No More Drug Company Pens For Stanford Doctors

In order to combat the perception of undue corporate influence upon doctors, Stanford University is banning its hospitals from receiving all gifts from drug company reps. Effective October 1st, everything from pens to coffee cups to catered lunches are verboten.

Proctor & Gamble Pushes Diapers, And More, With Mom’s Mouths

Proctor & Gamble Pushes Diapers, And More, With Mom’s Mouths

A secret army of Moms is hawking Proctor & Gamble products through words that pass out of their mouth, or, to use the technical term, “word of mouth marketing.”

Verizon Loses Laptop With Employee Records

Verizon Loses Laptop With Employee Records

Another day, another major American company loses the confidential information of millions of customers or employees.