Long Island Mall Bans Elderly Mall-Walker For 6 Months

Long Island Mall Bans Elderly Mall-Walker For 6 Months

The menace of loitering senior citizens in the New York City metropolitan area continues. First, a McDonald’s in Queens kicked out a group of neighborhood seniors who used the restaurant as an all-day coffee house, and politicians brokered a peace. This time, a 73-year-old man who walked laps around a Long Island mall has been banned from the property for trespassing. [More]


This past Saturday, police spent four hours booking 210 people for trespassing at a shopping center in York, Pennsylvania, where they’ve been gathering for over a year to engage in illegal drag racing after-hours. One of the drag racers got away in his car. [York Daily Record]

You Can’t Take A Picture Of This Starbucks!

You Can’t Take A Picture Of This Starbucks!

Kate is a sweet Canadian photo bug who just happened to be taking some pictures of a Toronto Starbucks when a goonish barrista burst out of the store’s chocolate-hued facade and started claiming she couldn’t take photographs of the building. Luckily, a group of tourists happened to be passing, overheard the exchange and staged an impromptu mass rebellion, snapping hundreds of photographs of the Starbucks in question before the Starbucks manager could even speed dial Russel Crowe to sort the whole thing out.