AT&T Data Outages Hit Midwest, AT&T Says Nothing

AT&T Data Outages Hit Midwest, AT&T Says Nothing

Rick in Chicago wrote to us this morning to let us know that he hasn’t been able to access AT&T’s 3G network all day. So far, AT&T has told him nothing, nor have they made an announcement: “text messaging still seems to work, so they could send out a text message to let people know ,” he IMs us. He got confirmation that it was the network and not his company-issued phone from his company’s tech department. This blog says it’s 3G and Edge, while this blog says its UMTS that’s down and disabling Treos and Blackberries.

Above And Beyond: Verizon?

Above And Beyond: Verizon?

Verizon actually helped someone. His name is Matt, and he lives in Texas. Of course, he might be a fiendish undercover Verizon mole hiding behind a normal-sounding name. “Matt” claims to have purchased a Treo 700p on eBay, which was quickly felled by a faulty memory chip. Matt brought the paperweight to one of the notoriously unhelpful Verizon stores, where he got… help?

He said they didn’t have any 700p’s in stock, but he could offer me a 700w, the Windows version. I said no thanks, I want the same phone. He apologized profusely, told me they could ship me one, and that I’d have to talk to someone on the phone. He dialed a number, handed me the phone, and a customer service guy took all my information. He told me they’d ship me a new phone and a prepaid address label — all I had to do was send the broken phone back. “How long will it take?” I asked, expecting to hear “7-10 business days.”