurboTax Asking Me For A Donation?

Why Is TurboTax Asking Me For A Donation?

Well, that headline is a little disingenuous. We know exactly why. K. filed his federal return using the free e-file service through Intuit’s TurboTax. It nagged him to upgrade to the paid service here and there during the process, which you expect when using any free service. What he didn’t expect was a pop-up with Lisa the Friendly Accountant acting like a public radio host during pledge drive week. “Intuit is a multi-billion dollar corporation,” he pointed out in his e-mail to Consumerist. “I just found this a bit greedy.” [More]

TurboTax Eats Tax Return, Apologizes With Free Software

TurboTax Eats Tax Return, Apologizes With Free Software

Here’s a story about TurboTax that is at least a little bit heartwarming. Tyler filled out all of his tax information on the TurboTax website, and paid for an extra upgrade to save himself some data entry for his investments. But somehow, the TurboTax servers ate his 2010 return, and the information was nowhere to be found. He steeled himself for a long wait on the phone and a vicious fight with rude Intuit representatives, but that’s not what happened. [More]

Prepaid Debit Cards Rack Up Fees As Soon As You Even Think About Getting One

Prepaid Debit Cards Rack Up Fees As Soon As You Even Think About Getting One

Using TurboTax to file his taxes last month, Sam chose an interesting new option for his refund: a TurboTax-branded Greendot prepaid debit card. He doesn’t have a bank account at the moment, and wasn’t receiving a huge refund, so this seemed like a good option. He tried to use up the card soon after receiving it in order to avoid the monthly “maintenance fees” that come with prepaid debit cards. What he didn’t know was his account really began on the day that he requested it online, so he was paying monthly fees when he had the card for barely a week. [More]

TurboTax's Pricing Scheme Is A Little Confusing

TurboTax's Pricing Scheme Is A Little Confusing

You depend on the company that makes your tax preparation software to actually be good at math, but Kevin is a little confused when looking at the pricing scheme for TurboTax this year. It doesn’t make any sense, he points out, if you need to file state income taxes, or if you’re filing returns for multiple households. [More]

Stay On Top Of New And Overlooked Deductions

Stay On Top Of New And Overlooked Deductions

Are you up-to-date with all the tax code changes this year? The TurboTax blog rounds up some of the newest tax credits and highlights deductions that people sometimes sleep on, like the long-term resident credit and unemployment and job search deductions. More coin in your coinpurse means you can buy all the churros you want this year! Update: Looks like we broke their blog. Here’s a cached copy of the post in question. [More]

At Least TurboTax Is Honest When It Tries To Upsell

At Least TurboTax Is Honest When It Tries To Upsell You

Dan spotted the pictured address bar as he filed his taxes and the free version of TurboTax propositioned him to download the state version of the software. [More]

TurboTax Stuck My Friend With $15 Fee For Service He Didn't Use

TurboTax Stuck My Friend With $15 Fee For Service He Didn't Use

Norbert says he spotted a $15 fee for “Unlimited Ask a Tax Expert” on his friend’s return, and customer service told him he’d either have to pay the fee or re-do his return. The friend paid the fee and are now awaiting the refund. [More]

TurboTax Charged Me $30 For An Upgrade I Didn't Realize I'd Ordered

TurboTax Charged Me $30 For An Upgrade I Didn't Realize I'd Ordered

Cindy says TurboTax sped her through a filing session that ended with her paying about $30 to upgrade to the deluxe version, even though she didn’t realize she’d made such a purchase. These are the sorts of issues that make Tax Cat purr in quizzical contemplation. [More]

Turbo Tax Tells You To Print An "Extra Form" But Won't Say Which One

Turbo Tax Tells You To Print An "Extra Form" But Won't Say Which One

Turbo Tax told reader I’m A Super that he needed to fill out an extra form to complete his state tax return, but wouldn’t tell him which form. Just to be safe, I’m A Super re-downloaded Turbo Tax only to get the same error message. When he called Intuit to ask about the mysterious form, he was that it was solely his responsibility to call the State Tax commission and to review his tax forms to make sure nothing was missing.

Turbotax Robot Is Alive: These Are The End Days

Turbotax Robot Is Alive: These Are The End Days

I’ve joked about the singularity before, but this time it I have documented proof of the robotic uprising. Stare into the face of true evil, and ready your magnetic resonance cannons after the jump.

Turbotax Online is Down

Turbotax Online is Down

We have gotten a few emails that inform us that Turbotax’s new online application, the suitably named “TurboTax Online”, is down. Anyone else having a problem? Let us know in the comments. [Thanks, Numerous Tipsters!]

Get One Free Tax Answer

Get One Free Tax Answer

Got a Federal tax question you can’t figure out? Input your question at now through Jan 31st and they will call you back within 24 hours with an answer or guidance. Limit one question per person.

TurboTax Price Hike Reversed After Online Outcry

TurboTax Price Hike Reversed After Online Outcry

Intuit will rescind the controversial new $9.95 fee for each additional printed return, in response to angry customers online who, among other things, slammed TurboTax’s Amazon rating to one star. [Press Release] (Thanks Craig!)